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ビーチサイド ホリデー ユニッツ (Beachside Holiday Units)

38 Horseshoe Bay Road, ボウェン, ウィットサンデー諸島, オーストラリア 4805








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Diana G. カップル Australia, 2016年2月20日
Disappointment PLUS
The unit wasn't anything like the pictures of these Holiday Units that I had seen online. The floor in the living area/kitchen was very dirty and had grass actually stuck to it. We turned on the TV to relax & sat on the lounge chair. It was not only very low to the floor but it was also broken in the middle of the seat. The next morning at 8.30am I went to the reception building to again find it unattended. I used the black phone outside the unit and did get hold of the caretaker who told me he was on his way from the airport and would be on the premises shortly. He arrived at approximately 10.00am and came to our unit. When I showed him the condition of the lounge, he wasn't the least bit surprised but said he would arrange to change it. I also told him that despite advertising that the room had a DVD player, there was no player there. I also told him that even though I am aware that theirs is not 5 star accommodation, it should at least be clean & hygienic. This man said nothing to defend the fact that the unit wasn't clean. A short time after the caretaker left our unit, my partner & I decided to cut our 3 days booking at these Units and leave. I told the caretaker we were not happy and wanted to leave - found out what has to be done for a refund for the remainder of the booking (2 days), went back to the Unit, packed our belongings and left. I would never either go to those accommodations again, nor would I recommend them to anyone. This place is run down, very dirty and non-user friendly.
Jill B. 小さなお子様連れの家族旅行 Australia, 2015年5月24日
not what we booked
No ocean view ..dingy little room..stay somewhere else
Aaron M. カップル Australia, 2014年6月22日
Great place to relax for a few days

It's location backing onto the beach, the gardens and parks nearby and that it's self service
Our stay was great. It was a nice couple of days with not too much to do but relax by the water.
Jason B. ビジネス Australia, 2013年11月22日
Fantastic location, friendly staff & beach views

Friendly staff, large room and beach front location
Had a lovely and peaceful stay at the beachside holiday units. The staff were super friendly and very helpful, the room was much larger than expected and it is a 10metre walk to your own secluded beach! Would love to come and stay again!
Laura M. カップル Canada, 2013年11月1日
great on the beach, quiet

on the beachm, close to town, very quiet
It was very weird, we checked in over the phone, never saw anyone, checked out over teh phone. The manager was in another city. The housekeeper was around but we never saw anyone. Nice location. t was great for us.
Annemarie C. ビジネス Australia, 2013年3月15日
Neglected creepy place. I felt unsafe

Nil. Nil. Nil.
I felt unsafe. There was no staff at any time. The place is overgrown and dilapidated. I will never stay there again.
Brody C. ビジネス Australia, 2013年1月20日
Gret location

Very relaxing place with beachfront veiws. The location is the main place but the rooms are a little older and basic.
ホテル: Walk along the ebach
Wai H. ビジネス China, 2014年9月15日
地方大 整潔 寧靜,員工待客熱情有禮

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