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テラ リカ ビーチ & ダイブ リゾート (Terra Rika Beach & Dive Resort)

Saud, パグドプッド, パグッドプッド, フィリピン (地図上で表示)


2015年11月28日 - 2015年11月30日 | 2泊
ルームタイプ 定員

テラ リカ ビーチ & ダイブ リゾートのおすすめポイント


  • エクスプレスチェックイン/アウト
  • シャトルサービス
  • ツアーデスク
  • バー
  • バーベキュー設備
  • ファミリールーム
  • プールサイドバー
  • ペット可
  • ランドリーサービス
  • ルームサービス
  • レストラン
  • レンタカー
  • 会議/パーティー設備
  • 喫煙所
  • 空港送迎
  • 自転車レンタル
  • 託児施設
  • 館内ショップ


  • ウォータースポーツ設備(モータースポーツ)
  • ウォータースポーツ設備(モータースポーツ以外)
  • カラオケ
  • ダイビング
  • プライベートビーチ
  • ホットタブ
  • マッサージ
  • 屋内プール
  • 屋外プール


  • Wi-Fi(共有エリア内)
  • 全室Wi-Fi無料


  • 駐車場


  • フィリピン語
  • 英語


人気のエリア、パグドプッドに位置しているテラ リカ ビーチ & ダイブ リゾートはビジネス出張と観光のどちらにも最適なロケーションです。 ここからは市内へのアクセスも簡単で大変便利です。 この宿泊施設...続きを見る 人気のエリア、パグドプッドに位置しているテラ リカ ビーチ & ダイブ リゾートはビジネス出張と観光のどちらにも最適なロケーションです。 ここからは市内へのアクセスも簡単で大変便利です。 この宿泊施設はソード ビーチ, カパリスピサン川, ブリオク ポイント などの観光スポットやアトラクションにも近いのでおススメです。

テラ リカ ビーチ & ダイブ リゾートでは一流のサービスと最新の客室アメニティを兼ね備えています。 ご宿泊のお客様は館内の 全室Wi-Fi無料, エクスプレスチェックイン/アウト, Wi-Fi(共有エリア内), 駐車場, ルームサービス をご利用いただけます。

全32室あるこの宿泊施設では、ルームタイプによりワイヤレス インターネット, プライベートプール, 無料ワイヤレス インターネット, 禁煙ルーム, エアコンの設備が備えられており、一歩を足を踏み入れれば’日々の喧騒を忘れさせてくれるようなくつろぎの空間となっています。 ホットタブ, プライベートビーチ, 屋外プール, 屋内プール, ダイビング のようなトップクラスのリラクゼーション設備が備えられており、運動をしたり心身をリラックスする場として最適です。 テラ リカ ビーチ & ダイブ リゾートのプロフェッショナルなサービスと充実した設備をお楽しみください。


全クチコミ (20)

カップル (11)

小さなお子様連れの家族旅行 (4)

大きなお子様連れの家族旅行 (3)

グループ (2)

全クチコミ (20)
Roger G. カップル
United States of America, 2015年7月29日
Off season Pagudpud is empty

Staff, food, location
A three star hotel in Pagudpud in the off season such as July isn't much to appreciate. If you combine all the guests in all the Pagudpud hotels together in the off season you will only have a few people. Most hotels are closed. We were the only people in the hotel except for a few strays that went there on the weekend for a night. Breakfast was good, fast, and included in the price. They were the only hotel willing to offer a room online so we chose them. Other hotels are still open but you need to knock on doors to find out if they will rent you a room or not. The beach is fairly clean but does have packs of stray dogs running around. Motorcycle taxi was easy to arrange to and from the bus station for 50 pesos. It is three star by the local standards.
Mary Y. カップル
Philippines, 2015年6月14日
Cockroaches in the room
I didn't manage to get a good sleep due to cockroaches crawling on me while I was sleeping. The linen was too thin to protect me from the cockroaches. I ended up killing one when it crawled on my back in the middle of the night. The room was not clean. There were cobwebs and dust. The pillow smells like someone has used it before. We could hear all the noise/conversations from the next room as the walls were not well-constructed. There were gaps on the walls, we could even see the guests on the other room from the gaps. There was not enough parking space for guests. There was no front desk staff when we checked out so we just left the keys. Overall, it was a terrible experience and not worth the price I paid for it.
John S. 小さなお子様連れの家族旅行
Philippines, 2015年5月10日
Cleanliness could be better.

Location and Other better Hotels nearby
Travelling with a Toddler, I upgraded to the Deluxe Room and expected the Toilet to be clean, however it was completely the opposite. It was utter disappointing. We have been travelling around Luzon and We were too tired to complain about it. I think you should work on putting your better rooms up to higher standard as this was totally not expected to be this bad. Best Regards, Rex Copenhagen, Denmark.
Earlnest L. 大きなお子様連れの家族旅行
Philippines, 2015年5月3日
Worst Hotel

The service of the employees
food price is too much specially break fast. Staying in bed is good... Parking problems... Overpriced room... Slow food service... Restaurant incomplete... Over all experience super not good...
Anthony H. 大きなお子様連れの家族旅行
United States of America, 2015年4月23日
Overpriced, rooms filthy, they cleaned once we arrived using air freshener. Showers don't work correctly or at all. Staff not available when checking out. Would never recommend this hotel.
Serge B. 小さなお子様連れの家族旅行
Canada, 2015年4月18日
move on

Location, staff helpfulness
We booked a 5 night stay at the Terra Rika to unwind and enjoy Pagudpud, we ended up shortening the trip by half due to the state of the hotel. The swimming pool is unusable, there are no diving possibilities at the hotel despite 'Dive Resort' being in the name, and worse we had a cockroach infestation in the room. I ended up killing 7 cockroaches in 3 days there. To their credit, the staff tried to help as much as they could, but given the price of the rooms this is not acceptable. The hotel is in a state of underinvestment and it gives the feeling the management are trying to milk as much money as possible from the decaying infrastructure. Overall, you should definitely avoid this place. We were happy to leave, and to move on to Palawan and Cebu.
Rufina B. グループ
United States of America, 2015年2月21日
Better than expected

Staff were friendly and accomodating. Rooms were clean.
Dharel P. カップル
Philippines, 2015年2月17日
Terrible bathroom

beachside, good food, freiendly staff
Terra Rika's location in Pagudpud's Saud village is ideal for beach lovers, but I feel that the other hotels beside it has better facilities (although at a price). My biggest complain about this hotel is its bathroom. The bathroom's faucets were full of mildew, and the water pressure is not that strong. The bathroom also has a bathtub, but I doubt anyone would dare use it. The food they serve, although a bit pricey, is commensurate to the price because of its taste and amount of serving. The hotel has friendly and courteous staff, though.
Loreto J. カップル
Philippines, 2015年1月19日
Overnight stay

Food, friendly staff, great beach location
I would say that the price is high or expensive as the room is small and comfort room is not so clean and it stinks, the faucets are dirty.
Denshia T. 大きなお子様連れの家族旅行
Philippines, 2015年1月5日
Review for Terra Rikka

The location is great since it is located along the beach...
I got the family room with a viewing deck... Apparently, the viewing deck was covered by a building thus, the beach view was covered. The 2 beds were ok but there were No towels issued to us and hot water for the shower was not working.. Had a difficulty sleeping though because the noise outside are heard from the inside of the room. A small swimming pool is located at the 4th floor which I think is very nice since you can use this during the night when it is no longer safe to swim outside during the night...



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