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카사 캠퍼 베를린 (Casa Camper Berlin)

Weinmeisterstreet 1, 미테, 베를린, 독일 10178 (지도 보기)

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Seong O. 연인 South Korea, 2014년 9월 6일
카사 캠퍼 3박

분위기, 시설, 위치
트랜디하고 분위기있습니다 깨끗합니다
Sunyoo K. 개인 여행자 South Korea, 2014년 6월 6일
디자인,편안함,분위기 모두 굿굿

캐쥬얼하면서도 편안한 서비스, 트렌디한 디자인의 공간,훌륭한 조식
Cecilia W. 개인 여행자 Singapore, 2014년 11월 18일
i love my stay in casa camper

location, room, pantry
the decor is lovely, very cosy, room was nicely done that it feel very confortable even though not big but complete. Everything worked well. I like the freedom to do anything anytime. The concept of free access to the pantry and snack and coffee is simply a pleasure. Location is great, convenient to get around and surrounded but nice shops! Well thought and special.
Yu Y. 어린이 동반 가족 Hong Kong, 2014년 10월 5일
Camper Design hotel

24/7 buffet included, stylish, convenient
the best part is def the 24/7 buffet for snacks and drinks. its also very close to the metro station, which goes to the city center within 1-3 stops.
Ran N. 연인 Israel, 2014년 9월 17일
Perfect vacation, in a perfect hotel

Location, disruptive service approach, design
Tony R. 어린이 동반 가족 United Kingdom, 2014년 8월 10일
Excellent all-round stay

24-hour free food, very quiet rooms, every single staff member genuinely helpful, professional and nice
Enjoyed our stay here very much. Perfect location for walking to most parts of central Berlin. Easy access to public transport. Great neighbourhood to walk around at night and fantastic dining options. Staff in hotel fall over themselves to assist in any way they can.
Yuen L. 개인 여행자 United States of America, 2014년 6월 29일
good transport. free food. clean room

good transport. free food. clean room
I stayed in both Casa Camper Berlin and Casa Camper Barcelona. They are both of similar design and hotel setup. The difference: In Barcelona one has to use key card to get in main entrance whereas in Berlin anyone can practically walk in to the hotel and go up to 7th floor or other floors. Overall quality of free food in Barcelona is slightly better than Berlin. Barcelona has wraps and tiramisu. Berlin sandwich tends to be more soggy. Barcelona closet is bigger. Berlin standard room is one bigger room vs Barcelona is bedroom and living room separated across the hallway.
Chris B. 출장객 Ireland, 2014년 6월 27일
Best designed hotel I have been in within Europe!

Functional yet funky, friendly staff, all day food and snacks free.
This hotel is very hard to explain, but once you arrive you understand why it gets such good reviews. Staff are really friendly and helpful. I had an issue with Lufthansa losing my luggage and not delivering it until after I returned home. The staff and especially Jasmin the manager were extremely helpful, genuinely went out of their way to help whilst I was there and once I had returned getting the bag returned to me. The breakfast is great, but another cool thing for business travelers is the restaurant has pre prepared sandwiches, fruit, small snacks and soft drinks available all day free of charge. The room is strange, you walk through corridors that remind you of a youth hostel and think Mmmm maybe this isn't as good as the reviews state. You open your door to the room, and your first thought is this is different. At first you think the hooks on the wall are to save money on putting in a wardrobe, but its not, there are just additional hooks because travelers need more hooks to hang things on. the bathroom, is cool and strange. It a funky room with a very well thought out functional design. One thing I thought would be an issue is they do not have an iron in the room. But when I called to get one and they said they would bring one straight up, they literally did. No waiting around for 20 to 30 minutes wondering when it will arrive like in some hotels. The hotel is in East Berlin, I was there for a conference in AlexanderPlatz which is about a 7 minute walk away. Plenty of shops etc nearby if that is your thing. The biggest compliment I can give this hotel is wherever I need to visit in Berlin next, unless it is ridiculously hard to get to from here, I will be staying in this hotel. The whole experience was just what a business traveler needs, and it is refreshing to see that they have thought about this! Thanks again to all the staff for their help and putting up with me!
Bhakpong S. 연인 Thailand, 2014년 6월 26일

Good location Honest system Good staff
All staffs have the same quality in taking care the guess. Snack available for all day.
Dave W. 연인 Australia, 2014년 5월 17일
Amazing hotel, Amazing location

Location, Location, Location
Me and my partner stayed here in May '14. It is such a convenient location and public transport is right outside the hotel door. We stayed in the suite which is we'll worth it. This hotel is right in the boutique shopping area and surrounded by shops and plenty of restaurants. One of the best hotels I've stayed in around the world. Artsy and minimal decor. This hotel is well worth checking out if staying in Berlin.

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