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마쿠누두 아일랜드 리조트 (Makunudu Island Resort)

North Male' Atoll, 노스 말레 아톨, 몰디브 (지도 보기)

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  • 지역 : 노스 말레 아톨
  • 객실수 : 36

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    전 세계 600,000 여 개 호텔
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디럭스 방갈로
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비즈니스 여행과 레저 여행을 모두 겸비한 마쿠누두 아일랜드 리조트 숙박시설은 도시에서 가장 유명한 지역인 노스 말레 아톨에 위치해 있습니다. 도심에서 떨어져 있으며 공항에서는 35 ... 더보기
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35.0 km

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Speedboat Transfer Notice

To reach the resort, a shared speedboat transfer will be arranged for which a surcharge will be collected directly at the resort. Your flight details and full names of your traveling party will be required at the time of booking or at least 3 days prior to your arrival. Upon receipt of your flight details the hotel will organize all transfer requirements. The hotel’s airport representative will meet you at the Arrival Hall.

If your flight arrives after midnight, you must book the room a day before to guarantee early check in or you may opt to stay overnight close to the airport. A stopover in Male can be booked here: Male City Hotels and Male Intl Airport Hotels

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전체 이용후기 (21)
정렬 기준:
Bjarne V. 연인 Denmark, 2015년 3월 5일
Fantastic hideaway with a spectacular housereef.

Housereef, island og staff
We had a fantastic 12 days here, where we enjoyed the housereef and island bigtime. Hope to be back soon
고객평 신고하기
Erik P. 연인 Denmark, 2014년 4월 15일
Super nice!

Location right at the beach, Blue water for snorkeling, Small - only 36 rooms,
Awesome, but expensive.
고객평 신고하기
N F. 연인 United States of America, 2014년 3월 15일
Refreshing private resort island

Access to the beach, coral reefs and peaceful atmosphere
Our bungalow was right on the beach with an incredible house coral reef less than 50 m from the shore. The resident manager (S. Blackett) greeted us upon our arrival to the island; a warm and welcoming greeting. We were well taken care of at every step along the way. Check in and check out was a breeze. We did the half board which included an amazing wide variety buffet breakfast served daily and a four star five course dinner served every night. Makunudu is one hour ahead of the main island time of Male so plan accordingly. We did the complimentary Snorkel Discovery. The snorkel discovery trip was about a 15 minute boat ride from the island and the snorkelling lasted well over one hour. It was so worth it. The complimentary dive lesson from the Dive Center was provided in the main lagoon area(Claudia from Belgium, what a kind woman, she was amazing). So glad I tried it. Also, we did the complimentary Night Fishing Excursion and yes, my wife landed two red snappers out of the four fish caught that night. Another trip well worth taking is the Manta Ray Excursion, only 20USD per person. The boat ride was about 45 minutes from the island. We were able to see and swim with three giant manta rays for over an hour; it was a first in my life and not soon to be forgotten. I estimated the wing span of the mantas to be approximately 3 to 3.5 m. The massage therapy specialists were so gentle, amazing and kind. Quite frankly, I have had a lot of massages over the years and these two ladies were by far the best massage specialists I have experienced. We truly enjoyed their hospitality and professionalism. One last thing. The resort is really practicing a sustainable approach to all that they do. They truly get it and have established protocol to help keep the island operations running as sustainable as possible. And last but not least, the access to nature is unparalleled at Makunudu Island. We will be back to Makunudu and hope to make it a yearly stop.
고객평 신고하기
Frantisek J. 개인 여행자 Czech Republic, 2013년 7월 28일
Amazing relaxing island

Diving, snorcheling, relaxation
Very relaxing place, rarely unspoiled ocean and beaches, romantic athmosphere of indian ocean island. Definetely recomended for divers due to splendid dive sites (sharks, stingrays, huge manta-rays, turtles etc), local reef good for snorcheling, but rather shallow (with low tide watch your belly :), reef drops to about 20m at least 100-150m from shoreline, so this is not very comfortable for freediving. Crystal clean water, especially out of sand banks, where visibility drops a lot due to whirling sand, otherwise visibility perfect more then 30m, sometimes unbelieveable views on dive, hovering on safety stop and seeing the whole walley bellow with sleeping sharks, mantas flying around .. sometimes encountering dolphins, crew will stop the boat, jump into and just swim with them, getting very close - I was 2m from group of 15-25 dolphins, though they were not in mood to play, still exceptional experience. Bungallows ok, small lizards inside (making annoying sounds during night), clima cool, half board not enough when diving, limited possibility to buy snacks, expensive water and non-alcoholic drinks, not even included in allinclusive - for adventures you can boil water and make tea (free). Windsurfing free, catamaran rides also free. Dive-ocean agency - very good stuff, nice and experienced. Not much to do except diving though. Sun glasses necessary (2x to cover lost - happened to me - luckily they were back next morning sticking from sand exactly where they were splashed to the sea :). Robinson Crusoe feel overall, no disco etc. very calm and time to think or just relax. Recomended for the price !
고객평 신고하기
Irem Y. 연인 Turkey, 2013년 3월 22일
relaxing. excellent snorkeling. old rooms.

excellent snorkeling. position of the rooms. close to airport
makunudu island is a nice and small island with excellent snorkeling opportunity. They also offer free snorkeling trip. We had our 5 year old boy with us and he was the only child on the island.But it is a child friendly hotel and beaches are suitable for children. We also had no problem with the food regarding the child and they were kind enough to ask if we needed anything extra for the child. Food was a little above avarage. especially nice dinners.The only downside of the hotel is the rooms are really old. This standart does not really match the price. But if you're ok with less comfort ande more nature u will be fine.
고객평 신고하기
Jeremy L. 연인 United Kingdom, 2013년 2월 10일
Perfect hideaway

Try the Sand Bank Affaire!
This was not my first trip to Makunudu island: I holidayed there twice before, in 1990 and 1994, and was highly impressed on both occasions. So, after 19 years absence, I was intrigued to find out if the place was the same as I remembered... Well, little had changed, except that this place was even better than I remembered! Peaceful, beautiful and relaxed. The staff are unobtrusive, friendly and smiling (our waiter - Ahmed has worked on this island for 25 years). The HB-included activities, night fishing, and reef snorkelling are great fun (even on previous diving holidays I never got up that close and personal to Manta rays and giant turtles). The restaurant food in particular is excellent, and we opted for their special Sand Bank Affaire excursion: A must-do private lobster dinner for 2 on a tiny sandbank miles from anywhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean. This is a perfect destination for couples or for holidaymakers who are looking for peace and privacy. There's no swimming pool, no discos, no televisions, telephones or wifi. They even have their own "Makunudu time zone", so you really do feel like you've gotten away from it all.
고객평 신고하기
Michael C. 개인 여행자 United States of America, 2012년 11월 13일
great scuba diving spot

scuba diving, food, beautiful surrounding ocean
The resort is literally a tiny plot of land in the middle of the Indian ocean. The beaches are perfect and the water is full of life. I saw a huge turtle one morning while snorkeling in 4 feet of water right outside my bungalow. The scuba diving is also great, which is the main reason i went to the island. The food is also well prepared, and the chef will accommodate to any specific food allergies/concerns you have which was also very nice. Only downside for me was the island had no wifi and you have to pay $5 every half hour to use the one computer that does have internet on the island. Also, if you are not a fan of lizards and ants, then you probably will not like the bungalows since you will definitely see some of them crawling around. Its no big deal though, it comes with the territory.
관광명소 정보: bring your own scuba gear, that would have cut my diving bill in half.
고객평 신고하기
Barend V. 연인 Netherlands, 2012년 9월 28일
Quiet Spacious Resort with Excellent swimming

Superb snorkelling and food off excelent quality.
We stayed 5 days on this islandresort and enjoyed very much of it. The staff was very friendly and helpfull. We would choose this resort again in the future.
고객평 신고하기
Hiroshi D. 개인 여행자 Japan, 2012년 8월 18일

During my stay in this hotel, I was able to spend very comfortable.
고객평 신고하기
Florence D. 개인 여행자 France, 2012년 7월 21일
Fabulous "robinson crusoe" island

Small, simple but tasteful, friendly, with a great dive school!
Given I was traveling on my own, I was a bit worried about finding the right place to stay and Makunudu was perfect. If you like a more intimate and low-key atmosphere, this is the place. The bungalows are set back from the beach: none of these rather overwhelming water villas here...its the Maldives like it was a few years back and retains a very natural feel to it. The island is small and with 36 rooms in total, everyone still seems to have their own private beach. Snorkeling is amazing and the dive school is just superb. The food is also good (with the exception of desert...) and the cocktail bar on the beach at sunset is heavenly.
호텔 특징: One note: if you plan on making any changes to your reservation, beware that everything is done via the reservation office in Male, which can lead to some misunderstandings. The staff is perfectly lovely, though. Lots of smiles here.
고객평 신고하기
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