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Sukun Bali Cottages

Jalan. Danau Poso No. 102, Sanur, Bali, Indonézia

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Hionati H. Párban utazók Australia, 2016. április 2.
Very Average
What you see is not what you get. Photos exaggerate the pool size. Breakfast poor.
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Andre C. Csoportos utazók Indonesia, 2016. január 16.
Nicw exterior

exterioe design, room size, friendly staff and owner
This hotel offer a nice baliness feel,you can see it from the exterior. The room is spacious. Their staff are friendly and so do the owner. The shortfall from this hotel are their electricity. In 1 of the night out room experienced power failure because of their water pump for their pond. The shower in the bathroom or maybe their water pump also need some fix/upgrade. The food there was so-so,but eatable. I think they also need to put on a bigger signage on the street because in the night it's hard to find their location.
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Angelia L. Család fiatal gyerekekkel Indonesia, 2015. december 26.
Rum down hotel but good location

Location, pool and location
Room was ok, definitely need upgrade and no fridge. For the rate that we pay for a standard room we can get a room with fridge at other hotel. Breakfast was very ordinary not buffet style. Pool was good.
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Ben K. Egyéni utazók South Korea, 2015. december 13.
No fridge 2 or 3 star level

pool, bf ok, location
One of the best budget hotels on this trip. Near the beach and the bars etc. Great swimming pool. The hotel is really old and wearing out but the sheet was cleaner than some 3 or 4 star hotels. You get a padlock to lock your room and the space is good. The only problem was TV which had no cable and the remote had batteries worn out.
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Sam M. Párban utazók United Kingdom, 2015. december 11.
If you like bugs this is the place for you

Was more of the expensive of the budget accommodation that we stayed in. When we checked into the room we found five big cockroaches, we alerted the staff and they didn't think it was a problem, after convincing them this was unacceptable, someone sprayed the bathroom and was about to leave dead cockroaches in the bathroom until I told them to get rid of them. I asked to change rooms, they refused until I went back after more live cockroaches entered the room. After moving rooms I then found a millipede. Rooms were dirty and found a used period pad behind the toilet seat. Only good thing about this place was the breakfast.
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David L. Egyéni utazók United Kingdom, 2015. december 7.
Nice garden

Pool, garden, staff,
Enjoyed the pool, garden and tranquil vibe. Location may not suit everyone but I enjoyed the pubs next door.
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John R. Egyéni utazók United States of America, 2015. november 25.
Cottages for a low price

You got your own cottage, had this cool outdoor shower, the location was good with several restaurants and bars very close.
I had a wonderful stay at the SBC. They had a nice pool and a very cool little restaurant with a Coy pond. The room was comfortable, AC worked well, and breakfast was free. The only thing that caught my attention as a negative was that the doors to the bungalow used a padlock to secure the door while you were out. And a stiff breeze could blow the doors open a crack. Hard to visualize probably but not anything that diminishes from the property too much.
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Judith C. Párban utazók France, 2015. október 23.
Simply love it!

Garden, breakfast, location
We've been to this hotel many times, every time we come to Bali (we work in Indonesia) we come here. The staff is nice, the rooms are spatious, clean, with good facilities, the garden is beautiful and the pancakes for breakfast are the best. Highly recommended!
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James C. Egyéni utazók United Kingdom, 2015. szeptember 30.
Great staff, too many mozzies.

the staff were wonderful. the garden lovely.
The staff are lovely in every way. I stayed in room 101 which had a rather unusual open air bathroom. You can hear everything next door and they can hear you! No wifi in my room. Dark room, I needed the light on all day. 4.30 wake up cockerel. But the worst thing was the MOSQUITOES. I followed standard precautions bot ALL day my toom was full of mossies. There are large gaps around all 3 external doors but my theory is they are living in the bamboo wall decoration. I stayed in 2 hotels only 100m distance and hardly saw 1 mossie but in my room it was 24hrs. Slightly disappointing breakfast. I want to love this place because of the staff but I cannot.
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Trent E. Egyéni utazók Australia, 2015. szeptember 8.
Great place for price

Price, Pool and Staff
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