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코코 그로브 투어리스트 인 (Coco Grove Tourist Inn)

Circulado Street, Poblacion, 다우이스 - 팡라오 아일랜드, 보홀, 필리핀 (지도 보기)

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  • 지역: Location: 다우이스 - 팡라오 아일랜드
  • 객실수 : 16
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Panos A. 연인 Canada, 2013년 3월 28일
I would never go back to this hotel

I have nothing good to say
The hotel is very far from everywhere If you want to eat you have to take a taxi to the city There is nothing near the hotel is about one mile away from the sea Even you walk to the sea there is no access They have internet but very slow and you can not open any page I asked if they can fix the internet and always said we are working on it Looks like they are not paying for high speed connection I would not recommend to any one unless you have your own transportation I am sure you can find a better hotel for the same money
Jajia X. 개인 여행자 China, 2012년 12월 29일
the best severice,i love it very much

near the wharf
a very nice experience,the employees are very nice,the room is clean
Paul D. 연인 Canada, 2012년 7월 21일
Great place, typical Filipino style service

Comfortable, pleasant staff
One thing that is a surprise, they knew we were coming and already had the air conditioning turned on so the room was cool when we walked in. Agoda's deal wasn't as good as the real deal when paying the hotel direct. Their normal service included breakfast and transportation to the airport or pier. Agoda's deal was the room only.
관광명소 정보: YOu MUST MUST MUST rent a motorcycle/scooter while visiting Bohol. If you are a confident and competent driver you can most likely drive a scooter (automatic transmission). One of the things that made the trip so worthwhile was the freedom of hopping on the scooter and running into town. BUT also the chance to get out into the countryside and see things at your own pace -- not at the pace of the package tour operators. Island Bike Rentals is based at Coco Grove Tourist Inn and you will get excellent service from them.
Rebecca O. 연인 United States of America, 2012년 4월 9일
Must Arrange Transport for Food/Tourist Sites

Building Was Tidy
This hotel is right across the bridge from Tagbilaran, but it is not convenient for tourism purposes. We had to rent a motorcycle for P 1,000/day from the hotel to do anything, including get food. Alona Beach is about a 30 minute motorcycle ride, and the Chocolate Hills a little over an hour. Also, we never received the supposedly free breakfast and transport that is touted on the official hotel website. While the hotel was tidy and decent enough, I highly discourage tourists from staying here because it is an extremely inconvenient location. Also, the wifi only works downstairs by the front desk.
Steven T. 연인 Philippines, 2012년 2월 26일
ghost town hotel

instant confirmation, because no stays here! waste of money!
my reservation has breakfast included. i asked if they can have it served earlier because we'll have a tour, the guy in the reception said, they serve breakfast at 6am. i was asking if they can have it packed since we'll be leaving at 5am, he said no. ads says wifi in room, but there isn't. tv is 14" and doesn't have cable and a good reception.
여행팁: location is far from tourist spots... waste of money
Hyacynth B. 연인 Philippines, 2012년 2월 19일
Skip if you can.

Close to main island.
the family room did not have cabinets. the standard room was too small -- literally bumping each other. the place was dirty! there was dirty towel hanging inside the toilet!
Ian M. 연인 United Kingdom, 2012년 2월 1일

Friendly and helpful staff
Unfortunately, despite the friendly staff, this hotel was a great disappointment. We would not go there again. The room would have been adequate if properly maintained but on arrival there was no water supply to the bathroom. It appears that this had been turned off deliberately - when turned on again, we realised why it had been turned off, i.e. a constant trickle of water from the shower. The water heater for the shower only worked intermittently. During our stay the room was not cleaned very well and we had to ask for the toilet tissue to be replaced when it had run out. Despite the above, the worst thing was that the restaurant (much touted on the hotel website) seems to have been closed. It is possible to get a (poor) breakfast but that is all. For other meals you must go out. The only restaurant within walking distance, for which we were given only vague directions, turned out to be further than we expected and not worth the walk - everything we tried to order from the limited menu was "off". Surprisingly, there is free wifi - a plus point but not enough to make us go there again.
식당 정보: Need transport to find food!
Luz B. 유아 동반 가족 Philippines, 2012년 1월 17일
Great location and homely ambiance

Best feature of the hotel is its location, very accessible to both Panglao and Tagbilaran City
we enjoyed our stay at the hotel, hotel staff are very helpful and kind. the location of the hotel is very strategic, it's very near dauis church and bayoyoy. also near tagbilaran city proper. so if you need something, you can easily go to the malls in tagbilaran city. the only problem with the hotel is food. the don't serve good food, this is the area that needs to be improve by the management of the hotel. but there are food stores nearby where you can buy food.
Shinobu S. 그룹 여행객 Japan, 2013년 2월 15일

Shinobu S. 그룹 여행객 Japan, 2013년 2월 15일


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