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라 쿨스 코트 호텔 (La Gulls Court)

474/1, Beach Road, Vagator, Bardez , 안주나, 노스 고아, 인도 403509 (지도 보기)

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2015년 10월 9일 금요일 - 2015년 10월 11일 일요일 | 2박
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라 쿨스 코트 호텔 시설

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  • 24시간 룸 서비스
  • 공항 셔틀 서비스
  • 레스토랑
  • 룸 서비스
  • 미용실
  • 바(Bar)
  • 베이비시팅 서비스
  • 비즈니스센터
  • 세탁 서비스
  • 안전 금고
  • 엘리베이터
  • 여행 안내소
  • 장애인용 편의시설
  • 커피숍
  • 풀사이드 바
  • 회의시설

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  • 마사지
  • 수영장 (어린이용)
  • 스파
  • 실외 수영장
  • 온수욕조
  • 정원
  • 헬스장


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라 쿨스 코트 호텔에는 다양한 시설이 있어 노스 고아에서의 시간을 풍요롭게 해줍니다. 호텔의 편의시설 중에는 24시간 룸 서비스, 장애인용 시설, 무선 인터넷 (공공 장소), 주차장, 룸 서비스 등이 있습니다.

라 쿨스 코트 호텔 에는 내 집같이 편안하고 안락한 객실이 총 48 개가 있습니다. 세련되게 꾸며진 침실에서 편의를 위해 대부분의 객실에서 에어컨, 책상, 미니 바, 발코니/테라스, 선풍기 같은 시설을 제공합니다. 온수욕조, 헬스장, 실외 수영장, 스파, 마사지 등을 포함하여 여가시설이 잘 구비되어 있는 호텔은 일상 탈출하여 편안한 휴식을 즐길 수 있게 꾸며져 있는 곳 입니다. 최상의 시설과 완벽한 위치의 라 쿨스 코트 호텔 숙박시설은 노스 고아에서 즐겁게 머무르시기에 완벽한 장소입니다.
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정렬 기준:
sanjay H. 출장객
India, 2015년 8월 18일 화요일
worst staff & beahaviour theft occured during
my worst experence with them. when i reached hotel they took 4 hours to give me a 5 rooms, they did not confirm the booking also. staff is not even well trained. young and immatured.
Jorge P. 연인
Mexico, 2015년 2월 23일 월요일

Location and the room
The staff is terrible and must of the things in the hotel doesn't work, could be a better place if management looks after it.. Is like they don't care about anything staff also so lazy restaurant was bad however the room was comfy but there is no wirless in the room better to book other thing
Vinu K. 그룹 여행객
India, 2014년 10월 7일 화요일
very bad ambience
Very very bad stay and not worth paying .its a loot that you guys have done...rooms were below standards and absolutely untidy...will never refer any one...you guys have charged when the room was available for ..this was absolute cheating
Ramsay E. 개인 여행자
United Kingdom, 2014년 3월 9일 일요일
Attitude of Staff

Free breakfast,decent room,close to beach
Staff had very indifferent attitude,like you were bothering them if you had a question.Wi-Fi was atrocious,could only pick it up in the front lobby.Good thing they had couches for every body to sit on while they sent e-mails.Also got way overcharged for their house taxi ! Was charged 1/2 as much to go 2 miles,as I was to go 40!
Rosemarie S. 연인
Sweden, 2014년 2월 12일 수요일
hotel from h...

nothing, nothing and nothing
dont stay at this hotel. we wouldnt stay there again, even if we would get paid for it. the worst stuff we ever. we brought four beer and the guard wouldnt let us in and they were very rude. the man in the reception was so not in mood to give service. we felt that we only was waisting his time. please dont put any money on this hotel. is not worth to stay at la gulls court even if they will ask you to stay for free. our worst experience ever.
Baljit S. 연인
India, 2013년 5월 9일 목요일

friendly staff gud breaky doss food like
Japan, 2013년 4월 5일 금요일
Poor maintenance

Staff is kindly, Quiet,
エアコンの故障、みずまわりの不具合で、4回お部屋を変わったがどれも完璧でなく、メンテナンスが行き届いていない。  マネージメントもその件に関して誠意がなかった。移動移動、できがやすまらなかった。
Col R. 유아 동반 가족
India, 2012년 12월 2일 일요일
Lovely hotel and service with a smile

service and nice rooms
wonderful experience, well located near the Vagator beach. Clean and rooms are quite spacious. Well maintained swimming pool. The surrounding is pleasing, giving refreshing feeling. All transport facility available. The staff at hotel very prompt in service. Restaurant of the hotel is equally good, providing a variety of food articles keeping in mind every body requirement. Overall the hotel is worth staying and in future if chance is given i will definitely prefer the same hotel.
Mandhir J. 유아 동반 가족
India, 2012년 7월 20일 금요일
Poor hotel but well located

Close to all the beaches in north Goa, lots of facilities nearby
Hotel is very poorly maintained. No cleanliness at all in any part of the hotel. Stinking rooms. Used bed linen. Stinking toilet and poorly maintained. Cushion fabric and carpets have not been cleaned ever. Carry a room freshner. Staff is co-operative and caring. Food is very good.
yvette H. 그룹 여행객
United Kingdom, 2012년 7월 14일 토요일
This room was not deluxe!

Good location
The hotel was dirty, the breakfast was basic and there were alot of fly's.

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