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레아구에스 모텔 (Leagues Motel)

1 Macquoid Street, Queanbeyan, 퀸베얀, 퀸베얀, 호주 2620

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객실 요금내 불포함: 호텔 세금 10%
2016년 2월 6일 토요일 - 2016년 2월 8일 월요일 | 2박
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베스트 셀러 – 한정객실!
스탠다드 퀸베드 (장애인 사용가능) (Disable Access Room)
USD 123.97 93.38
예약 조건

마지막 특가 객실!
퀸룸 (Deluxe Motel Room)
USD 116.89 93.38
예약 조건

현재 남은 객실 5개
디럭스 트윈룸 (Deluxe Twin Room)
USD 116.89 93.38
예약 조건

한정 판매 객실!
싱글 (Corporate (Single) Room)
USD 102.72 93.38
예약 조건

현재 남은 객실 5개

레아구에스 모텔 시설

호텔 부대 시설

  • 라커
  • 룸 서비스
  • 바베큐 시설
  • 비즈니스센터
  • 세탁 서비스
  • 신문
  • 안전 금고
  • 여행 가방 보관
  • 여행 안내소
  • 익스프레스 체크인/체크아웃
  • 장애인용 편의시설
  • 패밀리룸
  • 흡연 공간

스포츠 및 오락 시설

  • 정원


  • 와이파이(공공 장소)
  • 전 객실 무료 와이파이

주차 서비스

  • 주차장

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정렬 기준:
David W. 커플
Australia, 2013년 9월 27일 금요일
Conveniently located

Location pillows fridge
Good safe parking, close to restaurants, and airport. Just make sure you put do not disturb sign out if you want sleep in
Anne M. 커플
Australia, 2013년 7월 3일 수요일
Very very average

Location, bed and heater
The room, even though there were no smoking signs everywhere, had a very strong stale odour of cigarettes. There was next to no room to place suitcases and nowhere in the bathroom to place anything except on the floor. The lady at reception was very nice as were the cleaners when I ask them to air the room out while we were away. The bed was comfortable, but that's about all I can say about the experience. I probably wouldn't stay there again, and certainly not in that room.
John S. 커플
Australia, 2013년 1월 30일 수요일
Motel was no where near what was represented.

Close to shops
The motel was a basic room with an updated bathroom. As we had ordered a deluxe room with spa this was not it. We were told that there would not be breakfast available on the Sunday, 'you'll have to make your own arrangements'. We ordered a newspaper and paid for it but it wasn't delivered and when we went to check the office had closed at 10am on a Saturday with no one available to speak to for the rest of the weekend. It is not an experience that I would recommend to anyone.I feel that the motel misrepresents all that was in its descriptions and that the rate charged was exorbitant for what it was. Other motels in the town were more reasonable and welcoming.

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