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    Távolság a repülőtérig:
  • Mactan-Cebu Nemeztközi Repülőtér (14.0 km)
    A vendégek hozzászólásai:
  • "Barátságos légkör", "Barátságos szállodai személyzet", "Jó helyen"
    Top látnivalók a környéken:
  • Olango Vadrezervátum (10.0 km)

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Nalusuan Island Resort and Marine Sanctuary

Olango Reef, Cordova Mactan, Mactan Sziget, Mactan Island, Fülöp-szigetek (Térkép)

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"Location is unbelieveable! Food is tasty however if you are..."

Joy, United Kingdom 09 október 2015
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27 november 2015 - 29 november 2015 | 2 éjszaka
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Nalusuan Island Resort and Marine Sanctuary szolgáltatásai

Szálláshely szolgáltatásai

  • bar
  • bár a medencénél
  • családi szoba
  • dohányzásra kijelölt terület
  • étterem
  • háziállatok engedélyezettek
  • hotel/reptér transzfer
  • mosodai szolgáltatás
  • szobaszerviz
  • túrák

Sport és szabadidő

  • kert
  • külső medence
  • masszázs
  • saját tengerpart
  • vízisportok (motorizált)
  • vízisportok (nem motorizált)

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A(z) Nalusuan Island Resort and Marine Sanctuary mind üzleti úton lévőknek, mind turistáknak tökélet...mutass többet A(z) Nalusuan Island Resort and Marine Sanctuary mind üzleti úton lévőknek, mind turistáknak tökéletes kényelmet nyújt. A(z) Mactan Sziget nevű városrészben helyezkedik el, amely a város egyik legfelkapottabb környéke. Innen a pezsgő város minden látnivalóját és érdekes programját könnyen elérhetik a látogatók. A hotel vendégei könnyen felkereshetik a város legfőbb látnivalóit: Cebu Boldog Világ Múzeum, Olango Vadrezervátum.

A(z) Nalusuan Island Resort and Marine Sanctuary magas színvonalú szolgáltatásaival és kényelmével biztosítja, hogy itt tartózkodása a lehető legkellemesebb legyen. Íme néhány a szálloda szolgáltatásai közül: szobaszerviz, hotel/reptér transzfer, családi szoba, étterem, túrák.

Ezen kívül szinte minden vendégszoba számos kényelmet nyújt (internetkapcsolat (vezeték nélküli), nemdohányzó szobák, légkondicionálás, íróasztal, erkély/terasz), hogy kielégítse még a legkifinomultabb vendégeket is. A szálloda elsőosztályú szolgáltatásokat nyújt, mint például saját tengerpart, külső medence, masszázs, kert, vízisportok (motorizált), hogy lazítson egy eseményekkel teli nap után. Fedezze fel a(z) Nalusuan Island Resort and Marine Sanctuary professzionális és különleges szolgáltatásainak hosszú sorát.
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shun N. Párban utazó
Hong Kong, 01 november 2015
Nalusuan Island Resort and Marine Sanctuary

Dinner Lunch Diving
Joy L. Párban utazó
United Kingdom, 12 október 2015
Premium prices for average service

Location is unbelieveable! Food is tasty however if you are staying longer than two meals worth you will get bored of only have a one side a4 page menu to select from & expensive. We loved the view
We stayed for 3 nights, which in hindsight was too long. There is no wifi and electric gets switched off in your room at 8am and doesn't go back on until 6pm, soon as it goes off the aircon switches off and it becomes so hot you cannot stay in your room really so have to venture out. For £50 a night in the Philippines it is a premium price and it is not offering guests facilities which a standard £50 hotel would. That said the location is just amazing- you are on the reef! It is a little shallow to snorkel and the snorkels we hired from the island were rubbish and let in water, my advice would be to hire a kayak at 500pesos you an see just as much and take pics! I would stay again - but 1 full day on the island is plenty.
Helmut E. Csoportos utazó
Germany, 03 október 2015
Island hopping

Food, island hopping, diving
Island hopping hotel . Food great, staff xcellent, but no power whe tide s law. Drinks overpriced
Dror K. Párban utazó
Israel, 27 szeptember 2015
Amazing location

Location, many fish, quiet
Pohsiang F. Párban utazó
Australia, 19 szeptember 2015
Not worthy for 100aud per night staying

Very quite, relax, nice view
I wouldnt recommend people to stay there. Even though i only paid 100AUD for 1 night stay, but they find their own way to get more money from you. First of all, u need to catch their own pump boat to get there(i emailed them few weeks earlier to check the price of return boat trip, they said it's 2000 philippine pesos, but when i have to pay our bill at check out, they charge 2500 instead. I questioned it, they said they use faster boat for us which is not true. I know exactly that boat we took is the normal ordinary one as i had done so many research before i go to that island) Second, there is no where u can catch a taxi from their own wharf to city or airport, they said they can organise for us(well, this is our only option) , the taxi costs 950pesos. The wifi is very bad there, even no signal inside the room, but this point i dont complain, as i know we go there to relax, so doesnt matter without internet. Well, basically we paid the room for 100AUD, but boat return trip and both way taxi fee costs us like 150AUD. So if u think it's worthy to spend 250AUD to stay at this 2 star resort, then u should pay for a visit. But i have to say this is not their employees fault, i know all of them are just earning small income by working for this resort owner. I tipped everyone there who serve us, both taxi drivers, boat drivers...but as a resort owner, they shouldnt charge so expensive for boat trip and taxi
Sterling W. Párban utazó
United States of America, 08 június 2015
Snorkel is amazing but....

Quiet, snorkel, quiet
I have lived in ph for 5 years so I know many islands, quality of food, hotels, etc based on international and local standards. On a local note. Restaurant staff quite friendly. Good service, but like most Filipino restaurants. You must ask for everything always. Food is fair. Nothing special. And being the only place to eat is fine. Prices are fair on the food. 250 to 350php most dishes. Even drinks overall considering everything is brought in by boat is fair. Soda a tad high 100 php. I purchased a bottle of barcardi rum and we drank it over 4 days they charged 800 php so that was quite fair. The general manager. He was quite informative. I guess I was "lucky" to meet him at the dive shop. Without telling me his position was friendly and inquired as to my stay. Etc. when I replied the snorkel was "bad" based on where he had the day earlier instructed me to go. He told me that is where all guests are told where to go but other areas are much better if you are one who appreciates good snorkel and will respect the coral. Etc. we chatted and he told me of those areas. If we had not had this chat. I would rate the place very low. As there is not much to do there except snorkel swim and scuba. And if no good. Why bother. It was actually very good. Overall room is just average. Great morning sunrise from the balcony daily.
marissa B. Csoportos utazó
Philippines, 16 december 2014
laid back vacation

view, crew, accessibility of snorkeling area
no time pressure ⏰! the only place i visited where i was able to sleep early and woke up to view sunrise 🔆 without my head aching due to lack of sleep. great ☺️!!!
Janka B. Egyéni utazó
Hungary, 22 november 2014
Great stay

Definetely the location and the snorkeling/diving possibilities
My friend and I stayed only a night at the resort. We had some difficulties to approach and leave the island, as we booked the boat with the hotel but they couldn't come to pick us up because of the low tide (morning). I would suggest the tourists not worrying about the booking of the boat, just go to Tonggo Marigondon with a taxi and then ask someone there for the transfer. There are always ppl there who would take u to the resort. The island itsel is amazing the staff incredible happy and always smiling. There was a guy called Ronald, he and his collegues were helpful and waiting for us with cocktails and necklaces. I read before about the high dining prices but actually anywhere near the beaches and resorts in Cebu or Bohol the prices were quite the same. Oh good dinner
Lam C. Párban utazó
Hong Kong, 03 szeptember 2014

nice snorkel, weather and quite area
joyanne S. Párban utazó
Philippines, 11 szeptember 2014
Marine Life Up Close

peaceful, friendly staff, clean waters, nature oriented
Generally it was great. The place is perfect for honeymooners who want an island escape. Good for those who love snorkeling. Food a bit pricey and poor wifi signal.

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