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호텔 파사 아시히 (Hotel Pasah Asih)

Jl. Pucang Kerep No. 33, 수라바야 시내, 수라바야, 인도네시아 (지도 보기)

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  • 지역: 수라바야 시내
  • 객실수 : 28
  • 무료 Wifi

  • 최고의 가치
    모든 호텔 최저가 보장
  • 풍부한 선택
    전 세계 600,000 여 개 호텔
  • 한국어 및 기타 12개 언어
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객실 종류
슈페리어 (조식포함)
슈페리어 (조식포함)
디럭스 (조식포함)
디럭스 (조식포함)
스탠다드 (조식포함)
스탠다드 (조식포함)


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호텔 인테리어

호텔 인테리어

호텔 인테리어

호텔 인테리어

호텔 인테리어

호텔 인테리어

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공항 환승 서비스 요금
200000 IDR

체크인 시작시간
01:00 PM

체크아웃 마감시간
12:00 PM

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가격 대비
직원 태도
호텔 위생 상태
객실의 편안함
음식 및 레스토랑
전체 이용후기 (35)
Trang V. 그룹 여행객 Vietnam, 2014년 7월 6일
Not bad

quiet, friendly staff, clean
Quiet and clean, but tourist, attraction information are not available. This hotel is only good if you go to Surabaya for business, but not for travel.
Aquarius S. 출장객 Indonesia, 2013년 12월 1일
Hotel Pasah Asih

good & nice staff and clean
Adilah A. 연인 Malaysia, 2013년 2월 3일
Not bad hotel with friendly staff.

good breakfast, staff helpful.
although it was a little far from the city, there are quite cheap becak or taxis you can take. make sure to go to Balai Pemuda/Tourist Centre before exploring the city, as you will get really informative tips from the representatives. so many fake/outdated website about surabaya thus you need to watch it carefully, importantly updated by the local authority. overall hotel is quite worth your money.
쇼핑 정보: EJCC (East Java Cultural Central) is No. 1 recommended and also Rimota as No. 2.
Adilah A. 연인 Malaysia, 2013년 2월 1일
Value for money hotel but far from city

Room is not bad and staff is helpful and friendly
I arrived nearly midnight and there was no one waiting for airport pick-up. Even I had confirmed with the reservation staff the day earlier. This is so tricky. I had to prepare IDR 150 000 just for airport cabs. You can get cheaper with if someone approached you but be careful. Sometimes the tol and parking expenses are not covered. Overall the hotel is good value for money, it's just i feel cheated with the airport transfer services. I thought it was free but it is chargeable and depending on the car's availability.
쇼핑 정보: You should go to the tourism center (Balai Pemuda) before anywhere else. the staff is helpful and very supportive. East Java Cultural Centre is a must.
Everina S. 개인 여행자 Indonesia, 2012년 12월 14일
A Hotel with Basic Features

Strategically located near a testing center
The only reason I stayed at this hotel is to be near a testing test center in Surabaya. The bed and the pillows were not comfortable. The food is very basic deep fried stuff. Dont expect too much.
Siow K. 연인 Malaysia, 2012년 6월 8일
Far the Town and very dirty room condition

Cheap but Not value for money
The room condition , When we were checked in on 2/6/12, the bath room tape was out in order, Bed sheet was in yellowish and dirty, then when we were back from Malang, we insisted to change to another room, condition improve slightly better, the breakfast is lousy, would step in such the hotel
Siow K. 연인 Malaysia, 2012년 6월 3일
lousy and far from the Town

Cheap but room is dirty
Terrible hotel with bad room condition although the hotel rate is reasonable, but far from the Town
Richard P. 연인 United Kingdom, 2012년 6월 1일
Poor location but acceptable standard

Hotel lobby quite attractive and breakfast served in the lobby quite good
There was a problem with the bathroom plumbing. We did complain at first because the staff seemed unhelpful. They seemed more helpful later and we complained but were told there was not another room available and they could not repair during our stay. The shower handle kept falling off and the shower rose did not spray properly.
Cheah K. 연인 Malaysia, 2012년 5월 13일
Great service Great location

Near market
first stay in this hotel and find that the hotel has many amenities and really at the heart of the city. this is a very new hotel which i find that everything in the room are good. wifi is fantastic and the food is nice. with this price i doubt you can find any hotel near to this standard. as a matter of fact, this price is really cheap and the food and service are remarkably good. i will come to stay in this hotel again and again.
Marianna G. 개인 여행자 Canada, 2012년 4월 30일
Not what it say on teh description

Clean with hot water
I choose this hotel looking for an airport transfer. Well, when I arrived I found out that they don't provide service like this. Breakfast also was very poor. Rooms are big, but really outdated. Would not stay again there.

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