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에스트렐 호텔 (Estrel Hotel)

Sonnenallee 225, 뉴콜린, 베를린, 독일 12057 (지도 보기)

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에스트렐 호텔 베를린 - 연회장 에스트렐 호텔 베를린 - 연회장
지역: 뉴콜린 객실 수: 1125

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Suk-Chull K. 개인 여행자 South Korea, 2012년 7월 29일
권하고 싶지 않은 호텔

객실은 괜찮은 편
관광지 접근이 어렵고,한 여름에 프론트, 회의실 등 난방이 잘 안되고, 종업원이 친절하지도 않으며,냉장고도 잘 안되고, 식수는 당연히 사 먹어야 하는 것 같지만, 너무 비싸고,한국인 취향에는 맞지 않은 호텔이라는 생각을 함
Israel S. 개인 여행자 Israel, 2014년 10월 8일
Exelleny as usual

Comfort, room, food
Fay Y. 그룹 여행객 Taiwan, 2014년 6월 10일
ideal place for events and business convention

economy friendly for business travel, multi functional banqueting hall, good service
we were there for a 3 days convention, room was clean and good service,
May E. 개인 여행자 Taiwan, 2014년 6월 8일
It is nice to live close to the Karmapa teaching

The Italian food is very delicious and it is very good to live close to Karmapa teaching but surprised that the room is without coffee or tea pot ,the location is a bit distance from all the tourist p
I was not informed about the different charge for the wifi so was charged for extra for the high speed charge. It would be nice if this info is advised to the customers beforehand. As we can imagine during conference ,there is always a lot of people so keep the info clear would ve good to avoid complaint. Really surprised a 4 star hotel does not provide coffee or teac pot in the room. Glad I brought my own... However,it was nice I had a room with view of the canel.
Fay Y. 그룹 여행객 Taiwan, 2014년 6월 6일
great for business convention

the hotel is great for business conventions with a huge space
Suyi Y. 출장객 China, 2014년 4월 2일
comfortable room but the location is not very near

comfortable, good environment
Yang P. 출장객 Taiwan, 2014년 3월 18일
Good Hotel, Distant from downtown

clean room, kind reception person, foods are fine
Masao H. 출장객 Japan, 2013년 10월 16일
The entertainment in Dinner was interesting.

Quiet and a breakfast space have large. clean room.
Since a receipt cannot be obtained from this website, I am troubled. Only the extended receipt for one night was able to be got in Estrel Hotel.
Belinda H. 출장객 United Kingdom, 2013년 9월 4일
Business and conference hotel

modern, large
Large, modern business and conference hotel. Does what it says on the tin.
Mariola P. 연인 Poland, 2013년 8월 18일
Good value for money

Nice design, comfortable room, fast room service
It was ok during the stay. Also I left there my charger and they manage to gave me back it.

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