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정글 힐 비치 벙갈로 (Jungle Hill Beach Bungalow)

Kohjum 58 M.5 T.Kohsriboya, 코 줌 / 코 푸, 코잠 / 코푸 (끄라비), 태국 81130 (위치 확인)

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"view, simple bungalows, beach in front, few..."

mihael, Slovenia 2015년 2월 11일 수요일

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mihael R. 어린이 동반 가족
Slovenia, 2015년 2월 18일 수요일
peaceful and welcoming

view, simple bungalows, beach in front, few people
wonderful place. I recommend the bungalows without aiconditioning, as they are much more authentic. try to get one with a sea view.
craig L. 연인
United Kingdom, 2015년 2월 9일 월요일
excellent bungalows

location staff good value
extremely enjoyable
matt T. 개인 여행자
Canada, 2014년 11월 25일 화요일
Beyond Fantastic!!

The owner Tang, the location on the beach, the value for the money
We stayed at this resort for three days and could not have been happier with our choice. I was at first hesitant about booking at 2 star hotel in Thailand, but was pleasantly surprised by this place. The staff are wonderful, the food is good, the rooms are basic (but comfortable), the beach is amazing, and the overall relaxed atmosphere is perfect!!
Angela K. 연인
Ireland, 2014년 7월 8일 화요일
Beautiful location, delicious food, friendly staff

Beautiful location, delicious food, friendly staff
we really enjoyed it, ko jum is a beautiful unspoilt place with lovely people. Hotel is in a great location right by the sea, I would recommend it.
Adrienne M. 연인
Australia, 2014년 6월 15일 일요일
Quiet paradise retreat

Natural surroundings, the view, total relaxation.
As others have said, this resort would not suit everyone. We arrived in low season, which meant a taxi to Laem Kruat pier, a long boat with the locals, and another island taxi - seats in the back of a ute. Then a climb up a steepish hill, and down the other side. The bungalows are very, very basic, with the main mod cons being a fan, and a flushing toilet. The first bungalow (no. 6) we were shown,had a basin that had come adrift, so if you needed to wash anything or brush your teeth, the water drained straight on to your feet. We changed to no. 12, which had two shelves, and a well plumbed basin. Because of the storms, we lost power off an on for two days. And the sand washed away in front of the resort, so swimming was out of the question. But photos taken in the high season show the beach to be lovely and the ocean calm. Despite all this, we loved our stay at Jungle Hill! Peace and relaxation, and we had the place to ourselves. We did lots of walking, and you get a real feel for how the local people live. And I recommend eating at Rosa's down the hill!
Susanne W. 개인 여행자
Germany, 2014년 6월 25일 수요일
quiet little get away

private beach; Thai pancakes; Smoothies
really relaxing and definitely a nice break from all the hustle around the south of Thailand
jeffrey B. 연인
United States of America, 2014년 5월 6일 화요일
Quiet and relaxing beachside bungalows

Great bargain, friendly staff, cool ocean breeze
Let me start off by saying that if you are going to Koh Jum and looking to party all night and bar hop this is NOT the island for you. If you are looking to relax in the tranquility of nature, eat a few amazing meals and explore on your motorbike then this is the place for you. Koh Jum doesn't see a lot of tourists in the off season (it was mid-April when we went) so if you are looking for peace and quiet this is the time to go. There are some great restaurants in town, but they all tend to close pretty early so make sure you get your dinner early. Motorbike transportation is mandatory on this island and if you are a newbie on a bike don't be scared. It is a very easy island to get around on. The beaches on this island tend be a bit too rocky to swim, but just ask the front desk where to go. The staff was very, very kind and helpful. The bungalows are minimalist and don't consist of much other than a bed, mosquito net, fan, and a bathroom with a shower and toilet. Great bargain, great staff, good food, hammocks.
Adam O. 그룹 여행객
United Kingdom, 2014년 4월 21일 월요일
Relaxing, rustic and quiet

Lovely family-run hotel, atmospheric tree house huts and amazing serene beach
I think the Jungle Hill Beach Bungalow is a 'love it' or 'hate it' place. I doubt there's many in between. Personally, I loved it. If you're seeking a relaxing few days of nothing but peace, quiet and relaxation, come armed with a good book (or two) and here you'll discover a serene reality that will soothe your soul. Yes, you are up close with nature. The room we stayed in resembled a tree house and there's no way to stop insects or geckos from entering (though there are mosquito nets). If you can handle that closeness with the elements (as well as the monkeys that live in the woods around) then you may love it too. The owner was born on the plot and built the rooms himself, and it's very much a friendly, family-run business. The food is also great here, especially the 'Shoo-shi'. After the awful tourist food in Ao Nang, we were thrilled to find Jungle Hill were able to serve us up authentic cuisine. There's no late nights on Koh Jum, so don't expect a Phi Phi style stay - but if what you're looking for is peace, quiet and to get away from the trappings of the modern world (but still get wi-fi haha) then bring a book and unwind.
Patricia H. 개인 여행자
Australia, 2014년 4월 21일 월요일
Relaxing by the sea

Location, beach, view
Joao G. 연인
Portugal, 2014년 4월 14일 월요일

Location, Beach and Staff

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