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씨5 도미텔 (C5 Dormitel)

Roxas Avenue, 다바오 시내, 다바오, 필리핀 8000 (지도 보기)

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씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 게스트 룸 씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 게스트 룸 씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 게스트 룸 씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 게스트 룸 씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 로비 씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 리셉션 씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 호텔 외부구조 씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 로비 씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 호텔 외부구조 씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 호텔 외부구조 씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 호텔 외부구조 씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 호텔 외부구조 씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 호텔 외부구조
지역: 다바오 시내 객실 수: 20

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정렬 기준:
Aladdin K. 출장객 Philippines, 2014년 6월 3일
needs improvement

staff was good, central location, easy to find taxis
Very poor cleanliness!
Aladdin K. 출장객 Philippines, 2014년 6월 1일
Great place to stay near Ateneo de Davao!

affordable, accessible, friendly staff
Cleanliness can we worked on better. With dormers and hotel guests alike, room cleaning service can be spotty. Rooms are a bit tiny, but excellent value for money. Will return
Lyle C. 개인 여행자 United States of America, 2013년 10월 14일
It's what it says it is. A Dormitory for students.
The 1st room the gave me didn't have an aircon that worked. They moved me to another room the next day. No elevator so you have to carry your luggage up the small stairs. Students are loud and everywhere so don't get a room where they have classes right outside your window. Wifi only barely works by the stairwell and there are always loud students trying to use it. A cheaply priced hotel/dormitory. Would not recommend it for travelers.
Gelyn N. 유아 동반 가족 Philippines, 2013년 3월 10일

bed, shower, sala
Ramon T. 연인 Philippines, 2013년 3월 7일
Great location but beside a busy road

We had a generally pleasant stay in the hotel. The hotel was strategically situated in the heart of Davao. The place was relatively clean. Aircon was working well. The concierge was very helpful but needs to know more about the good places to see in Davao. This will be extremely helpful for newcomers like us.
Joseph L. 출장객 Malaysia, 2012년 11월 22일
small but it ok

near to the city
well it better for students as it near to an university
쇼핑 정보: it near a shopping center
Lilyvelle D. 연인 Philippines, 2012년 9월 22일
nice location

we stay only for a day, the service is good, i wnt recommend it to friends but at least we got what we paid for.
Third M. 그룹 여행객 Philippines, 2012년 8월 20일
Friendly staff, comfortable rooms

Located in a quiet area within the city, comfortable beds
I originally booked a double suite but was offered 2 double room instead for the same rate which I did not mind. Rooms were clean, got comfortable beds, soft comforters, working air-conditioning and hot showers. The staffs were wonderful, helpful and attentive. No other hotel facilities though. Wifi only available at the common areas. I visited Davao for Kadayawan festival and the hotel was conveniently located at the start point of the parade. Will definitely stay here again.
쇼핑 정보: Get your Davao souvenirs at Aldevinco Shopping Center which is very near C5 Dormitel.
Sreehara S. 연인 Malaysia, 2012년 4월 6일
Small empty rooms

Location is good
Rooms are small with all twin beds and no internet. Internet only available at the lobby area.
Ralph R. 연인 Philippines, 2011년 11월 1일
Great location

The only problem in this hotel the phone is not working you have to go all the down in the customer service area and my room is in the 3rd floor, and plus the ants!!!! there's a lot of ants inside the room, bed, restroom when you wake up you will your legs arms you have ant bites already

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씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 호텔 외부구조씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 게스트 룸씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 게스트 룸씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 게스트 룸씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 게스트 룸씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 로비씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 리셉션씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 호텔 외부구조씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 로비씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 호텔 외부구조씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 호텔 외부구조씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 호텔 외부구조씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 호텔 외부구조씨5 도미텔 다바오 - 호텔 외부구조