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  • 막탄 - 세부 국제공항 (3.1 km)
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  • 수투킬 씨푸드 마켓 (0.9 km / 도보 11분)
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  • 막탄 섬 다이브 스포츠 (3.4 km)
  • 막탄 마리나 몰 (3.5 km)

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카사블랑카 가든 아파트먼트 (Casablanca Gardens Apartments)

One Hollywood Blvd., Bigfoot I.T. and Media Park, Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan, 막탄 섬, 필리핀 6015

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객실 요금내 불포함: 호텔 세금 12%, 도시세 0.75%
2016년 2월 10일 수요일 - 2016년 2월 12일 금요일 | 2박
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요금 안내
베스트 셀러 – 한정객실!
디럭스 (Casablanca Deluxe Room)
  • 객실 1 간이침대 (+USD 8.39)
  • 객실 수를 먼저 선택하세요)
USD 52.43 46.50
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  • 24시간 프런트 데스크
  • 공용 주방
  • 바(Bar)
  • 커피숍
  • 현금인출기(ATM)
  • 흡연 공간


  • 와이파이(공공 장소)

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jaeoh J. 커플
South Korea, 2015년 1월 19일 월요일

늦은 체크인이나 빠른 체크아웃 잠시 머무르기 좋음
South Korea, 2012년 4월 30일 월요일
예시에 있는 것처럼 미소가 아름다원던 곳

장기 투숙을 할경우 좋을 듯
외국 드라마나 영화 같은 걸 보면 각 방이 있고 (화장실 딸린) 공동으로 사용하는 부엌이 있는 곳이 있는데 이곳이 그런 곳이었다. 로비에 부엌이 있고 각 호실이 있는곳 방 내부의 시설은 정말 장기 투숙을 하는 곳이라는 느낌을 한껏 받았다. 큰 옷장(옷장안은 수납 공간이 잘 되어있음), 넓은 책상, 무선이 아닌 유선 인터넷, 깨끗한 화장실, 넓은 방 너무 잘 되어 있는 곳이었다. 이곳에 머물 때는 장기 투숙을 하거나 다음날 공항에 가야할때 머무는 것을 추천한다.
Kyung K. 개인 여행자
South Korea, 2012년 1월 24일 화요일
너무 더럽고 관리 제대로 안되있는

들어가자마자 먹다남은콜라병 냉장고안에는 엄청더럽고..... 으. 별로였네요 그나마 부엌이있다는게 좋았어요 ^^
Esperanza L. 청소년 동반 가족
Philippines, 2015년 8월 3일 월요일
Perfect for IronMan 70.3 Race!

1) Strategic location for IronMan participants and guests; 2) Super helpful staff!!! 3) Common kitchen is a practical option and gives a homey feel for families and groups
We reserved five (5) rooms for my family during the IronMan 70.3 Race in Cebu. Location was our primary consideration. Due to the very limited reviews available, we prepared ourselves for "below standards" hotel. We were all pleasantly surprised! The rooms were spacious and clean. The bed was good. Though TV, aircon, bathroom fixtures are outdated, these did not bother us - since it all worked well anyway. We requested for an extra bed and a cot with good mattress was ready and waiting at the room when we checked in. We've experienced less than this in some higher-star hotels before. WIFI is limited to the main building. The staff are extremely helpful - efficient, calm. There are limited commercial establishments in the area but this would soon be solved with the completion of the new mall at nearby Newtown (10 minute walk or short jeepney ride). The hotel will not be for everybody and but will be a good option if you are long-staying in Cebu, have business or event in Mactan island. This is not a resort so expectations should be managed. But you might want to check out their 18 feet swimming pool which is also used for underwater shots since Bigfoot Hotels is actually part of a film academy. Overall, our whole family enjoyed our stay at Casablanca Gardens Apartments/Bigfoot Hotels.
Stephen A. 개인 여행자
United States of America, 2014년 9월 19일 금요일
Weekend Escapade

Location, Privacy,Accessibilty
I have a car so it was quite pleasant for me.The staff performance was good and room service was prompt. The room was clean but TV was grainy except for the fashion TV channel.It was close enough for me to resort hop and far enough from the city to avoid the traffic. It was moderately priced as well.There was no food and the nearby restaurant is closed on Sunday.
Noelle G. 개인 여행자
Philippines, 2015년 1월 9일 금요일
Home of ironmen

location, ease of transport
I was in Cebu for the Ironman 70.3 in August and this was the best value-for-money deal. Located only 2km away from race central I could easily bike or take a multicab going there. Because it's on the highway it was also easy to hail a taxi to go other places. My room was clean and comfortable and other athletes were also staying there so they understood tracking bicycles in and out of rooms. The kitchenette was a boon to have so I could prepare some small meals or hot drinks.
ryan H. 그룹 여행객
United States of America, 2014년 2월 16일 일요일
Not bad

cheap, swimming pool, bar
Not bad. I've been here before so I know the area and feel comfortable. The bar is pretty clicky but it's to be expected since the customers are all students at the local school. Better off going across the street or Cebu for night life or around to street food joints.
Patrick Y. 개인 여행자
Philippines, 2014년 1월 25일 토요일
it was worth it

security, friendly staff, nearby eating places
Stanley S. 커플
Philippines, 2014년 1월 29일 수요일
Casablanca Hotel Review

Quiet location, spacious room, near the airport
The hotel lacks amenities especially their bathroom. They only provide 1 soap and no shampoo.
Fristine G. 출장 및 비즈니스
Philippines, 2013년 11월 26일 화요일
A business hotel offering great value for money

close to the airport, clean rooms with comfortable bed and attentive staff
I love the hotel's proximity to the airport, beaches and Mactan Shrine. Since it is located outside of the city, it offers privacy and a peaceful view of the mangroves. The staff were particularly attentive which is a bonus. The rooms were clean with good facilities although at the time, there wasn't any internet. Food choices were limited to the El Tiki bar (which recently opened) and the main building cafeteria within the facility.

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