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코몰 레지던스 (Komol Residence)

976 Borommaratchachonnani Rd., Soi 12 Bang Bamru, Bang Phlat, 톤부리, 방콕, 태국 10700 (지도 보기)

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  • 지역: 톤부리
  • 객실수 : 50

  • 최고의 가치
    모든 호텔 최저가 보장
  • 풍부한 선택
    전 세계 600,000 여 개 호텔
  • 한국어 및 기타 12개 언어
    지원 제공
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객실 종류
슈페리어 트윈베드
슈페리어 트리플
슈페리어 더블베드
슈페리어 더블베드
슈페리어 트윈베드
슈페리어 트리플
1 베드룸 슈페리어
슈페리어 더블룸 가든뷰
1 베드룸 스튜디오
1 베드룸 스튜디오


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코몰 레지던스 시설
호텔 내 부대시설

24시간 프런트 데스크


컨시어지 서비스


패밀리 룸

세탁 서비스

수화물 보관




흡연 공간


스포츠 및 오락 시설

골프장 (3km 이내)


주차 서비스


사용 언어




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할인혜택이 곧 마감됩니다!

방콕 도시의 레스토랑, 쇼핑, 관광 지역에 위치해 있으며, 코몰 레지던스 숙박시설은 바쁜 일상을 뒤로하고 편안하게 쉴 수 있기 좋은 곳 입니다. 이 3성 호텔은 공항에서 40. Km 거리에 있어 쉽게 접근하실 수 있습니다. 지역의 관광 명소와 경치를 구경하고, 호텔에서 멀지 않은 방모드 병원, 왓 루앙 포르 오팔리, 자오매 툽팀 쉬라인에서 즐거운 시간을 보낼 수 있습니다.

코몰 레지던스에는 다양한 시설이 있어 방콕에서의 시간을 풍요롭게 해줍니다. 손님들을 위해 편리한 24시간 프런트 데스크, 수화물 보관, 주차장, 패밀리 룸, 식당 등을 호텔에서 제공합니다.

9층으로 이루어진 50개의 객실은 내 집보다 더 편안하고 즐거운 분위기를 선사합니다. 대부분의 객실에서 인터넷 - 무선 (무료), 금연 객실, 에어컨, 발코니/테라스, 미니 바 같은 편리한 시설을 이용하실 수 있습니다. 바쁜날을 보낸 여러분의 긴장을 풀수 있도록 골프장 (3km 이내) , 정원 같은 환상적인 시설을 제공합니다. 방콕에서 당신이 편안하고 편리한 숙소를 찾으신다면, 코몰 레지던스 숙박 시설이 집처럼 편안한 공간을 만들어줄 것 입니다.
방콕 도시의 레스토랑, 쇼핑, 관광 지역에 위치해 있으며, 코몰 레지던스 숙박시설은 바쁜 일상을 뒤로하고 편안하게 쉴 수 있기 좋은 곳 입니다. 이 3성 호텔은 공항에서 40. K ... 더보기
유아 및 아동 간이침대 사용안내
유아 0-2세
숙박 불가
어린이 3-5세
숙박 불가

투숙객의 최소 연령: 8살.

8세 이상은 성인으로 간주됩니다.

각 객실의 객실 정보를 확인하여 간이침대 사용 여부를 확인하시기 바랍니다.

체크인 시작시간
01:30 PM

체크아웃 마감시간
12:01 PM

도심까지의 거리
13. Km

공항까지의 거리
40. Km

인터넷 사용료

비흡연 객실/층 유무


식당 수

총 객실 수

프런트 종료 시간:
05:30 PM

객실 전압

공항까지 소요시간 (분)

아고다 이용회원 100% 생생리뷰

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가격 대비
직원 태도
호텔 위생 상태
객실의 편안함
음식 및 레스토랑
전체 이용후기 (33)
정렬 기준:
Jean M. 어린이 동반 가족 Belgium, 2015년 5월 7일
Komol Residence

Nothing really negative to say. Served its purpose
Parinya N. 출장객 Thailand, 2015년 4월 19일
Quiet and safty place

quiet, clean and comfortable
Ekasit K. 개인 여행자 Thailand, 2015년 4월 1일
- -

- - normal but good travel
Kulthida S. 출장객 Thailand, 2014년 5월 13일
Good Service

food place service
good hotel
Brian M. 유아 동반 가족 United States of America, 2013년 7월 29일
Good Place to stay

near main road, not hard to find, near 7-11
This is an apartment building so there is no receptionist so be sure you have the persons phone number that you rent a room from so they will let you in and show you your room. When we booked I thought it said that there was breakfast included but there is no breakfast but you can walk to 7-11 in less than 5 mins.
Preeksingh A. 출장객 Thailand, 2013년 5월 19일
not a hotel standard like apartment

big room, big bed and clean
Hear is more like a apartment no room service.
Alberto R. 개인 여행자 Spain, 2013년 5월 17일
It´s very far from anything. Also big and clean

Big room, nice bed, clean
Seeing it in the map I knew it was going to far, but I didn´t think it would be THAT far from anything of some interest in Bangkok. Is is not a hotel, it is just a room in a totally resicential area
Omar E. 그룹 여행객 United Kingdom, 2013년 3월 13일
friendly staff, bad booking system

near the south bus terminal, nice staff, near a 7eleven
mainly chosen as it is cheap and near the southern bus terminal sai thai that takes you to kanchanaburi. there’s also a private car park for you to use which could come in handy. be aware: this is mainly a stop over hotel as is a little rough. the area is not near many big restaurants. what to do: nothing really. its mainly for the bus terminal. taxi from there to the terminal cost us 120 bht between 4 of us. in conclusion, although we ended up all 4 being squeezed into one room, the lady was really nice and apologetic, gave us lots of blankets to make a bed on the floor and gave us a free meal ticket, although we didn’t use it as the restaurant looked like it will give us a stomach bug.
Lai P. 개인 여행자 China, 2013년 2월 25일
Owner was helpful but hotel got me in surprise

Owner was helpful and friendly
I was really disappointed with this hotel before I befriended with the owner. I booked this hotel before it has any customer's comment. I thought that this may be a small home-like hotel. And it says it's near to the sightseeing area. When I went from the airport to the hotel,it was far away like going to the moon. I took the cityline to Siam station and took a taxi but still took almost 30 minutes to go there. The only public transport was bus. Taxi drivers don't want to go there by the meter. And the name of the hotel speaks it all, it's a residence,not exactly a hotel. It was rooms inside an apartment for local people. Good thing was they got 24hr security guard! And the environment was not at all pleasing. There was no Wifi in the room and the lobby was not always open. The fact that I was charged for service charge and tax made me really angry. However, the room was spacious and everything new. When I talked with the owner who was the only one working there, she said the hotel was just opened 2 days before I stayed there and the staff was coming in starting March. She tried a lot to help. And then I found that the hotel was very near the bus stop. It was convenient to travel by bus to go to the sightseeing areas like the Grand Palace and it was near. There were also many buses going to the city centre. Travelling by bus was quite nice. The ticket was cheap and people on the bus were usually friendly. They were reasonaly frequent and served till late at night. However, the day I was supposed to leave Bangkok in the evening,I was on a wrong bus and was trapped in a busy congested area for 3 hours. I could not get a taxi and the bus did not come. As a result I missed my plane. The hotel owner was kind. She extended another night of stay to me at a cheaper price and even took me out to see places that night. She even escorted me to the bus stop when I finally left. She became my first Thai friend in Thailand.
관광명소 정보: A good opportunity to explore the city by bus. Can take a bus to go to major sightseeing areas from the hotel. Near the hotel is a very nice massage shop and the price is cheap. There are food stalls near the hotel.
Gilles Q. 개인 여행자 France, 2015년 1월 27일

Emplacement , personnel,rapport qualité / prix
Wifi à améliorer Sinon tout est la pour ce tarif
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