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2016年5月3日 - 2016年5月5日 | 2泊
ルームタイプ 定員
《今日のSPECIAL》 今だけ数量限定
スタンダード ダブルまたはツインルーム (Standard Double Or Twin Room)
サービス料 10%

JPY 1,815

もうすぐSOLD OUT!! 残り3部屋
スタンダード - 朝食 (Standard - Breakfast)
サービス料 10%, ホテル税 13%

JPY 2,834

デラックス (Deluxe)
サービス料 10%

JPY 3,387

もうすぐSOLD OUT!! 残り2部屋
デラックス - 朝食 (Deluxe - Breakfast)
サービス料 10%, ホテル税 13%

JPY 4,049

もうすぐSOLD OUT!! 残り2部屋

River Bank Innについて


サウラハにあるリバー バンク インは、チトワンとその周辺を回るにはとても便利な立地です。 ここからは市内へのアクセスも簡単で大変便利です。 便利な立地に位置しているため、市内の観光スポットへも簡単にアクセスできます。

他では体験できないようなサービスと館内アメニティをチトワンの宿泊施設でご満喫いただけます。 ご宿泊のお客様は館内の 全室Wi-Fi無料, Wi-Fi(共有エリア内), 駐車場, ルームサービス, 空港送迎 をご利用いただけます。

さらに、快適なお時間をお過ごしいただくための設備を全室に備えています。また、お目の高いお客様にもご満足いただける無料ワイヤレス インターネット, エアコン, モーニングコール, 書斎デスク, バルコニー/テラスなどの設備を備えたお部屋もたくさんご用意しています。 プライベートビーチ, スパ, マッサージ, ガーデン のようなトップクラスのリラクゼーション設備が備えられており、運動をしたり心身をリラックスする場として最適です。 チトワンを訪れる際にはリバー バンク インを是非ご利用ください。
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  • セーフティボックス(フロント)
  • ツアーデスク
  • バー
  • ファミリールーム
  • ヘアサロン
  • ランドリーサービス
  • ルームサービス
  • レストラン
  • 会議/パーティー設備
  • 空港送迎
  • 自転車レンタル


  • ガーデン
  • スパ
  • プライベートビーチ
  • マッサージ


  • Wi-Fi(共有エリア内)
  • 全室Wi-Fi無料


  • 駐車場
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0~1歳のお子様 添い寝の場合は宿泊無料です。ベビーベッドは有料となる場合があります。
2~5歳のお子様 添い寝の場合は宿泊無料です。
  • このホテルでは、5歳を超える宿泊者は大人とみなされます。
  • エキストラベッドについては、ルームタイプにより条件が異なります。お手数ですが、それぞれのルームポリシー(お部屋情報)をお確かめ下さい。
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チェックアウト最終時間: 12: AM
バーの数: 1
フロント受付終了時間: 11: PM
ホテルの階数: 3
レストランの数: 1
客室数: 20
建築年: 2007
改築年: 2011
朝食代(客室料金に含まれていない場合): 4 USD
空港-ホテル間の移動時間(分): 35
空港送迎サービス料金: 20 USD
駐車料金(1日): 00 USD
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全くちコミ (12)

カップル (6)

1人旅 (3)

小さなお子様連れの家族旅行 (1)

大きなお子様連れの家族旅行 (1)

グループ (1)


8 kimihiro Y.
今回予約していたにもかかわらず、部屋がいっぱいで泊まれませんでしたが、近くの友達のホテル(かなりグレードの良い)を案内してくれました。 とても対応も早く、親切なホテルのオーナーさんでした。 ツアーなどもやっているので、そこでもうしこんでも良いと思います。

5 James P.
United Kingdom
Plenty of other hotels in the area - pick one of t
Friendly staff
We paid extra when booking to have "deluxe" rooms for our single night stay. I am a regular and long term visitor to Nepal and would not describe these rooms as deluxe by local standards.... no cold water in the washbasin / no towels / no toilet paper / TV working but defective. Towels and toilet paper were later provided by the staff. At best, these are lower than normal, standard rooms. When mentioning my dissatisfaction to one of the general staff it was apparent that many people complain about poor standards. I was invited to express my views to the Manager, who appeared sympathetic, and he in turn passed this on to a person who was described as the owner. Unfortunately, the owner was completely disinterested and did not even bother to engage with us to either accept or reject the complaints. On the basis that the man in charge clearly does not care, I would recommend that you give this hotel a miss. The name "River Bank" is misleading - whilst close to the river, there are intervening tall buildings to prevent a river view. On a plus note, aside from the owner, the staff were friendly and helpful.

8.3 Catherine C.
United Kingdom
Great location, friendly staff and good room.
Location right next to the elephant bathing area, big bedroom and bathroom - it has a bath, friendly staff.
I ended up turning up at 2am though I warned them more around midnight. They were still kindly waiting up for me and greeted me with a smile and helped me with my bags. I was very happy upon seeing my room. I had two big beds, large windows to allow in the natural light, a table and desk, Tv. The bathroom was big and I was surprised and happy to see a bath. Hot water is done by solar and was always very hot. I had a little porch area with chair and table looking onto the nice garden. They were kind enough to give me a late breakfast the next morning allowing me to sleep in a little after my late arrival. The breakfast was very generous and nice - different everyday. The staff were friendly and I booked in a few activities with them - morning canoe trip down the river leading onto a nature walk into the park to try and see rhino, tiger, bears etc. Later on in the day I did the elephant safari ride and a visit to the elephant breeding center. The guides were very informative about the animals and areas and had a good sense of humor. It was also a nice surprise to discover that right next to the hotel is were the elephants bath everyday. It's located just off the main tourist strip so is near restaurants, shops and a short walk to the Greenline coach pick-up point and ticket office. However it is very peaceful and relaxing with a nice garden to relax in. Internet was accessible but not in your room, you would have to sit in the restaurant area. I would happily stay here again and recommend it to anyone wanting to stay in the area. I found it to be very good value for money.

8 Vi V.
New Zealand
all good for q couple nights stay
friendly staff and nice clean rooms
All in all not a bad place to stay. Hotel staff helped with booking trips put to the national park and were always accommodating. Not much of a hot shower though, more Luke Luke warm.

6 ying L.
Big room and big yard, close to the river
Big room and big yard, close to the river
A little bit difficult to find the hotel, but room is big, and very close to the river,

2.7 Jose K.
The worst hotel ever
Location. Is just beside the river where the elephants take their bath.
This is not a nice hotel. Everything was dirty, even the walls of the bathroom. The kitchen and the dinning room were disgusting, you even don't want to have breakfast. If you can avoid this hotel, please do it.

7 sandra M.
Nice location with lovely rooms
Nice location
we stayed 3 nights in chitwan. the hotel was fine for us. great location and we heard the food in the hotel was nice. we choose for kc's restaurant. best restaurant in town and only 5 min walk. breakfast was included and excellent for a good start of the day. we were a bit surprised to get a bill for the orange juice when we checked out. first two days we got orange juice for free with the breakfast and the last day when we missed it we asked for it, this time we were charged for it. bit strange we thougt so we told the guy and he took it off the bill.

8.3 Arjan W.
Great Location and Friendly Staff - Base Camp
Arranged all the tours when we arrived and saved more than 50% on the pre-booked price
We were travelling in Nepal for two weeks with our three kids aged 10, 8 and 4. The five of us were often required to book two rooms so an adult slept in each room and the kids swapped around their preferred sleeping arrangements. The adults had travelled before, but for the kids the trip to Nepal was the first big overseas adventure. The rooms were clean and comfortable, with mozzie nets, ceiling fans and AC units (bliss), and very good beds. The load shedding is part of life but each room has a solar powered light. The guys here arranged all the attractions for us on the spot over a glass of mango juice (canoe ride, visit to elephant breeding centre, ox-cart ride, elephant safari, elephant bathing, Tharu cultural show) and the cost was about a quarter to a third of the price that our travel agent tried to arrange for us before we left (ie 60-80% discount!). It is the only way to do it. The room rate included breakfast and this was great every day. Try the omelette. The food was good and at a fair price, but on the last day we discovered the bar/restaurant next door (about 30 m away) which was cheaper and also good. It’s the spot for a drink to watch the sunset. The River Bank Inn is a short 100m walk along a track to the main strip where the souvenir shops, ATM’s and eateries are located. It’s a great location. Most guests seem to come here on packages, so the staff includes a bunch of full-time guides who took us on the various activities. They were all without exception lovely guys with great dispositions who made us feel really relaxed and took care of us; they answered questions and were very knowledgeable about the wildlife. They were good with our kids too, who really warmed to them over the few days we were there.

5.7 Angelo F.
Sri Lanka
Good location but Bad Service
Good location, facing Chitwan National Park. Nice sunst in the Evening.
We booked and payed extra for an A/C room. On arrival they gave us a room with a non functioning A/C. Then they cahnged the room and the A/C worked for only one hour and a power cut (regular during night time) occured. We complained several times, the hotel staff said they would start the Generator soon, it never happened; we were in a hot room throughout the night. Hotel staff didin't seem least bothered about our compalin.

8.7 Robert D.
Great place to stay!
Location and staff!
- really great staff and a nice location near the river. - The staff does everything you'll ask for - Beautifull garden

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