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02 Mei 2016 - 04 Mei 2016 | 2 malam
Jenis Kamar Jumlah tamu
per kamar per malam
Pilihan yang Populer!
1 Ranjang di Asrama 6 Ranjang (Campur) (House Beds - Children Under 12 Years Not Allowed)
Termasuk makan pagi
Tidak termasuk dalam tarif kamar:
Biaya layanan 10%, Pajak hotel 6%

IDR 675.309 338.378
Tarif spesial! Tidak dapat diuangkan kembali

Kami masih memiliki kamar
Ranjang di Kamar Asrama Berisikan 6 Ranjang (Bed In 6-Bed Dormitory Room)
Termasuk makan pagi

IDR 415.315
Kondisi Pemesanan

Kami masih memiliki kamar
Kamar Twin (Village Twin-Children Under 12 Years Not Allowed)
Termasuk makan pagi
Tidak termasuk dalam tarif kamar:
Biaya layanan 10%, Pajak hotel 6%

IDR 918.848
Tarif spesial! Tidak dapat diuangkan kembali

Masih ada 3 kamar kami yang tersisa
Kamar Double (Village Double-Children Under 12 Years Not Allowed)
Termasuk makan pagi
Tidak termasuk dalam tarif kamar:
Biaya layanan 10%, Pajak hotel 6%

IDR 918.848
Tarif spesial! Tidak dapat diuangkan kembali

Masih ada 5 kamar kami yang tersisa
(Village Double Room)
Termasuk makan pagi

IDR 1.127.766
Kondisi Pemesanan

Masih ada 5 kamar kami yang tersisa
Kamar Village Twin (Village Twin Room)
Termasuk makan pagi

IDR 1.127.766
Kondisi Pemesanan

Masih ada 3 kamar kami yang tersisa
Suite (Rajah Room - Children Under 12 Years Not Allowed)
Termasuk makan pagi
Tidak termasuk dalam tarif kamar:
Biaya layanan 10%, Pajak hotel 6%

IDR 1.724.904
Tarif spesial! Tidak dapat diuangkan kembali

Ayo pesan kamar terakhir kami!
Suite Rajah (Rajah Suite)
Termasuk makan pagi

IDR 2.117.093
Kondisi Pemesanan

Ayo pesan kamar terakhir kami!

Tentang The Village House


Menawarkan akomodasi berkualitas di distrik hiburan keluarga, pantai, kebudayaan di Kuching, The Village House adalah pilihan populer bagi para wisatawan bisnis dan plesiran. Terletak hanya 31 km dari kehebohan pusat kota, hotel bintang 3 ini memiliki lokasi yang bagus dan menyediakan akses ke obyek wisata terbesar di kota ini. Dengan lokasinya yang strategis, hotel ini menawarkan akses mudah ke destinasi yang wajib dikunjungi di kota ini.

Gunakan kesempatan untuk menikmati pelayanan dan fasilitas yang tidak tertandingi di hotel Kuching ini. Untuk kenyamanan para tamu, hotel ini menawarkan Wi-fi di tempat umum, tempat parkir mobil, antar-jemput bandara, persewaan mobil, restoran.

Semua akomodasi tamu dilengkapi dengan fasilitas yang telah dirancang dengan baik demi menjaga kenyamanan. Disamping itu, hotel memiliki berbagai pilihan fasilitas rekreasi yang menjamin Anda melakukan bermacam hal selama menginap. Apapun alasan Anda mengunjungi Kuching, The Village House adalah tempat yang sempurna untuk liburan yang menyenangkan.
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  • antar-jemput bandara
  • area merokok
  • bar
  • bar tepi kolam
  • layanan laundry
  • layanan shuttle
  • perpustakaan
  • persewaan mobil
  • persewaan sepeda
  • restoran
  • tur

Olahraga dan Rekreasi

  • kolam renang (luar ruangan)
  • taman


  • Wi-fi di tempat umum


  • tempat parkir mobil

Bahasa yang Digunakan

  • Bahasa Cina (Mandarin)
  • Bahasa Inggris
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Semua transaksi kartu kredit akan dikenakan biaya tambahan sebesar 3%.

Ini merupakan properti bebas asap rokok.

The property provides non-halal food.

Properti ini tidak memperbolehkan membawa makanan dari luar.

Antar-jemput bandara tersedia dengan biaya tambahan. Untuk memesan antar-jemput ini, silahkan informasikan rincian kedatangan Anda kepada pihak properti paling tidak 1 hari sebelum kedatangan Anda.

  • Minimum umur tamu adalah: 12 tahun.
  • Ekstra bed tergantung pada kamar yang Anda pilih, silahkan cek kebijakan setiap kamar untuk detil lebih lanjut.
Ketika memesan lebih dari 5 kamar, kebijakan yang berbeda-beda dan tambahan lainnya akan berlaku.
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Informasi Berguna

Biaya pemakaian internet : 8 per hrMYR
Biaya transfer bandara: 120MYR
Check-in Mulai: 01:00PM
Check-out Hingga: 11:00AM
Hotel dibangun pada tahun: 2007
Jarak dari bandara: 42 km
Jarak dari pusat kota: 31 km
Jumlah bar: 1
Jumlah kamar : 14
Jumlah restoran: 1
Kamar/lantai bebas rokok: Yes
Meja Pendaftaran buka sampai: 02:00AM
Voltase Kamar : 240
Waktu ke bandara (menit): 60
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Semua ulasan (327)

Wisatawan bisnis (1)

Pasangan (230)

Wisatawan Tunggal (35)

Keluarga dengan anak kecil (5)

Keluarga dengan anak dewasa (18)

Wisatawan berkelompok (38)

Kondisi/kebersihan hotel
Standar/kenyamanan kamar
Tingkat pelayanan
Harga berbanding mutu

8,7 ADI S.
28 Oktober 2014
semalam penuh kesan
semua bagus. pelayanan juga bagus.
Kamar nyaman. Bersih. Tempat menyenangkan u istirahat. Tak byk kegiatan yang bisa di lakukan. Bila ada sepeda atau motor yg bisa sewa. Alangkah baiknya

9,2 Robert B.
30 April 2016
Peacful and Relaxing
The Village House is a beautiful property with great, a tranquil pool area and they serve delicious food. If you're looking for an action packed holiday this is not the place but if you're looking for a peaceful and comfortable to unwind nd relax then this is for you. There is not much in the village and the beach nearby is not for swimming but it's a lovely spot to come and watch the sunset. The food at the restaurant is very good and there's a bar too. A great stay.

6 Muzaffar F.
29 Maret 2016
Orange is the new black with a lovely Garden
You are first left slightly lost, no one shows you where to go, this is followed by the warden... OK the manager... Sitting you down and going through a long list of do's and don'ts in very harsh tones. The cell, Ok the room just about fit two people. To add to ambience you are given a 530 wake up call from your friendly mosque next door. The concept which is my guess is for every one to enjoy the lovely garden and pool and be in the room. Alas this space is too small for the number of guest they try to get in. My advice, get a Netflix subscription and give this a miss.

8 Dennis N.
08 Maret 2016
Serenity and Peace
A getaway from the hectic city life to this calm peaceful place is simply amazing. Rejuvenate yourself with its cool and beautiful swimming pool.

8,8 Aaron L.
19 Maret 2016
Thanks to a warm hospitality to Flora.. it was amazing. I just hope there is a chilling drinks or foods for supper..

8 roger H.
16 Februari 2016
I didn't go because my wife is ill
But Agoda /hotel has yet to provide any decent alternative that wud suit my circumstance

8 Yee T.
28 Januari 2016
Good Romantic Retreat
Thoroughly enjoyed my time there. It's a pity the place doesn't receive more attention and as such makes it the most underrated resort in this part of town!

9,3 Ai C.
06 Januari 2016
Fantastic staycation
Ambiance, cleanliness, comfort
Due to time restraint we could only spend one night at the Village Hotel. Something like a staycation. The drive to Santubong from Kuching was relaxing, the looming Mt Santubong was a sight to behold. Meal was classy. Dig the no-shoes-allowed house rule too; it's been ages since I got to roam around an entire compound barefooted and still feel clean after half-a-day. There were board games and books for your perusal. One hour before dinner we took a short walk to the back (Pantai Puteri) for an AMAZING sunset. It was low tide so the shoreline was a bit further in but it was still heaven on earth. The neighbourhood was friendly and safe, there was a security guard booth (for SMK Santubong) and the staff were really helpful. We had to catch an early flight the next day and they packed us sandwiches for the drive back to the airport at 7 am. In short, one of the highlights of our 5d4n trip to Sarawak.

7,3 Mahendran K.
06 Januari 2016
My new year holiday at The Village House
The view, the peace & quiet environment and the fantastic lounge
Basically , I enjoyed my stay at the Village because of its peace & quiet environment. It was a great experience but need rooms of improvement as shown below: 1. For god sake please install LED TV & mini bar in the rooms, its not fair for us paying RM 290++ & the guess are not having these necessities. 2. There is no signage or directions from Kampung Santubong to your hotel. 3. You guys need to have more choices of meals for the guess to dine. 4. The pathway to the beach is dirty & road water holes everywhere. 5. The car park space is limited & very narrow yooo. kindly do something about these. 6. Died Insects is everywhere in the lamps covered with the rotan deco.. Clean yoo.

6,4 Caleb W.
27 April 2016
Great environment
Great environment for short trip. But the personal beach as offered by the hotel is kinda disappointing

Pajak dan biaya layanan umumnya adalah biaya pemulihan yang Agoda bayarkan kepada vendor atau yang ditagih oleh vendor. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, silahkan lihat Ketentuan Penggunaan Agoda . Pajak dan biaya layanan juga mengandung biaya yang Agoda tetapkan sebagai kompensasi untuk memproses reservasi.