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  • 파타스 트랜스포트 (1.6 km / 도보 20분)
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  • 문화
  • 관광
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  • 로앙 국제 공항 (4.8 km)
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  • 마하리카 기념 공원 (1.6 km / 도보 20분)
  • 로코스 노테 프로빈셜 캐피톨 (2.1 km / 도보 26분)
  • 무세오 로코스 노테 (2.1 km / 도보 26분)
  • 로코스 노테 호텔 & 컨벤션 센터 (7.3 km)

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그랜드 옥타곤 리조트 (Grand Octagon Resort)

Airport Ave., Brgy.50, Butong, 도심지역, 라오아그, 필리핀 (위치 확인)

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"the resort was very clean. staffs were helpful. above it..."

Froilan, Philippines 2015년 1월 18일 일요일
Pavilion Hall
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2015년 11월 29일 일요일 - 2015년 12월 1일 화요일 | 2박
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베스트 셀러 – 한정객실!
스튜디오 (테라스) (Studio With Terrace)
USD 61.49
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그랜드 옥타곤 리조트 시설

호텔 부대 시설

  • 24시간 룸 서비스
  • 24시간 프런트 데스크
  • 공항 셔틀 서비스
  • 레스토랑
  • 룸 서비스
  • 바베큐 시설
  • 비즈니스센터
  • 세탁 서비스
  • 신문
  • 애완동물 동반가능
  • 여행 가방 보관
  • 여행 안내소
  • 패밀리룸
  • 회의시설
  • 흡연 공간

스포츠 및 오락 시설

  • 노래방
  • 마사지
  • 수영장 (어린이용)
  • 실외 수영장
  • 정원


  • 와이파이(공공 장소)
  • 전 객실 무료 와이파이

주차 서비스

  • 주차장

사용 언어

  • 영어

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정렬 기준:
Erlinda R. 연인
Philippines, 2015년 11월 1일 일요일
Secluded an quiet

Location scenery staff
Blessinda C. 유아 동반 가족
Philippines, 2015년 6월 1일 월요일
I will not recommend.

Grand Octagon Resort
Not a pleasant one.
Froilan C. 유아 동반 가족
Philippines, 2015년 4월 29일 수요일
value for money

the resort was very clean. staffs were helpful. above it all, it wasn't expensive.
Thijme S. 개인 여행자
Netherlands, 2015년 1월 22일 목요일
not a resort

room was ok
Imri P. 개인 여행자
Israel, 2014년 10월 16일 목요일
Not optimum for backpackers

Room cleanliness, quiet, cable TV
My stay was very relaxed and comfy. I'd like to point out that it is a big hassle to get to the city itself or the sand dunes and there's not much to do around the hotel itself. The restraunt offers a very small variety of meals and beverages so plan on eating out!
Canada, 2014년 2월 1일 토요일
this hotel is way overpriced for what it offers

near airport
i had booked the standard room for a night. the room they showed us (the worst one they have so that we would want to upgrade?) had no windows, was small and crowded with furniture, had no fresh air, was on the first floor after walking through a corridor filled with extra mattresses. it felt like going through the storage area. we upgraded to a night room that was okay but not particularly nice. the hotel needs a deep cleaning and fresh paint. the internet doesn't work in the rooms. breakfast was served in what looked to be an almost-abandoned rustic "restaurant". nothing to write home about: one fried egg, a cup of cold rice and some deli meat. the worse thing about this hotel is that the high prices make you expect a lot more than you will get.
Ralf-Werner T. 연인
Germany, 2012년 12월 25일 화요일
Friendly hotel-employees, simple& clean Hotel

Max 2,5 stars, ok for this price, breakfast only with rice
Allen E. 개인 여행자
Finland, 2012년 11월 16일 금요일
Good hotel in Laoag

Quiet, close to airport and city, swimming pool, and spacious room with wifi
Laoag is a small city with limited facilities downtown. Grad Octagon is also not exacly in the center but rather on the airport side of the bridge. On this side of the city there are few small restuarants, a big and modern shopping mall ... and in fact right in front of the resort the most modern hospital around. For nightlife and entertainment one needs to cross the bridge, as well as to see most of the sights. But as a hotel, this family owned property is well managed, clean and service minded. The weakness is really the restaurant ... not mucb to hurray for ... but otherwise this is a goo hotel.
Tristan B. 개인 여행자
Philippines, 2012년 10월 25일 목요일
Simple but clean

Attendants are very accomodating
Pretty standard hotel. The only thing I liked about this hotel is that the attendants are very accommodating. They always say yes to everything you ask them. Most negative thing about this hotel is the food. Though food service is good, the food itself is not. There are few menu items to choose from and some of the aren't even available. Location-wise, it's relatively near the airport, but it's not in the city proper. You'd have to take a tricycle to get to the city (about 5-minute ride) and they charge you like 40 pesos one way. But overall, I'd recommend this hotel.
New Zealand, 2012년 8월 17일 금요일
dirty small rooms

nice grounds
Overall I would rate this a very poor place to stay . The room was very shabby and needed to be updated. The staff spoke very litle English so our requests for service were often ignored and the reception area was often unattended. The rooms arent serviced and for the 3 days we were there I had to go and ask for things like toilet paper . There was no fridge in the room and the beds were very hard.They even tried to charge for breakfast even though it was included in the room price .

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