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최상급 9.1
100% 생생리뷰 30건
최상급 9.5
100% 생생리뷰 56건

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  • 숙소 위생 상태 9.5
  • 위치 9.1
  • 객실의 편안함 9.1
  • 직원 태도 9.7
  • 가격 대비 8.4
  • 음식 및 레스토랑 8.6
정렬 기준

Littlegirl / 싱가포르
mr. friday service tailor made, massage is excellent, beautiful property
respond email quite slow, food not very tasty and limited choice of chinese food, consumption on the island not good for value
작성일: 2015년 10월 24일 토요일

Saud A. / 쿠웨이트
숙박: 2012년 8월 | 2박
One of the Best in Maldives
Villa Floor Plan, proximity to Airport, staff and service
its only 25 min boat ride from the airport, villa suite is on the water and have great spaces and arrangement, very friendly staff, 2 days of relaxing away from everything is great but you also get free FAST WiFi in villa. only a few things you should know. if you need anything your only option is the hotel menu which typical items are $30, and no jet skis or para-sailing, you have to request it from the island resort next door, which is $120 for 15min jet ski and around $300 for 15 min para-sailing.
작성일: 2012년 9월 1일 토요일

pawanrat B. / 태국
청소년 동반 가족
숙박: 2012년 8월 | 14박
beautiful resort
easy access
The resort is beautifully located and constructed.A short and quick access from Male Airport; Very convenient allowing maximum time at the resort.Continuous sighting of sharks and other fishes from the residence.Layout and function of the facility rather satisfactory, however, reading lights should be improved to render night time reading more comfortable.Since during our two weeks stay at the resort, we did not use any other services of the resort except during breakfast,the following comments are mainly concerning this subject.Breakfast was not included in the booking which is acceptable but visitors should be informed about the cost when ordering.Quality and diversity of food was average when compared to price.Service was very inconsistent and first-come first-serve rule was not followed,sometimes even forgotten. During our stay (which is rather long)we encountered very low tide plus storm-like winds during the night, whereby the breaking waves crashed against the residence.This was quite an experience which is exciting,fearful and somehow disturbing during sleeping period at night.This is not a complaint and we know that no management is responsible for this.Nevertheless, we asked to be moved to another neighboring residence, situated in deeper water and was unoccupied throughout our stay but was denied of this request using all kinds of excuses.We made our bad feelings known through written comments long before our departure time but were not being contacted by anybody.We would like to be considered special guests for our long stay and no other fuss but were ignored by the management.
작성일: 2012년 8월 30일 목요일

Sheryl / 홍콩
작성일: 2015년 8월 29일 토요일

Ryan / 말레이시아
Luxury resort
Everything here is excellent..the food, the staff, the service, the villa
작성일: 2015년 7월 26일 일요일

abby L. / 말레이시아
숙박: 2012년 7월 | 1박
Awesome, completely blown away
Sun tan Deck
The moment I reach gili everythg was so fantastic that I couldn't stop smiling for three days. Totally out of the world. Every amenities in the villa was awesome. Best place ever. Idea of me Friday is brilliant
작성일: 2012년 7월 25일 수요일

abby L. / 말레이시아
숙박: 2012년 7월 | 2박
Fantastic and awfully roomantic
Large water villa
The service in langafushi is so awesome that myself coming from a hospitality background ont have praise abt this place .. They went to every extend of service. I'm really happy with the dollars spend ..
작성일: 2012년 7월 25일 수요일

Derek / 싱가포르
청소년 동반 가족
Above expectation; friendly staff, great...
Service and friendliness of staffs; newly renovated, spacious, and thoughtfully designed villa, free bike and snorkel gears provided,
Price of food and drink, but they seem to be universally high in Maldives.
작성일: 2015년 6월 25일 목요일

Tunc / 키프로스
Romantic luxury
Nice setting close to Male, excellent staff, beautiful white sand beaches and lush vegetation, extra large villas with open design, bamboo bikes for guests, night blue light snorkelling, snorkelling ...
Very expensive (probably like most resorts), water visibility not ideal (in May), corals average...
작성일: 2015년 5월 26일 화요일

Ricky N. / 호주
숙박: 2012년 6월 | 3박
Great location with professional services
for people who can't travel too long by the ship
one customer relationship manager follow what you need in the hotel. They can speak lot of different languages. No languages problem to book the services in the hotel.
작성일: 2012년 6월 8일 금요일

Liu D. / 중국
숙박: 2012년 1월 | 2박
the best resort we've ever stayed in
peaceful like heaven
We've been to many nice resorts before, and this one is the best ever! From the minute we landed on the island, everything is so unbelievable! I don't know how to discribe it in words, coz you really have to go there to see it, and to believe! all stuffs are professional and friendly, always trying to help. food are soooooo healthy and tasteful! We only stayed for 2 nights, but it feels like we've been on vacation for a whole week~ it is soooooo relaxing! a lot to do in the villa, and so many different fishes closed to villa, it's like a wonderland! definitely will come back again!
작성일: 2012년 1월 25일 수요일

Steven / 미국
Paradise in an Over Water...
Proximity to the airport, yet the feeling of a secluded island. Quiet, private over water villas.
Food & Drinks were a bit pricey - but al carte options were available. Having to leave !!
작성일: 2015년 5월 20일 수요일

Anonymous / 홍콩
Overall fair to good
-Close to airport. Only 15mins speedboat ride. -Good for short relax trip. -Price is value for what you get. -Spacious villa, good water deck. -Good Spa
-Privacy. -Villas are located close by which other. Got another resort just about a few hundred meters. -Staff at resort always come by and ask if you are a guest of the resort when I was doing...
작성일: 2015년 5월 4일 월요일

Ghanem B. / 알제리아
숙박: 2011년 12월 | 3박
All around perfect
Spacious rooms, excellent food, flawless service
Excellent location, fantastic rooms, and great service. A 15 mins boat ride from the airport (better than wasting time on hydro-planes). This is allows for flexible check out times, as boats can operate late into the nite (planes are restictied to day times only). Diving - Great boat, equipment, instructors, and dive locations. Only con is that no two tabnk dives are permitted in one outing, unless you book a private boat which is way too expensive.
작성일: 2011년 12월 7일 수요일

Amrith S. / 스리랑카
숙박: 2011년 11월 | 3박
stunning location and great service
private water villas
had a brilliant stay and the resort is absolutely gorgeous. the pictures on the site and online do not justify how nice this place is. water villas are stunning and the service is top notch. definitely recommend this place to anyone as one of the best places ive stayed in. if you can afford it stay at the water villas. they are stunning. food on the island is a bit expensive so if possible go full board but any resort of this caliber will charge a lot for extras.
작성일: 2011년 11월 16일 수요일

Kelly / 대만
Absolute memorable trip
Food, peaceful, environment, staff, view, villa, bare foot all day long, incredible moonlight, amenities, music in the villa, etc
작성일: 2015년 1월 6일 화요일

Anonymous / 슬로바키아
What money can buy
everything was excellent
final bill
작성일: 2014년 12월 14일 일요일

Mishell L. / 말레이시아
숙박: 2011년 9월 | 4박
Great view and rooms, but poor service and mgnmt
Size of rooms, breakfast
We really liked the room (layout, size and privacy). The view from the room and all over the resort is exactly what we imagined Maldives to be - the serene blue waters, palm trees and clear blue sky - utterly relaxing. Complaint we had is the service - particularly our Friday. More disappointing was the fact that we took the trouble to write a long letter (highlighting what we enjoyed, what we didnt enjoy and how things could be improved) to the General Manager of the resort and we never heard back from them - something which I think is very disappointing for a resort of this supposed standard. The dive and snorkelling equipment were also old and uncomfortable - compared to another resort which we stayed at where we paid half the price. Food is a little unimaginative - Pasta Carbonara and Spaghetti Bolognese for room service?? Surely one can be more creative than that! We also found the stay slightly noisy - as it was right below the flight path (and these sea planes can be loud!) and the resort next door is known to be to 'the' party resort...proven by the loud disco beats that we had to put up with until 3 am on our first night there. Oh..the spa was a waste of money and time. The room was old, the technique was poor and they were very inflexible with what they can offer - completely forgettable experience, unfortunately.
작성일: 2011년 11월 13일 일요일

sumate W. / 태국
숙박: 2011년 10월 | 2박
Paradise on Earth!
Everything from services to food to view to...every single thing one can think of.
I really love the hotel. The service is great. you will have your own mr. FRIDAY whom you can call about everything. The room is sooooo stunning which I cannot explain in words. the food is so good both quality and taste.
작성일: 2011년 10월 26일 수요일

Thomas / 오스트리아
그룹 여행객
Best Hotel in Maledives
Everything... The Management... Mr. Friday... The Food... and the exeptional location... I will be back...
작성일: 2014년 11월 27일 목요일