ホテル ペンション グランド (Hotel-Pension-Grand)

Silbersteinstrasse 82, テンペルホーフ, ベルリン, ドイツ 12051

許容 4.3


2016年7月27日 - 2016年7月29日 | 2泊
ルームタイプ プラン・特典 定員 本日の料金

ホテル ペンション グランドについて


テンペルホーフ・ベルリンに位置するホテル ペンション グランドは、旅行者に人気のホテルです。 ここなら市内の何処に行くにも大変便利です。 ホテルは、ベルリンヘルマンシュトラーセ駅, レイネシュトラーセ駅, ベルリンネウケルン駅 のような観光名所に近く大変便利です。

一流のサービスと最新の客室アメニティをホテル ペンション グランドは兼ねそろえています。 快適に宿泊できるよう、ホテルには公共エリアでのWi-Fi, ペット可 のようなホテル施設が完備してあります。

全14室あるホテル客室の1室に入るとすぐに、ヘアドライヤー, 書斎デスク, 禁煙ルーム, インターネット - WiFi (無料), 衛星テレビ/ケーブルテレビ のような客室アメニティで日常の喧騒を忘れることができます。 そればかりでなく、ホテルにはバラエティに富む娯楽施設があるので、滞在中飽きることがありません。 ビジネス目的でもレジャー目的でも、ホテル ペンション グランドはベルリンの滞在先としてぴったりです。
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  • 全室Wi-Fi無料
  • Wi-Fi(共有エリア内)


  • ペット可


  • 喫煙所
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チェックアウト最終時間: 10:00 AM
チェックイン開始時間: 14:00PM
客室数: 14
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  • 施設の状態/清潔さ 4.7
  • ロケーション 4.7
  • お部屋の快適さ 4.0
  • スタッフの対応 4.0
  • サービスに対する料金 5.3
  • お食事 3.3

Ka H.
Its Awful.......
The room I was stayed is non-smoking room, but I smell smoke all the time and I saw a guy who was stayed in my opposite room, he smoked along the corridor....the receptionist doesn't know English very well so I would think they are not easy to communicate with foreigners...

Samuel S.
Poor accommodation and poor services, but cheap
This Hotel was quite disappointing for me,from the previous descriptions I read from it it seemed to be ok, but as I got to the "Hotel-pension" I found many things which put me off from staying again. 1st I arrived and no one was there, locked reception.So I had to call on my phone to find out. I stayed 4 nights, but they gave me 2 different rooms. The 1st room would not lock, so from the outside anyone could have got in as the main door was always open as well. Inside the room the pillows which are just small fine cushions were terrible to sleep on. Bed cover was single on double beds and very small. The floor boards would make noises and rattle the cupboard which also in turn made sounds. It felt like a small earth quake each time I would make a step. Internet is free of charge, that if you can connect to it, as the intensity was only one line or none. Good job there was a coffee near by for 80 cents an hour! The following day I was changed room, so had to wake up at 10am to check out and check in one hour later whilst they prepared the other room. The hotel staff don't speak English so I was pleased to defend myself in German or it would have been really hard. My second room was uncomfortable as the first one, but with the addition of no signal from internet what so over and one of the curtains would not close so I got the sunlight at 6am! The bathroom was clean, but the shower head in the bath was broken and had no hook to hang it up. It was difficult to shower then. Next to my room there were a family of Turkish people, it was impossible to use the sole bathroom in the morning, as it was taken up all the time by them. So I had to use the other one in the upper floor which was inconvenient for me. I checked out but my flight wasn't till 8pm. The Hotel doesn't have locker service as they are not there all the time. So my overall impression, it was cheap. But no quality what so ever except that its clean. Transport is about 20 minutes

Marcin T.
Przyjemny hotel blisko targów
Lokalizacja w pobliżu targów
Dobre miejsce, jeśli chce się być blisko targów i nie wydać fortuny, ani nie tracić zbyt dużo czasu na dojazd.

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