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카로나 리조트 앤 스파 (Karona Resort & Spa)

6 Soi Karon Soi 2, T.Karon A.Muang, 카론 비치, 푸켓, 태국

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2016년 2월 8일 월요일 - 2016년 2월 10일 수요일 | 2박
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푸켓의 볼거리와 사운드를 즐기고 싶으시다면, 카로나 리조트 앤 스파이 바로 완벽한 초이스 입니다. 도심에서 30 km 정도 거리에 있으며 공항까지 55분 정도 걸립니다. 지역의 관...더보기 푸켓의 볼거리와 사운드를 즐기고 싶으시다면, 카로나 리조트 앤 스파이 바로 완벽한 초이스 입니다. 도심에서 30 km 정도 거리에 있으며 공항까지 55분 정도 걸립니다. 지역의 관광 명소와 경치를 구경하고, 호텔에서 멀지 않은 코메모레이션 오브 프린세스 마덜 스태디움, 디노 파크 미니 골프, 카타 비치에서 즐거운 시간을 보낼 수 있습니다.

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YOU K. 개인 여행자
, 2013년 3월 15일 금요일
편안한 호텔

직원들이 친절하고 시설이 깔끔하여 편하게 묵을 수 있었습니다. 까론비치 바로 앞에 위치해 있고 카타비치로 넘어가는 언덕 바로 앞이라 접근성도 좋은 편입니다.
Muncheol R. 커플
South Korea, 2012년 12월 28일 금요일
꿈의 미로같은 이색적인 리조트

확트인 전망과 객실 사이사이로 야자수의 아름다움이 설레는 낭만이 가득한 호텔...
카론비치에 위치하고 있으며, 아시아 여행객보다는 대다수가 유럽 여행객이 많아 또 다른 느낌을 주는 곳이며, 멀게만 느껴졌던 유명하고 가볼만한 식당과 스파, 마사지 샾이 운동 삼아 걸어 다녀도 무방할 정도로 가까이에 있어 교통비 절약과 동시에 많은 것을 보고 느낄 수 있어 너무도 좋았던 여행지이다.
AKHIL C. 청소년 동반 가족
India, 2015년 12월 29일 화요일
Two nights stay

Pool and Food
Overall I would rate my stay average at this place. Firstly, I had upgraded my room to a garden and pool facing room and paid extra for the same, however the room provided to me had a canopy that was blocking the pool view, hence there was no pool facing room for me and I feel it was a waste of my money for the upgrade. The pictures on the website depict beach facing view however unless you're on the topmost floor you cannot see the beach from the room. I personally felt some of the pics in the website showing the beach were misleading. Lastly I traveled with parents that were senior citizens and I made a request to the Hotel management staff to assist us with a one hour late check out, however they did not support our request stating they had another check in, hence we waited in the lobby for three hours until our cab showed up, however never saw any check in take place until the time we left. I,would not visit here again.
Ng S. 그룹 여행객
Singapore, 2015년 11월 23일 월요일
Good location

Comfort, cleanliness and location
Excellent it would be fantastic if it have a gym or suana room
Jozef M. 커플
Slovakia, 2015년 11월 24일 화요일
We could not sleep until 3 am each and every night

We could not sleep until 3 am due to very loud music coming from rock bar just below the hotel. As hotel isvon the hill, all this soud is getting directly in the rooms. You cannot watch even TV in your room due to music which repeats each and every night. In the morning you cannot sleep neither due to tourist from China who are schouting on each other like crazy. We survived only thanks to high quality earplugs.
Shelley C. 유아/아동 동반 가족
United Kingdom, 2015년 8월 24일 월요일
Ok but I wouldn't go back

Nice shower, free upgrade, cheap
I booked this place for 11 nights, if you have a young child under 12 all you have to do is pay 200bht per night for breakfast. the welcome was nice and had a free upgrade. Room was spacious and bed big. My son had the window ledge which was turned into a bed for him as it was big enough, but I was expecting a proper bed like I saw in the photos! Balcony was tiny. Bathroom was good with nice powerful showers. However we bought some sweets with us that we left on the side that were open and when we went to get some out they were covered in small insets and on closer inspection the room was covered in them, crawling around everywhere. So we had to keep everything food wise in the fridge, now I know we were in Thailand but when I booked this hotel it said it was a 4* and wouldn't have expected to see as many of these ant like insects in our room. The aircon is very loud, the loudest I've ever heard even on low which you had to have on at night because it was so hot and humid. The cleaner once barged in our room to shut the balcony door as the aircon was on, which I had only opened briefly to get something on the clothes horse and was quite rude. Then straight after I got a call from reception for a telling off. The chilli restaurant was expensive...probably why no one bothered eating there as you never saw anyone in there except for breakfast which was included. It's cheaper to get a drink from your minibar than it is to get one from the bar. a coke is 40bht in ur room, 80bht at the bar for the same thing! Im not tight and always give a tip but I once bought 3 cans of coke for the poolside which cost 240bht and gave the bar tender 250 and when he gave my drinks he just starred and said thanks and didn't get any change...and kinda just expected it, I mean yeah it's only 20p but I thought was just rude since I would have just given it to him anyway. Disappointed with this hotel.
Maureen W. 그룹 여행객
United States of America, 2015년 8월 26일 수요일
Three Day Visit

Great location right next to two beaches (Karon at the end of the driveway, Kata a 15 min walk), rooms were in fairly good condition, massages were offered onsite
We enjoyed our stay and would recommend the resort. The location was great, and we loved both Karon and Kata beaches for different reasons. The hotel accommodations were fine - nothing fancy - but at $30/person/night you can't ask for much more. Room was clean. Beds were firm but not rock hard. Showers had good water pressure. Pool was well maintained. Breakfast was rather bland, but fine; there were cereals, fresh omelettes, pancakes/french toast, and a few rice/noodle dishes. Around the hotel we found different restaurants for dinner with short walks. Room service was surprisingly complicated with language barriers. The massages were great and right on site. The hotel did help us arrange a shuttle to the airport. There were also a few quirks that were kind of annoying - they have beach towels, but you can only have one towel per day and it must be returned by 7 pm. So if your towel falls in the pool, too bad! You get one. They also refused to take a credit card - every day they said the machine was down which seemed fishy. I also would not pay to have the upgraded "ocean view" - in all of our rooms the ocean was only visible if you crouched down below the tree and squinted through a two inch space.
elizabeth B. 청소년 동반 가족
South Africa, 2015년 7월 31일 금요일
Comfortable stay

Location, rooms, breakfast
We had a five day stay at the hotel. The rooms are comfortable and clean. Staff are friendly and helpful.Nice pool.We asked for dry towels coming back from the beach, not allowed. Only one towel a day.They organised a taxi to take us back to the airport. This is really the only thing we can complain about. It was an early pick up at 6:00. The taxi driver was yawning all the way to the airport and closed his eyes when ever he stop at a traffic light or stop sign. My husband spoke to him to try to keep him awake.
Stephen O. 커플
United Kingdom, 2015년 7월 29일 수요일
Lovely hotel & location

Location, clean, pool
nicha W. 그룹 여행객
Thailand, 2015년 7월 17일 금요일
Good location, close to the Karon beach.

Location, service and environment
The hotel is not new but it is located in the good area. Just a few minutes walk, you can see the beach. We had the upgrade room when we checked in which is really nice and the staffs are friendly. We aim to relax at the beach and the pool so this place is the answer. Foods are tasty with ok for the series of them. I will come back to stay this hotel again.

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