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ハイデン コーラル ダイバーズ クラブ (Hidden Coral Diver's Club)

Songculan, ダウイス, パングラオ アイランド, フィリピン



2016年2月6日 - 2016年2月8日 | 2泊
ルームタイプ 定員

ハイデン コーラル ダイバーズ クラブのおすすめポイント


  • ファミリールーム
  • ルームサービス
  • レストラン


  • ガーデン
  • マッサージ
  • 屋外プール


  • Wi-Fi(共有エリア内)


  • 駐車場


ダウイスにあるハイデン コーラル ダイバーズ クラブは、パングラオ アイランドとその周辺を回るにはとても便利な立地です。 ここからは市内へのアクセスも簡単で大変便利です。 ビンガオ洞窟, ヒナダナン洞...続きを見る ダウイスにあるハイデン コーラル ダイバーズ クラブは、パングラオ アイランドとその周辺を回るにはとても便利な立地です。 ここからは市内へのアクセスも簡単で大変便利です。 ビンガオ洞窟, ヒナダナン洞窟 ダウイス, ビキニ ビーチなどの人気観光スポットにも近く、ご宿泊されるお客様にはご満足いただけると思います。

他では体験できないようなサービスと館内アメニティをパングラオ アイランドの宿泊施設でご満喫いただけます。 Wi-Fi(共有エリア内), 駐車場, ルームサービス, ファミリールーム, レストランなどのトップクラスの施設をお楽しみいただけます。

客室は全て安らぎとゆとりのあるお部屋がご用意しており、全8室からお選びいただけます。 屋外プール, マッサージ, ガーデン などの充実した館内施設で、一日の疲れを癒すことができます。 ビジネス出張や観光旅行でパングラオ アイランドに訪れた際など、ハイデン コーラル ダイバーズ クラブはどんな目的にもおススメな宿泊施設です。


全くちコミ (26)

カップル (12)

1人旅 (5)

小さなお子様連れの家族旅行 (3)

大きなお子様連れの家族旅行 (2)

グループ (4)

yumiko O. 1人旅
Japan, 2012年1月23日

食事もスタッフもよっかたけど,ベッドのダニにはまいりました。 虫除けは持って行ったほうがいいです。 5日間で、シーツはもちろん、タオルは一度もこうかんしてくれませんでした。 頼めば変えてくれたのかな??? ダイビングはツアー客がいない時は出来ません。注意が必要です。
fumihiro M. 1人旅
Japan, 2011年10月25日

Frederick F. カップル
Philippines, 2015年12月17日

Friendly People
The poeple are amazing
Bo O. グループ
Sweden, 2013年2月23日
big room but location is not the best

short way to the city but loong way to tha bath
the pool was ok swim in the ocean not possible the restaurant not the best so we vent to another hotel and eat in breakfast and evening we vent to Alona beach to wsim
Gary W. カップル
Canada, 2013年2月27日
Poorly run

Nice well maintained pool. Beautiful sea views from the lounge chairs
This area is fairly remote with not much in the area. It is not a dive resort. There is a dive shop beside Hidden Coral, but the single dive master works out of several islands and is only there intermittently. If you want to go there to dive, you would need to prearrange. We were there mid Feburary and it was deserted. The restaurant did not have many items listed on the menu. The service was very slow too. The food was average. The suite was a good size and the two queen size beds were comfortable. The water wasn't turned on when we got there. After I had it turned on, we had no water again later that night. I found out later the turned the water supply off due to numerous leaks. Two of which were in our cabin with buckets under them. After I spoke to a crew member I was assured it would not be turned off again. It wasn't. There was an ant infestation in the bathroom and when I brought it up to the staff, I was handed a plastic pump bottle of liquid and told that it wasn't the hair product as labeled on the bottle. When I sprayed the ants I could then tell that it was gasoline I was spraying. It stunk the entire cabin out. It did work temporarily though, but there were many more back within hours. There was no guidance as to tours in the area. Our impression was that there were some nice aspects to the resort, but it was missing a manager to organize and maintain the place. If you like a quiet isolated vacation and can tolerate the negative aspects mentioned here, you could enjoy your stay here. There is no beach, however there are cement stairs leading into the water. There are some weeds close to shore, but it clears up as you get out further.
Monica J. グループ
United States of America, 2012年10月7日
nice place but not beachfront

Staff was very friendly, place was clean, nice view of the ocean
We were very excited about our stay in Bohol, but found this resort too far from other activities and places on the island. Located in the middle of nowhere, our only form of transportation was what was provided by the resort, for a fee that was far more than we were expecting to pay. We were not near any beaches, any restaurants, anything at all. If you are looking for a very quiet place, this is it. However, there's nothing to do. They have a menu, but the food wasn't very good. They say they can call you a massage, we didn't try it. Basically it's a clean place to stay in a beautiful setting, but you're very secluded and can't do anything on your own. They did not have our booking information...from what I understand there has very recently been a change in management, so they were surprised to know that we were coming. Flor, the new manager, is very friendly and very helpful. It has all the makings for a great place, it's just not there yet.
Peter T. 1人旅
United Kingdom, 2012年9月27日
Beautifully locatec atop coral cliffs

Landscaped gardens, view over the ocean, good size swimming pool.
wonderful location and beautifully landscaped gardens. but, unfortunately, very poorly organised: - they were not expecting me and did not have my booking - towels were not available at first - water was not connected for first hour - tv not connected - no food on premises although they have restaurant facilities - no mini-bar although it was advertised - no wifi in rooms, although available at reception area - not easy to find as no signage off main coastal road - no eating establishments nearby - need car to get around otherwise you are stuck! pity, because layout of resort and views over the ocean are stunning.
Daniel B. カップル
Canada, 2012年11月22日
peaceful hotel

ocean view, near the city Tagbilaran, new townhouse as room
no beach, but you can swim. The hotel is not far from Tagbilaran, but it is also pretty isolated for the circle road, approx 1.5 kms. So to beg a ride to reach this main road. From there, have many jeegney to the city at 10-15 minutes drive. Good food, but can be restricted if few clients at hotel. Nice swimming pool. Ideal for romance and peaceful stay. No night life.
laura R. 大きなお子様連れの家族旅行
, 2012年6月3日
hotel was ok

the staff was very accommodating, the rooms have privacy
we were surprised and disappointed when we found out that the resort hotel was quite far from the panglao white beach. but, we appreciate the fact that the staff was accommodating enough to arrange the transportation. they were all friendly and courteous.
GERWIN D. カップル
Philippines, 2012年4月16日
Lovelt Hotel and resort

beach and swimming pool
hidden coral divers resort is perfect for honeymoon and family trip. each room is in a bongalo/single detach type far from other rooms with private swimming pools; one for adult and one for children. overlooking beach and good experience of sunset. you can asked your dinner in a cottage with candle lights. you will wake in the morning and experience sunrise while having your breakfast.



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