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호텔 포투나 (Hotel Fortuna)

26 A. Borromeo St., 세부 시티, 세부, 필리핀 6000 (지도 보기)

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호텔 포투나 세부 - 호텔 인테리어 호텔 포투나 세부 - 호텔 인테리어 호텔 포투나 세부 - 로비 호텔 포투나 세부 - 호텔 인테리어 호텔 포투나 세부 - 호텔 인테리어 호텔 포투나 세부 - 호텔 인테리어 호텔 포투나 세부 - 게스트 룸 호텔 포투나 세부 - 게스트 룸 호텔 포투나 세부 - 게스트 룸 호텔 포투나 세부 - 게스트 룸 호텔 포투나 세부 - 게스트 룸 호텔 포투나 세부 - 게스트 룸 호텔 포투나 세부 - 게스트 룸 호텔 포투나 세부 - 게스트 룸 호텔 포투나 세부 - 게스트 룸
지역: 세부 시티 객실 수: 73

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정렬 기준:
Jonelie D. 출장객 Philippines, 2015년 3월 4일
bad service

the location because it is very accessible
we had a little emergency in our room around 5am. we called room service and asked for assistance, someone answered but nobody came. the next morning we asked the staff what happened and the only explanation they could give us was that their shift ends at 6am. note that we called an hour earlier. what if it was a medical emergency? what then?
Elizabeth M. 연인 United States of America, 2015년 1월 9일
Downtown Hotel

location, location and location
First visit to Cebu in a long time so it was good to have a hotel downtown where everything is nearby. It was a bit noisy but that was expected. Everything in the hotel functioned so it was fine.
Kressle G. 연인 Philippines, 2014년 9월 7일

Affordable, Located in downtown area, Pleasant rooms
It's a good place to consider to those who go after a budget-friendly hotel. Buffet lunch was good, rooms are clean, and it's primarily located in downtown area.
Foo C. 그룹 여행객 Malaysia, 2014년 6월 23일
Not impressive

Fair price
On our last day, the hotel door is problematic! We cannot open it from the outside! We informed the reception at 9AM and a staff came to open our door (We informed the reception that we will be checking out by 12PM and requested that the room's door be rectified). They promised. When we came back at 12PM, nothing was resolved i.e the room door still cannot be opened from the outside. We were made to stand at the corridor waiting for 6-7 mins for some help. Making your guests (4 of us) waiting at the hotel corridor is unacceptable and showed careless attitude of the hotel's staff. Although we were given complimentary extended one hour for our check-out time for only one room (from 12PM to 1PM). It was given after much persuasion from the lady owner. She was reluctant to accede to our request. The hotel had wanted to charge us 100 Peso for the extended 1 hour check-out time (from 12PM to 1PM). Anyway, we "lost" 6-7 mins waiting for help to open the room door! We never encountered such calculative hotel owner as our past travel to various countries had always allowed us one room for extended check-out time. Morever, the period of our travel to Cebu is non-peak season. It is rather unfortunate for us to stay in this Hotel "UNFORTUNE"! I guess you will be "UNFORTUNATE" if you were to stay in Hotel FORTUNA or rather should be aptly named as Hotel UNFORTUNA!
Gylle D. 연인 Philippines, 2014년 3월 22일

David W. 연인 United States of America, 2014년 3월 6일
Not really even worth it for one night

Close to airport, ferrys, and shopping
The only helpful person on the staff was the front door guy. The room included free breakfast, in which the fried eggs and corned beef (the only option) was served cold. The beds were the worst I have experienced in the Philippines. I don't know where all the good reviews are coming from.
Albert H. 개인 여행자 United States of America, 2013년 12월 24일
met my needs very well

location, cleanliness, value
no problems and was the location I wanted to be near the ferry
Iman I. 유아 동반 가족 Indonesia, 2013년 11월 21일
good location

good location
its ok, we just pick the location near the Magelann's cross
Yie H. 개인 여행자 Malaysia, 2013년 10월 14일
Close to major attractions, clean room

Location, affordability, clean room
Overall a good stay, and the hotel is just a stone's throw away from the major religious attractions in Cebu - Magellan's Cross, the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, and the Cathedral. We arrived at the hotel very early in the morning (4-5 am), but the hotel allowed us to check in early without requiring us to pay extra. That was a great gesture from the hotel side and definitely put a great start to our holiday!
Rachel L. 연인 United States of America, 2013년 9월 26일
Great experience at a great value

Friendly and helpful staff, delicious food
We had a fantastic experience at Hotel Fortuna. The immediate surroundings are not too scenic, but the convenience of its location in the downtown allowed us to walk to local attractions in a matter of minutes. The best things were the staff and the food. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful, and the owners of the hotel (a couple with 4 young children) personally greeted us and helped us with everything we needed. We chose to order room service or eat in their restaurant instead of going out because the food was THAT good! I definitely recommend Hotel Fortuna for anyone who is looking to stay in the downtown of Cebu City.

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