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  • "親切なスタッフ", "最高に美味しい食事", "宿泊者専用ビーチ"


アムン ルニ ビーチ リゾート & スパ (Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa)

Bas Dako, Candabong, アンダ, アンダ, フィリピン 6311



2016年2月7日 - 2016年2月9日 | 2泊
ルームタイプ 定員

アムン ルニ ビーチ リゾート & スパのおすすめポイント


  • セーフティボックス(フロント)
  • ツアーデスク
  • バー
  • ペット可
  • ランドリーサービス
  • ルームサービス
  • レストラン
  • 空港送迎
  • 託児施設
  • 障害者用設備


  • ウォータースポーツ設備(モータースポーツ)
  • ガーデン
  • シュノーケリング
  • スパ
  • ダイビング
  • プライベートビーチ
  • マッサージ
  • 屋外プール


  • Wi-Fi(共有エリア内)
  • 全室Wi-Fi無料


  • 駐車場


  • フィリピン語
  • 英語


アンダを訪れる際には是非アムン ルニ ビーチ リゾート & スパをご利用ください。 この宿泊施設は市内中心部から90. Kmの場所に位置しているので、周辺施設へも簡単にアクセスできます。 便利な立地に...続きを見る アンダを訪れる際には是非アムン ルニ ビーチ リゾート & スパをご利用ください。 この宿泊施設は市内中心部から90. Kmの場所に位置しているので、周辺施設へも簡単にアクセスできます。 便利な立地に位置しているため、市内の観光スポットへも簡単にアクセスできます。

他では体験できないようなサービスと館内アメニティをアンダの宿泊施設でご満喫いただけます。 この宿泊施設は全室Wi-Fi無料, 障害者用設備, Wi-Fi(共有エリア内), 駐車場, ルームサービス のようなバラエティに富んだ施設へのアクセスをご提供しています。

全16室あるこの宿泊施設の客室は上品に内装が施されており、禁煙ルーム, エアコン, モーニングコール, 書斎デスク, ミニバーを備えたお部屋を多数ご用意しています。 この宿泊施設ではシュノーケリング, プライベートビーチ, 屋外プール, ダイビング, スパ などのユニークなリラクゼーション施設を設けています。 アンダを訪れる際にはアムン ルニ ビーチ リゾート & スパを是非ご利用ください。


全くちコミ (55)

ビジネス (1)

カップル (27)

1人旅 (11)

小さなお子様連れの家族旅行 (7)

大きなお子様連れの家族旅行 (3)

グループ (6)

SEISHO S. 大きなお子様連れの家族旅行
Japan, 2013年8月19日

犬や猫がいっぱいいます。食事はとてもおいしいほうだと 思いますが、ちょっと味は濃かったかな。ここは1日中ホテルやビーチに いてのんびりするのが正解なホテルです。歩いて行ける範囲にはなんにもないと 思ってください。オーナーのフレッドさんが気さくに話しかけてくれるので 会話を楽しむつもりで行かれるのがいいと思います。個人的にはとても満足です。
Joanna M. グループ
Hong Kong, 2015年7月14日
Hidden Gem

Food, Staff, Vibes
Stayed here for 2 nights with my parents and boyfriend. The only bad thing about our trip was that it was too short! Brilliant service, the staff were professional and friendly, the rooms were a dream to stay in and every meal was scrumptious. I hear the diving is amazing, but if, like me, you don't dive, the perfect way to spend the day is this: multiple meals from their tailored menu (all their ingredients are locally sourced) a wander on the beach with the dogs adopted by Amun Ini (sandwiched between 2 coves, you won't have to share it with guests from other resorts and when it's not peak season it almost feels like your own private beach!) and a dip in the pool overlooking that same dreamy beach. We were greeted by the lovely staff saying "Welcome Home!" and it certainly felt like it... But better.... Now I can't wait to go back home again :)
TASHI L. カップル
Philippines, 2015年4月7日
where you can breeeathe...

location, service, natural beauty
lauar S. グループ
Australia, 2015年3月9日

Staff, Food and hotel grounds
We stayed at Amun Ini for the last part of our trip and I'd been looking forward to staying at this resort. Amun Ini and its staff really lived up to my expectations and more, the food was out of this world and I've never seen such a diverse (tasty) menu. The little touches that the staff did really made it such a wonderful trip. I loved that after I returned to my room after dinner the curtains were drawn, fresh cold water was served and there was a sweet treat with a little note. The private beach was outstanding with the ability to use kayaks/paddles boards for no additional charge, my only regret was that I didn't no how to dive and I will certainly be gaining my certification in time for my next stay at Amun Ini. The hotel itself was wonderful and they had plenty of staff who took pride in grooming the grounds. I can't wait for my next return to Amun Ini.
Danelle G. 1人旅
United States of America, 2015年2月26日
Had a great stay

Excellent staff, beautiful but quiet property
Had a great stay at Amun Ini. The staff were very friendly and accommodating, the food was great (though lacked variety after the first few days) and the location was very serene. Perhaps the only mild inconvenience is the transportation into town from the hotel. Whilst accommodations are available to/from the airport, the only option into town is a trike and the road into the hotel is very bad.
Guntis B. 小さなお子様連れの家族旅行
Latvia, 2015年1月2日
10 out of 10)

restaurant, diving, remote
Ignacio J. カップル
United States of America, 2014年8月26日
Great Break from the World

Staff, Location, Accomodations
Robert H. 大きなお子様連れの家族旅行
United States of America, 2014年4月23日
Absolutely perfect in every way

The staff, the beautiful environment and the diving
We stayed at amun ini while in bohol with our three teenage kids. We were at the Blue Star for a night and it was so bad we decided to move. Luckily Amun Ini had 2 rooms for us. We only stayed 2 nights but it was 2 of the best vacation nights we have spent anywhere in the world and we have taken our kids to over 35 countries. When we arrivd at Amun Ini we were welcomed by the owners Karen and Fred and their 6 dogs. Amun Ini is located on a beautiful sloping hill with an infinity pool that overlooks the pristine white sand beach. The open dining room is homey and welcoming and you can wear casual or more formal attire and feel perfectly dressed. The food is spectacular and the menu has something for everyone. The surprise of our trip was doing an intro to scuba package with the wonderful and capable dive team at the resort. All 5 of us fell in love with diving and we went on 2 open water dives and would have done more if we didn't have to fly. But the amazing thing about this resort is the warm and welcoming environment. We really felt like we became family but with much better amenities then we have at home. The rooms are spectacular with little thoughtful details like fresh water by the bed and mango cookies. The only bad part of our stay was having to leave. To find a place that is the favorite of all 5 of the very different people in our family means that Amin Ini found that illusive sweet spot of the perfect blend of elegance, casual, warmth, fun and amazing food.
Caroline R. グループ
Germany, 2014年4月3日
Lovely small hotel with very friendly staff

Beautiful beach, great staff, very remote location so very relaxing
We really enjoyed our stay, enjoyed the local dishes for dinner and visiting a market on one day
Michael R. カップル
United States of America, 2014年2月11日
great place to relax, unwind, enjoy the sea, spa

personal service, comfortable rooms, good scuba diving
My wife and I spent a week at Amun Ini Resort. The room was very comfortable. The grounds and pool are beautiful. The spa treatments were well done. The food was well prepared, but didn't offer as many healthy low-fat options as we would have liked and after a week we were wishing for some more variation in the menu. Internet didn't always work in the room but did work always in the restaurant, not super-fast, but satisfactory for the location. We had a great time and would return.



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