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2016년 5월 25일 수요일 - 2016년 5월 27일 금요일 | 2박
객실 종류 상품 안내 및 예약 조건 최대
요금 안내 객실수

더블룸 (1 더블베드) (Double Room with 1 double bed)

베스트 셀러 – 한정객실!
객실 크기:
8 sq.m.
침대 종류:
1 x 더블베드
노 뷰
  • 특별프로모션! (환불불가)
  • USD 102.98
  • 19.92
 현재 남은 객실 2개

트윈 (Twin Bed room with 2 single beds)

객실 크기:
8 sq.m.
침대 종류:
2 x 싱글베드
노 뷰
  • 특별프로모션! (환불불가)
  • USD 102.98
  • 30.98
 마지막 특가 객실!

트리플룸 - 더블침대 1개, 싱글침대 1개 (Triple Room with 1 Double and 1 Single bed)

객실 크기:
8 sq.m.
침대 종류:
1 x 싱글베드 + 1 x 더블베드
  • 특별프로모션! (환불불가)
  • USD 115.85
  • 32.09
 마지막 특가 객실!

트윈룸 (Twin Room)

객실 크기:
6 sq.m.
  • 예약 조건
  • USD
  • 36.04
 마지막 특가 객실!

패밀리룸 (2 더블베드) (Family Room with 2 double beds)

객실 크기:
10 sq.m.
침대 종류:
2 x 더블베드
  • 특별프로모션! (환불불가)
  • USD 128.72
  • 37.07
 마지막 특가 객실!

트리플룸 (Triple Room)

객실 크기:
5 sq.m.
  • 예약 조건
  • USD
  • 37.33
 마지막 특가 객실!

패밀리룸 (Family Room)

객실 크기:
7 sq.m.
  • 예약 조건
  • USD
  • 43.12
 마지막 특가 객실!
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  • 세탁 서비스
  • 엘리베이터
  • 여행 가방 보관
  • 패밀리룸
  • 환전
  • 흡연 공간


  • 와이파이(공공 장소)
  • 전 객실 무료 와이파이

사용 언어

  • 영어
  • 중국어(광동어)
  • 힌디어
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객실 전압(V): 220
공항까지 소요시간(분): 45
공항까지의 거리: 45 km
금연 객실/층: Yes
도심까지의 거리: 0 km
체크아웃 마감시간: 11:00 AM
체크인 시작시간: 11:30 AM
총 객실 수 : 13
최근 리모델링 년도: 2009
호텔 건축 년도: 2008
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음식 및 레스토랑

South Korea
2012년 6월 25일 월요일
거지같은 방
사진과는 다르게 침대 하나의 공간 뿐이 없음. 그냥 고시원 방보다 더 구림. 근처는 공사중이라 매우 지저분하며 직원들은 중동 사람같이 무섭게 생겨서 여자들은 특히 위험한 것 같으며 맨션 안에 있는 곳이라 호텔 건물이 따로 있는 것이 아님. 그래서 장소 찾기도 무지 어려움

6.4 HOA L.
2016년 5월 21일 토요일
Staff are friendly and help us more. I feel comfortable to stay here. Location is near MRT and many shopping center. Room is tiny and clean

5.2 Judy L.
2016년 4월 20일 수요일
Was placed in Shanghai Hostel instead of Canadian
When we got to Canadian Hostel on the 7th floor, the person who greeted us told us that we should go down to the 5th floor instead - which is Shanghai Hostel. The airconditioning of our room wasn't working well, it was set at 18• but it was very warm. We complained the following day on the 3rd floor main reception and the same guy who brought us to Shanghai said he will check. When we got back that night, the a/c was still the same and we saw a small cockroach on our bed! On the 3rd day, we complained about the a/c again to a different guy and he also said he would check. When we got back that night, it was still warm. There was also one day when we were only given one towel to use. Every now and then we would continue to see small cockroaches and insects inside the room or bathroom. The bathroom was also not cleaned daily. We specifically booked at Canadian Hostel because we had a good experience when we stayed there two years ago. It's too bad we were provided a different hotel even though we booked at Canadian with Agoda and our complaints to the staff wasn't heard. There should be penalties to hostels that overbook and place you in downgraded rooms and not upgraded ones!

8 Joshua W.
United States of America
2016년 2월 13일 토요일
Great Value & Location
This is a great hostel, private room & bathroom. Very clean rooms. Very small, very little space in the 3 person room. Is hard to find, but other than that, very happy with my stay.

7 Thang B.
2016년 1월 12일 화요일
Good location, quiet room
Good location (city center, near mtr station). Friendly staff. Quiet and clean room
Good location (city center, near mtr station). Friendly staff. Quiet and clean room. Located in Chungking mansion, looks like dangerous area but don't worry it's totally safe. Chungking mansion in Nathan Rd, one of the most crowded and popular streets for shopping in Hongkong. Room very small, but what more can we expect?

5 April M.
2015년 11월 28일 토요일
Value for money
Location, Aircon, Value for Money
The stay was okay given the money you paid for it. The comments about the lift is true that you need to wait for minutes to get in! Such a waste of time. But the venue is very good. Very near to MTR, and to a lot of sightseeing. We stayed for 4 days and they only asked to clean the room once at night time where we are about to sleep! My boyfriend told the staff to comeback during morning before we go out but never did. They only provided one towel for us couples good thing my boyfriend brought towels with him. And oh, I hope the owner would be a little more friendly to his guests.

9.7 Daisy S.
2015년 9월 21일 월요일
If you want to save, this is the place to stay!

2.7 Jia H.
2015년 8월 11일 화요일
Worst hotel,unethical,smelly,super small,dangerous
Worst experience, super small room without space to walk and put luggage, super small washroom, super smelly room,dirty blanket and bedsheet with dirt, black stains and blood stains, lots of foreign workers around, undergoing repair works, noisy aircond. We booked 4 nights but moved out after 1st night but they rented out our room while we still occupying the keys and had paid for room for 4 nights. Worst experience and do not recommend this place for stay. WORST experience.

6 maricel A.
2015년 7월 18일 토요일
good value for money
location, rooms and staff
very pleasant.. i was with my 2 families. we booked 2 double rooms.. it is a bit small room but its enough and comfortable. hongkong is expensive asian city anyway... i will definitely stay here again... the little bad thing is that its hard to find in first time. and alot of foreigners down try to sell something on you...but other than than it was good..

4.7 Rodel G.
2015년 6월 24일 수요일
Canadian Hostel Became Crystal Hostel
Cheap only
I booked Canadian Hostel thru Agoda. I ended up checked in at Crystal Hostel. When I asked the reception guy, he said it was just the same, but the pictures are very different from the actual room so I think I didn't get the value for what I paid for. Room should be ok for solo travellers if you are not planning to stay in the hostel for long (good only for sleeping). The confirmation from Agoda indicated that the location is in 7th floor, I went up all there just to find out that you must check in first at the 3rd floor which is rally a waste of time and really annoying specially if you are tired from the flight and you are carrying a lot of things to check in. For your future guests, maybe you should indicate that you have to go to 3rd flr first (reception).

세금 및 봉사료는 일반적으로 아고다가 공급업체에 지불 혹은 공급업체에 의해 수집되는 복구 비용 입니다. 자세한 내용은 아고다 이용약관을 참조하시기 바랍니다. 세금 및 봉사료는 아고다에서 진행하는 예약 처리 요금을 포함할 수도 있습니다.