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호텔 라우트루파크 (Hotel Lautruppark)

Borupvang 2, 북부 교외, 코펜하겐, 덴마크 2750 (지도 보기)

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  • 지역: 북부 교외
  • 객실수 : 98

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03:00 PM

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12:00 PM

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전체 이용후기 (13)
Sophie C. 연인 France, 2011년 5월 30일
Good for business, in need of a little maintenance

Very quiet, nice bar seating area in reception, next to a supermarket.
we stayed at this hotel for a family event which was perfect. however it is outside of the main city and other than a supermarket and a few shops there are no amenities. it would suit conferences or business people perfectly. the hotel itself is nice and very quiet but isn't quite a 4 star hotel. it could do with a bit of maintenance to earn it's 4 stars. the reception area is good with a bar and enough space for waiting and meeting people and having a drink.
Anna M. 출장객 Denmark, 2011년 2월 25일
Nice rooms and nice staff

Nice breakfastbuffet, rooms are nice for working, refrigirator, close to grocery shopping if you get tired of eating at rerstaurants
I usually stay at this hotel, if I am on business in the area. I get a good sleep, in a comfortable bed, good brakfast and all neccasary facilities are available.
Pierre E. 출장객 France, 2011년 2월 4일
Nice Business Hotel

Location near businesses
I would recommend this hotel primarily to business travellers, as this area of Copenhagen, called Ballerup, is something like the Silicon Valley of Denmark.Service is friendly, always speaking English. there is a Restaurant, a little bit pricey, but everything in Denmark is mre expensive than in the rest of Europe. There is wireless Internet in all rooms, for free.
Pierre E. 출장객 France, 2009년 4월 3일
Business Hotel

Near businesses, next to a supermarket, free internet, clean, friendly
I stayed there for business reason. The hotel is far from town for tourists, you would need to take the train to get downtown. Itself the hotl is quiet, clean, friendly staff. Breakfast is very good with a great chois of western food. For dinner, there is a retaurant. For a quick meal, go to the supermarket next door and buy something. Open until 8pm. At Danish prices unfortunately. As usually in Denmark, everybody speaks English. All taxi drivers know this place too. There are few non Danish chennels, only CNN and DW. There is basically nothing to do outside the hotel.
Pierre E. 출장객 France, 2009년 3월 27일
Business Hotel

Near to some of the biggest Danish companies, good service and breakfast
I regularly stay in this hotel for it is near to the company I am visiting. The place is quiet, offers good service. Staff is friendly. Internet for free. There is a very good breakfast, a reaturant for dinner and a supermarket next door. Very far from the city center however and quite a walking distance to the nearest train station. Really a business hotel, not a tourist hotel.
Pierre E. 출장객 France, 2009년 3월 6일
business hotel

Near to companies and supermarket
I choose this hotel because it is near the company I was visiting. But actually, quite far from city and S- train station. And there is little around it. So only suitable if you are visiting Ballerup, not for tourism in Copenhagen. TO the hotel itself: pleasant staff, ok room, a supermarket next door, wireless WIFI for free, good restaurant, excellent breakfast. So a business Hotel
Larry R. 연인 United States of America, 2008년 8월 9일
First Impressions

Friendly Staff. Nice decor. Compared with others, reasonably priced.
Lautruppark Hotel Copenhagen was our first impression of the inside quarters of a room in Denmark (we have traveled the world, so have some experience). Their facility looked good, but as stated above -- they needed to accomplish some basic maintenance work before it was actually habitable. Staff was friendly and helpful in most cases, except for solving the bathroom problem when reported - they claimed no workers available until next day (hard to believe for a facility that large). Food in restaurant was too expensive for our limited budget (USD vs local currency, so not really their fault) We solved that by shopping nearby at market to buy our own dinner/picnic for first night. We ate all other meals in city center. Since we were so far outside the of the City, we used and loved the transportation system (S train and metro). Simple and efficient. It would have been most helpful had the staff mentioned best deals on frequent use ticket metro purchases, etc.
관광명소 정보: S Train was within walking distance from hotel (if in fairly good shape), about 10 minute walk. Buy 10 punch card and save well over 50% on transportation into City.
Maria/Delia M. 개인 여행자 Romania, 2008년 6월 4일
Never go there (again)!
To get there, you have to take the S-train line C from Central Station to Malmparken station (NOT Ballerup).
Douglas B. 어린이 동반 가족 United States of America, 2008년 6월 1일
Two nights in Copenhagen
Sjur K. 출장객 Norway, 2010년 6월 18일
Lautruppark Hotel

Roligt område, hyggeløig betjening, rent

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