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  • 언더워터 월드 (2.3 km / 도보 28분)
  • Pan Pan Italian Restaurant (2.4 km / 도보 29분)
  • 파타야 고카트 (2.7 km)
  • 파타야 파크 (2.9 km)

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그랜드 좀티엔 팰리스 호텔 (Grand Jomtien Palace Hotel)

356 Jomtien Beach Road, 좀티엔, 파타야, 태국 20150

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파타야 좀티엔에 위치한 그랜드 좀티엔 팰리스 호텔은 여행객들에게 최고 인기있는 곳입니다. 도심에서 겨우 7 km 거리에 있어 도심의 명소들과 볼거리를 쉽게 만나보실 수 있습니다. ...더보기 파타야 좀티엔에 위치한 그랜드 좀티엔 팰리스 호텔은 여행객들에게 최고 인기있는 곳입니다. 도심에서 겨우 7 km 거리에 있어 도심의 명소들과 볼거리를 쉽게 만나보실 수 있습니다. 이 현대적인 호텔은 도심 근처의 Jomtien Beach, 왕립 노르웨이 영사관, 왕립 덴마크 영사관 같은 유명한 명소가 있습니다.

그랜드 좀티엔 팰리스 호텔 숙박시설은 손님들의 쾌적한 휴식을 위해 각 시설과 서비스를 제공합니다. 호텔은 어마어마한 배열의 서비스를 제공하며 그 외에 24시간 경비 서비스, 편의점, 일일 청소 서비스, 택시 서비스, 티켓 서비스도 제공합니다

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MyoungJu K. 유아/아동 동반 가족
South Korea, 2013년 1월 2일 수요일
모든것을 아끼는 호텔..

가격 대비 모든 것을 아끼는 호텔임..
일단 호텔에 가면 그 호텔에 묵게 하는 것이 아니고, 저 뒷편에 빌라에 묵게 합니다. 3층 짜리 빌라라서 그런지 엘리베이터 없습니다. 저희는 아가랑 짐이 많아서 나쁜 조망 감수 하고 걍 1층 묵습니다. 신랑이랑 뜨거운 차를 즐겨 마셔서 커피포트를 찾으니 없습니다. 프론트 요청하니 없답니다.. 덴장... 뜨거운 물은 가져다 준 다기에 요청하니 전화 한지 한시간도 훨씬 지나 보온병에 담아다 줍니다... 욕실에는 샴푸 린스 면봉 헤어캡만 달랑... 남편 면도기 사러 편의점 갑니다. Wifi.. 하루 사용 비용.. 350바트.. 거진 만원 꼴입니다. 방콕 카오산 하루 30 바트 wifi 정말 그립습니다.. 전면 창문에 제법 넓은 베란다... 저희 가족 에어컨 싫어 해서 창문 열어 놓고 자연풍에 잠들고 싶은데.. 모기 때문에 창문 열수가 없습니다. 아 방충망 좀 만들어 놓지... 아침.. 저 가짓수 많은 거 안 좋아합니다. 먹을 만한거 몇개만 있는게 좋습니다. 여기는 가짓수 안 많은데.. 먹을 만한것도 없습니다. 그럴일도 없겠지만 야박하게.." 음식 싸가지고 가는 사람은 벌금 얼마다.. 절대 식당외 반출하지 마라" 야박하게 써 있어요.. 암튼 참 많이 웃었습니다. 어이 없어서 저희가 급하게 고르느라 대충 골라는데... 여긴 아니니깐... 생각 많이 하세요.. 참.. 수영장은 넓습니다. 근데.. 베드라던가.. 양산 이라던가.. 이런게 오래된 느낌이 물씬.. 전체적으로 장사가 안되어서 인지.. 시설 재 투자가 안되는 것 같고.. 직원들도 야박하고..
PRAEWPAN I. 청소년 동반 가족
Thailand, 2015년 12월 14일 월요일
Nice& Comfortable

Clean, big room, superb view
Stephen J. 커플
United Kingdom, 2015년 11월 27일 금요일
Overpriced and dismal

Staff, breakfast, view
Although we booked a sea view, we were shown to an inside room. We refused it and were then allowed a sea view on the 11th floor. As usual with a 13 storey hotel, the lift stopped at every floor on the way down. That's not a complaint, just the way things are! Main concerns : Wifi....100 baht for 30 minutes ranging to 350 baht per day. Outrageous and to be honest, totally useless as you can only get a decent signal in the foyer. The lighting in the rooms are so dim, maybe 10 watt bulbs. Trying to shave in the bathroom you risk cutting your throat! The bathroom is so small unless you are one of Santa's elves. Old fashioned shower over the bath and water pressure poor. Ended up having to get another lamp from room service. We were booked in for two nights but left after one I'm sad to say Definitely not a 4* more like a 3*
Suphaporn V. 커플
Thailand, 2015년 10월 21일 수요일
Toilets poorly lite ,very dark

Swiming pool ,view, the lift
Alexander B. 유아/아동 동반 가족
Norway, 2015년 7월 24일 금요일

The pools were clean and nice.
The rooms was in desperate need for renovations and it was far from clean. We tipped the maids 100 bath to clean the floors. Also they only give you one room key. We were 3 to each room and two keys was needed. We got a second key to each room for a 500 bath deposit pr key. This is not ok. Also we paid for two rooms for 6 people including breakfast, when we got there they claimed only 4 breakfasts was included....when we checked out they printed a detailed receipt for the stay and denied us to see it. I did get a glimpse of it and it did say a lot of the breakfasts on it, including -1 every day or room. This is shady practice at best and a scam at worst. I do not in any way recommend this hotel to families with kids. Also the hotel are swarmed with Russian tourists(that were no problem) and Chinese tour groups that were loud and extremely loud partying in the hallways and slamming doors at all hours of the day. All in all his was a great location, great pools and pleasant employees but guests, cleanliness and business practices.
michael G. 개인 여행자
United Kingdom, 2015년 7월 17일 금요일
To over priced to crowded to much noise
Very poor
Yelena S. 개인 여행자
New Zealand, 2015년 7월 15일 수요일
Nice hotel

Swimming pool, location, value for money
Nice swimming pool, location and breakfast, friendly staff and reasonable size of room with a nice sea view. The only things I don't like are the furniture is a bit old and wi-fi is a bit expensive. However, it's a very good hotel and I would stay there again.
Ian I. 커플
Australia, 2015년 7월 6일 월요일

Location, pool, clean
Staff were generally good but pool staff too casual looking after guests, room staff great need more variety and fresh food for breakfast Overall great location
Gerard O. 그룹 여행객
Ireland, 2015년 7월 5일 일요일
Awful hotel. Run down, impolite staff, horrible
Right from the start it was a disaster. The check in desk hadn't a clue and sent me to another building but didn't explain at all. I ended up walking around for ages with my bags. When I got to the room it was 2 single beds as hard as rocks, the shower was falling apart and would freeze you or scald you. Air con was probably the first ever installed in Thailand it was so old. The TV was from the 60's and I thought I was on an antiques roadshow! It made me feel young as everything else was so old. Breakfast was a joke and I was charged extra for asking for some vegetables and cheese in my omelette.... I cannot understand how a hotel like this survives without doing any upgrades for so so long. Awful. Avoid at all costs.
anastasia K. 유아/아동 동반 가족
United Kingdom, 2015년 7월 3일 금요일
There are better places for the money

swimming pool
The check in took ages for no reason, no complimentary drinks in the mean time. WiFi system made us all angry. Every day we had to go tot he reception to request a new password and username and they made it out that only one device can be online at a time! the whole ceremony takes good five minutes because they have some magic envelope in a hidden safe under the table where the fish out a new user id and password, then they find that user id and password in some book of WiFi user and manually cross it out and write down our room no next to it. No idea why the secrecy. Food was ok. There are two swimming pools and both are good.

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