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아카디아 호텔 아파트먼트 (Arcadia Hotel Apartments)

Opp. Lamcy Plaza, 부르두바이, 두바이, 아랍에미리트 62307

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youkyung K. 출장 및 비즈니스
South Korea, 2010년 12월 7일 화요일
위치가 좋은 호텔

전시장과 가까운 호텔
전시로 가는 출장이라면,호텔 앞에 쇼핑몰(lamcy plaza)이 위치하여 택시 잡기도 용이 하고 전시장까지 택시 요금은 10dhs 내외 아파트먼트라 부엌이 딸려 있기는 한데 조리 도구가 많이 부족하여 사용하는데 조금은 불편, tv 채널 찾아 보면 한국 방송도 하나 있슴 계속 같은 프로를 돌려가며 방송하기는 하지만
youkyung K. 출장 및 비즈니스
South Korea, 2010년 12월 7일 화요일
위치가 좋은 호텔

넓은 방과 부엌이 딸려 있어 좋다
전시 때문에 가는 출장이라면 위치는 굿 택시로 정도 호텔 바로 앞에 쇼핑몰(lamcy plaza)이 위치하여 간단한 식사나 쇼핑에 좋다 다음에도 이용 예정
MURAD M. 출장 및 비즈니스
United States of America, 2014년 11월 1일 토요일
Good hotel, nice everything around except metro

size of room is perfect, clean and comfort
Mohd A. 커플
India, 2014년 11월 4일 화요일
Good standard

Room,Access and value for money
Michelle J. 청소년 동반 가족
Australia, 2014년 10월 15일 수요일
We left a day early!

Pool,pool pool
Ok, I don't want to be too nasty but...gee this place isn't great. My husband was at the hospital so I stayed here with my baby so we could just walk over to visit. We had two nights booked but only stayed for one due to many reasons. When checking out early reception didn't even ask why or seem surprised, not even a 'was everything ok?' I had to get security to help me in and out of the hotel as there are three big high steps at entrance so I couldn't get my stroller in by myself, on checkout I discovered another entrance on the other side of hotel with a ramp and direct access to the Plaza...why I wasn't told when I kept asking them to help with the stroller is beyond me! The couches are like rocks, TV is shocking unless you are Arabic no English channels except for fox movies that repeat the same movie four times a day. No restaurant in hotel but on Agonda it says room service available?? A lot of hairs in the bathroom that weren't mine, no hot water at all just warm wearer, no plug for kitchen sink so had to do dishes in bathroom. Please note the rooms have nothing in the way of tea, coffee, sugar, milks, tea towel, cloth etc it's just an empty room with furniture and u have to buy everything. Go to the Movenpick instead this place is horrible.
Abdulamir A. 커플
Oman, 2014년 6월 1일 일요일
Fairly ok

Good Service Thoughtfulness Helpful
Pleasant but I wish the the dirham 20 tourist charges per day is mentioned during the booking
Sri Lanka, 2014년 5월 4일 일요일
good hotel

MOHAMMED A. 출장 및 비즈니스
Saudi Arabia, 2014년 7월 22일 화요일
not bad

one night only
Mohammed S. 유아/아동 동반 가족
Oman, 2014년 8월 5일 화요일
The worse hotel ever
Very dirty hotel Don't go to this hotel if you want to spend good night
Alex O. 개인 여행자
United States of America, 2014년 2월 11일 화요일
great bang for you buck

located in the lamcy plaza, restaurants & mall less than a 40 sec walk away, and spacious rooms
It was ok. They were renovating the parking garage so it was a bit noisy. The internet is ok but it is not to be considered hi speed in comparison to other hotels in Dubai I stayed at. There is no room service which really sucks for this hotel but with the close location of restaurants a concession had to be made. Catching a taxi is very easy since there's a mall in the plaza.

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