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보홀 카사 니노 비치 리조트 (Bohol Casa Nino Beach Resort)

Alona, Tawala, Panglao Island, 타왈라, 팡글라오 섬, 필리핀

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2016년 2월 7일 일요일 - 2016년 2월 9일 화요일 | 2박
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Misun K. 개인 여행자
South Korea, 2014년 7월 18일 금요일

알로나비치까지 걸어서 1~2분거리. 직원들 매우 친절하지만 룸컨디션은 최악임. 3일동안 손님이 우리밖에 없었음. 디럭스룸에 창문이 있긴있는데 열리지않고 밖이 보이지않는 창문임. 결국 스위트룸으로 옮겼는데 그 정도 가격이면 보홀에서 수영장있는 고급리조트에 묵을 수 있는 금액임. 아고다 수십번 이용했지만 가격대비 만족도가 가장 떨어지는 숙소였음.
SoYoung K. 개인 여행자
South Korea, 2013년 6월 17일 월요일
알로나 비치와 가깝다는게 유일한 장점입니다.

알로나 비치와 가깝다는게 유일한 장점입니다.
룸이 8개가 전부인 2층자리 작은 빌라입니다. 수영장 없고, 룸서비스 없고, 아고다에서 특가 판매하는 룸(1박 2000페소)은 창문도 심지어 냉장고도 없어요. 방의 샤워기가 고장나 샤워중 알몸으로 전기 쇼크를 맛본 이후에 단호하게 항의해서 룸을 한단계 업그레이드 받았습니다. 하루 2500페소짜리 방 부터 냉장고가 생기고 2층이예요. 하지만 반대편 건물과 너무 가까워 창문도 열수 없었고, 뷰는 기대조차 할 수 없었습니다. 여기서 가장 비싼 방이 하루 3000페소인데 3일 묵는 내내 손님은 저희 한 팀 뿐이었습니다. 알로나 비치와 가깝고 저렴하다는것이 장점이라 생각하고 예약했는데, 다른 고객 후기에서 썼던것처럼 저도 정말 이 가격이지만 조금 더 좋은 방을 기대했었습니다. 일단 직원들은 친절하고 조식은 아메리칸 블랙퍼스트 입니다. 다음에 보홀에 가면 바로 반대편에있던 알로나 화이트 비치 리조트나 아모리따 리조트에 부킹하겠습니다. 비슷한 가격대의 세부시티 퀘스트 호텔에도 묵었는데 그곳이랑 크게 비교가 되더군요.
Carlo N. 그룹 여행객
Philippines, 2015년 8월 1일 토요일
Not really a "Resort"

Close to the beach, clean rooms.
It wasn't actually a resort, more like a small inn with a few rooms. A bit pricey considering that some beachfront hotels charge less than Bohol Casa Niño.
Charo L. 커플
Philippines, 2015년 4월 15일 수요일
Simply perfect

Cleanlines, perfect room condition, friendly staff
Simply amazing
Andrew H. 커플
Australia, 2015년 4월 8일 수요일
Not worth

A middle of the road hotel but overpriced (maybe because it was Easter). The water pressure very low and the aircon sounded like a freight train. The staff supposedly arranged a car to the ferry which still hadnt turned up after 20 minutes and the staff were hopeless and disinterested in my predicament. I ran over the road to another hotel who arranged a lift immediately. I would not stay here again
andrew R. 커플
United States of America, 2015년 3월 25일 수요일
No. No. NO!!

My best experience was leaving..This is a horrible hotel.. I booked the executive suite.. The outside it looks great but that's where it stops. The A C is ok.. The water is hot and very good..
All I will say is go to the one across the street. Alona Key or if you want a better hotel at a better one at a better price go to Alona hidden. That one is about $64 a night and run way better and is at least as comfortable.. This is an overpriced waste of you hard earned money. price go across the street and about 200 ft
Genevive B. 커플
Philippines, 2015년 2월 20일 금요일
Good location but rooms are smaller than advertise

Cleanliness, location
Tegan D. 커플
Australia, 2015년 2월 14일 토요일
Nice hotel in reasonable location

location, clean rooms
Overall it was good. The only improvements would be to add a blanket to the beds - you need the aircon on fan at least for airflow and then it gets cold in the room at night! Also, towels have stains on them so could do with some fresh ones, although they were kind to give us extra towels to take to the beach.
justin K. 개인 여행자
United States of America, 2014년 11월 23일 일요일
Great little hotel

Location, cleanliness, staff
Nice little boutique-ish hotel but a bit overprice I think. Clean and comfy room - I upgraded to the executive suite for $25/nt more. Nice and friendly staff.
Steven M. 커플
United Kingdom, 2014년 11월 18일 화요일
Clean, cheap place right near Alona Beach

Clean, Location, Value
When we first arrived at the Hotel we couldn’t work out why it got such great reviews. It seemed like the basic kind of place you are likely to find via the Tourist office in Thailand or Philippines. However, once we had settled in we realised what a good choice Casa Nino is for the following three reasons: Clean, Location, and Value. CLEAN The rooms are basic but clean. The bed and linen are clean and sheets are changed and bed made daily. There are clean towels that are changed every day, there is a clean bathroom with new sink, shower and loo and there is always hot water. LOCATION In Bohol the liveliest area is the Alona Beachfront, which gives you options in terms of restaurants etc. Casa Nino is located on the small street leading up from the beach about 50 meters from the beachfront. This means you can turn right leaving Casa Nino to the beach or turn left to continue on the street which has further options. Next door is a Money changer, shop, tour operator, Spa, Dive shop and also the Taxi & Trike Pickup/drop-off, which is useful and the Bohol Bee Farm mobile shop (for ice-cream). The location is perfect for best of both worlds. VALUE We booked via Agoda and paid in advance so we were had nothing to compare the price to. But having stayed in Bohol for a few days we visited a few other resorts and Hotels and enquired about the price and it seemed Casa Nino was at least half the price! Considering the location, cleanliness and the fact that breakfast was included! (American or Filipino) It made Casa Nino excellent value for a Bohol trip.

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