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차롱 씨 뷰 리조트 (Chalong Sea View Resort)

9/12 Moo 9 Choafa Rd. T.Chalong, 차오롱, 푸켓, 태국 83130 (지도 보기)

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  • 지역: 차오롱
  • 객실수 : 20

  • 최고의 가치
    모든 호텔 최저가 보장
  • 풍부한 선택
    전 세계 600,000 여 개 호텔
  • 한국어 및 기타 12개 언어
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객실 종류
디럭스 (조식포함)
슈페리어 (조식포함)
스위트 씨프론트
슈페리어 핫딜
디럭스 핫딜
스위트 씨프론트
스위트 씨프론트


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공항 환승 서비스 요금
700 THB

아침 식사 요금(객실 요금에 포함되지 않은 경우)
100 THB

체크인 시작시간
2:00 PM

체크아웃 마감시간
12:00 AM

도심까지의 거리
10. Km

공항까지의 거리
40. Km

비흡연 객실/층 유무


총 객실 수

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가격 대비
직원 태도
호텔 위생 상태
객실의 편안함
음식 및 레스토랑
전체 이용후기 (9)
정렬 기준:
Arijit M. 연인 India, 2015년 2월 11일
Peaceful stay at a serene place

very good rooms, friendly staff, the view of big buddha and yacht club from the hotel
Pascal D. 연인 France, 2015년 1월 1일
Soo bad
The place is dirty, no sea view, room are very badly maintained. I do not recommend that place at all, even for free. Pictures are giving a wrong impression of the place
Danielle D. 연인 Switzerland, 2014년 12월 30일
too expensive and dirty room

big bed, kind staff (only 2 people), warm water
We booked for 2days but we wanted to go to another hotel after the first night. But we payed too much. It was dirty especially the bathroom did not seem to be cleaned at all. It smelled really bad too. We took a look into the kitchen behind the reception, i would never ever eat there. At least the staff were kind and tridd their best but it was a bad experience over all.
Joy M. 어린이 동반 가족 United States of America, 2014년 1월 1일
Comfortable Stay

large room, very friendly staff with great English skills, comfortable beds
Pleasant and comfortable. It has a sea view but is not on a beach, which I expected. It is at a beautiful marina with a lovely lighthouse.
Ted B. 연인 Canada, 2013년 5월 16일
Will never stay here again, poor quality, bad food

there was no good things at this hotel
I picked this resort because of location on short notice. We were shocked when we found this hotel. The location/hotel grounds was very run down/ neglected ( it was dark when we arrived), the following morning in the daylight it was even worse! would not recommend staying here for any reason.
Misha A. 개인 여행자 United Kingdom, 2013년 2월 4일
New and clean, and that is all

nearby acyc (yacht club), new build block
i booked this place only with the purpose to be near yacht club. location is a 500m walk form the main road (there is a large sigh), 600m from the roundbout direction to phuket town. there is seems another place with same/similar name in the direction of rawai, so some locals might point you in the wrong direction form chalong roundboaut. the new rooms (which has no seaview form the ground floor) are in simple bare block by the side road. inside quite large and refurbished. it is ok for 1-2 nights or if you really like quiet place. the ownders are friendly - gave me a lift to the roundboaut by their car after i checked out. there are motorbike for rent on site. the price on agoda was way too expensive for this place (i booked it only for location purpose), it should be 500-600tbt (and less in low season).
식당 정보: Limited local kitchen onsite (old bare concrete block facing the sea) but nice famous seafood restaurant is only 100m away.
Jean S. 그룹 여행객 United States of America, 2013년 2월 1일
nice large room with refriderator right on the bay

large, clean room
Unfortunately, the bay has ugly brown water, so we did not stay. We moved to the west side of the island after 1 night.
관광명소 정보: If you are going to do a snorkeling trip to raya or the phi phi islands, the boats all leave from chalong bay, even if you are staying on the west side of the island. So perhaps its cheaper to start from there as you won't have to take a bus to chalong. Also, DO NOT let a cab driver make ANY hotel reservations for you. Mr. Sak, a seemingly nice giy, found our room for us and said it was only 2,500 baht. It turns out the room is only 1,200 a night. Unfortunately, it was too late, everyone had already been paid.
Teti L. 어린이 동반 가족 Indonesia, 2012년 12월 31일
nice hotel

sea view hotel
I love to stay at this hotel, coz sea view and cheap rate, but before i hard to find this hotel, coz no bilboard at front hotel.
식당 정보: this hotel is close with restourant
Pascal P. 연인 France, 2014년 12월 24일

Tranquille, propre mais loin de tout
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  • 푸켓 동물원 (2.1 킬로미터 / 도보 26분)
  • 왓 찰롱 (2.5 킬로미터 / 도보 30분)
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