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    근처 대중교통:
  • 치앙마이 기차역 (1.1 km / 도보 14분)
    주변 추천사항:
  • 문화
  • 관광
  • 레스토랑
    공항까지의 거리:
  • 치앙마이 국제공항 (4.8 km)
    고객 이용후기:
  • "저렴한", "안락한", "친절한 직원"
    주변 관광명소:
  • Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) (0.2 km / 도보 3분)
  • Riverside Bar & Restaurant (0.3 km / 도보 4분)
  • 파 라나 마사지 (0.4 km / 도보 5분)
  • 콘택트 트래블 (0.4 km / 도보 5분)

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벤 게스트하우스 앤 레스토랑 (Ben Guesthouse & Restaurant)

4/4, 4/11 Chiangmai-Lamphun Rd,Soi 2 Watkate Muang, 차런무앙, 치앙마이, 태국 50000 (위치 확인)

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"kind staff, good water, good banana"

YOSHIFUMI, Japan 2015년 11월 21일 토요일
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객실 요금내 불포함: 호텔 세금 7%, 봉사료 10%, 도시세 0.8%
2015년 11월 28일 토요일 - 2015년 11월 30일 월요일 | 2박
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베스트 셀러 – 한정객실!
더블룸 (Double Room)
USD 5.63
예약 조건
현재 남은 객실 4개
더블룸 (Double Room)
USD 5.87
예약 조건
현재 남은 객실 4개
트윈룸 (Twin Room)
USD 5.63
예약 조건
현재 남은 객실 4개
트윈룸 (Twin Room)
USD 5.87
예약 조건
현재 남은 객실 4개

벤 게스트하우스 앤 레스토랑 시설

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  • 24시간 룸 서비스
  • 레스토랑
  • 룸 서비스
  • 비즈니스센터
  • 상점
  • 세탁 서비스
  • 안전 금고
  • 여행 안내소
  • 자전거 대여
  • 장애인용 편의시설
  • 회의시설
  • 흡연 공간

스포츠 및 오락 시설

  • 정원


  • 와이파이(공공 장소)
  • 전 객실 무료 와이파이

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아주 좋은 차런무앙에 위치한 벤 게스트하우스 & 레스토랑 숙박시설은 치앙마이의 관광, 문화, 레스토랑 지역에 있습니다. 이 1성 호텔은 공항에서 4. Km 거리에 있어 쉽게 접근하...더보기 아주 좋은 차런무앙에 위치한 벤 게스트하우스 & 레스토랑 숙박시설은 치앙마이의 관광, 문화, 레스토랑 지역에 있습니다. 이 1성 호텔은 공항에서 4. Km 거리에 있어 쉽게 접근하실 수 있습니다. 편한 위치와 함께, 호텔은 도심의 필수 관광지에 손쉽게 접근할 수 있는 곳에 있습니다.

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모든 숙박시설에는 생활 편의시설이 마련되어 있어 더할나위 없이 편하게 보내실 수 있습니다. 정원 등을 포함하여 완벽한 여가시설이 구비되어 있는 호텔입니다. 벤 게스트하우스 & 레스토랑 숙박시설은 치앙마이에서 편안하고 매력적인 곳을 찾는 여행객들에게 이상적인 장소입니다.
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South Korea, 2015년 9월 11일 금요일

더러움 물에서 쇠냄새
진짜 씻는데 쇳물로 씻는줄 냄세장난아님
sanglae L. 개인 여행자
South Korea, 2014년 9월 21일 일요일

위치, 가격, 직원
좋았습니다. 좋았습니다.
Japan, 2015년 11월 25일 수요일
nice people

kind staff, good water, good banana
Khanh N. 연인
Vietnam, 2015년 10월 5일 월요일
the host is very friendly and nice.

Friendly. easy to find. Good
The host guided us much directions to go to Old Town and night markets. We can borrow bikes and rent motorbike easily. The garden is nice and this place is easy to find
Paula O. 연인
Philippines, 2015년 10월 6일 화요일
Ben Guesthouse

not crowded, near night market and main road
Though the hotel owner (maybe) was very helpful in our check-in, we find the location hard to find. Our cab driver was unfamiliar with the place and it tooks us about almost an hour to locate the address. The room on our second floor appeared that it has been occupied for months. The cabinet interiors were full of insect shit. We were just very tired so we just ignored the other stuff.
Paulius S. 연인
Lithuania, 2015년 2월 19일 목요일
A nice place for a budget stay

Location and value for money
Excellent value for money. Everything you might need was there, nicely located, just across the river from the old town. With bicycles that are provided free of charge it was more than easy to get to the old town and back. The owner is very helpfull and if needed can arrange you scooter or any other mode of transportation/activity right on the spot. Recommended.
Todd T. 개인 여행자
United States of America, 2015년 2월 5일 목요일
Guesthouse in Chiang Mai

Price, location, staff
A good value for the money. The location is excellent - 10 minute walk to the night market. Also, it is back in a neighborhood so it is quite and it has more of an authentic feel to it - like you are really in Thailand and not the tourist section. It does not have a restaurant but it is very close to some small restaurants and a small supermarket. A 7-11 is just around the corner. Lastly, the staff do speak some English. It is old and the room are showing lots of wear and aren't the cleanest. It was a little bit dusty because the bathroom just has a screen over the window. But this is very typical for houses in Asia. Also, the room only has a ceiling fan so it might be a little uncomfortable in the summer. But this time of year it is fine.
Nataliya V. 연인
Ukraine, 2014년 10월 21일 화요일
Good value for money

The owner was quite helpful, the location is not bad
It is what you'd expect for this price. The rooms are very basic, but if you want more comfort you should expect to spend more money, I guess. The old man who runs the place was very helpful and friendly. You can buy any tour you want at the reception (the price is the same as in the agencies, it even might include a small discount). I did spot some cockroaches though.
MICHAEL C. 개인 여행자
United Kingdom, 2014년 3월 11일 화요일
You get what you pay

Adequate, A little run down and seedy looking but the price was right so no complaints.
Tania S. 연인
Spain, 2013년 10월 15일 화요일
No more

Cheap, near centre, wifi
I visited this guesthouse about 10 days , and I made several reservations so I have a vision quite broad. The room was more than dirty , next to the toilet was a full of hair used soap to wash private parts without toilet paper, under the bed fluff like cats . The receptionists know enough English , were super friendly at first but after day one of them began to be quite hostile to us and did not greet us , his behavior changed since he saw my partner given me a kiss. They does not moved or blankets or towels around the place and when we asked for clean towels we were given not claiming that we were going the next day ... We had to buy bleach to clean the room ourselves . The walls are very thin and full of insect pupae , you hear everything and 7:30 in the morning and start talking super strong awakening to all who are on the ground floor . One day a group arrived at 7:30 they not stop talking and laughing loudly and super strong and anybody drew attention to them , taking us to get up to send them to shut up. Definitely , we will not repeat . We find a guesthouse for 1 € more, much cleaner , better located and nice receptionist treatment .

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