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샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 (Chalong Beach Hotel & Spa)

16/9 Moo 5, Wiset Road ,A.muang, Rawai, 차오롱, 푸켓, 태국 83130 (지도 보기)

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샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 해변 샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 게스트 룸 샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 게스트 룸 샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 호텔 외부구조 샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 호텔 인테리어 샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 수영장 샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 레크레이션 시설 샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 수영장 샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 수영장 샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 게스트 룸 샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 게스트 룸 샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 해변 샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 해변 샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 게스트 룸 샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 수영장 샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 리셉션
샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 전망
지역: 차오롱 객실 수: 106

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Meshaal A. 그룹 여행객 Bahrain, 2014년 12월 28일
Don't book again
Poor services, unfriendly staff, bad behavior, polluted beach, unhygienic swimming pool, electricity cut with no power recovery UPS. basically this is my worst experience at Phuket.
Kirsten S. 연인 Australia, 2014년 8월 27일
If you like sleeping on coat hangers...

The mattress was horribly hard and felt like you where sleeping on coat hangers. Reception spoke very little English. Private beach? Pity you can't swim in the water AND free wifi..well apparently not
Belinda O. 연인 New Zealand, 2014년 6월 15일
Quiet relaxing stay

Hotel had lovely pool,in nice quiet surroundings
Staff were nice on arrival, the hotel was so quiet which was nice after being in patong, but the bed was absulotly terrible. The mattress was so bad the springs were coming thru. I would not stay here again. Also the door would only close if you slammed them so all thru the night there were doors slamming!
Iianne W. 연인 Australia, 2014년 1월 12일
Would never stay there again!

Nothing positive to write about this hotel
We booked for one week and on arriving tried to cancel and leave after only one day. We had to stay the entire week which was a nightmare. When we checked in, it seemed no one could be bothered and we stood there for 10 minutes but that gave us time to get our first impression of the hotel which was old and dated. Also needed a good clean. When we checked in to our garden delux room we were even more disappointed. The grass was long, cigarette butts on the grass and the room had hairs on the floor. The bed seemed to every spring possible poking through the mattress. The outside pool area has nice so beds but they are just sitting on dirt not grass with cigarette butts throughout the pot plants. The pool ain't as nice as it looks on the photos. Location is really not near anything so you need a scooter to get a round. This hotel is not a 4 star hotel and I would only recommend staying there if you are a loud obnoxious Russion. The hotel was full of Russian people with they screaming kids in the pool. Overall we had a terrible time here and felt it was a waste of money
Michael W. 연인 Germany, 2013년 12월 12일
Just great to have a budget hotel in Chalong!

The beach is probably the only one you can swim sometimes in Chalong
Really good. We liked the features of the hotel, although it`s not nicely designed. But the location, the services and the beach (Usually Chalong Hotels don`t have a beach) was just right.
Robert J. 출장객 Netherlands, 2013년 12월 9일
Quite pleasant and perfect fit for our purpose

off the beaten track, relaxing atmosphere, friendly staff and restaurant
Tony C. 개인 여행자 United Kingdom, 2013년 10월 31일
Would saty again

good sea view, pool and food
I enjoyed my stay and would stay again it is a quite position an d a or bike recommended. It has a very large car park
Marc V. 출장객 New Zealand, 2013년 7월 15일

friendly staff, horrificly expensive taxi's!!!
Good, but they cater for the chinese from the mainland who are loud & obnoxious. Staff were very willing to help and friendly
Robert J. 출장객 Netherlands, 2013년 7월 6일
This hotel served our various needs well

Friendly staff, restaurant, taxis on standby all the time
We needed a good place to stay for our business trip in the area with the possibility to relax as well. In that combination it was fine, while the friendly staff and pleasant restaurant made everything feel good.
Bente E. 연인 Denmark, 2013년 3월 17일
Nice hotel bad area

The view and the pool
Really nice hotel, but lot of russian people. Difficult to find another restaurants than the hotel

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샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 해변샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 게스트 룸샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 게스트 룸샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 호텔 외부구조샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 호텔 인테리어샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 수영장샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 레크레이션 시설 샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 수영장샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 수영장샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 게스트 룸샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 게스트 룸샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 해변샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 해변샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 게스트 룸샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 수영장샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 리셉션샬롱 비치 호텔 & 스파 푸켓 - 전망