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마노흐라 코지 빌리지 (Manohra Cozy Village)

29/18 Patak Road, Soi 7, 까타 비치, 푸켓, 태국 83100

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2016년 2월 7일 일요일 - 2016년 2월 9일 화요일 | 2박
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South Korea, 2013년 1월 3일 목요일
편리한 숙소

방갈로 유형의숙소를 경험하고 싶다면;
외국인 주인장이 까다롭게 굴지않아서 편리함. 영어로소통이 쉬움. 다른 숙소의 현지인 인폼직원의 알아듣기 힘든 영어가 많은거에 비하면 장점. 스쿠터 빌리거나 택시 예약도 쉽게쉽게 도와줌. 해변도 도보 5분거리. 아쉬운 점은 숙소가 오래된 건물이라 재보수공사를 해야할것 같다는 점.
Andre K. 유아/아동 동반 가족
Sweden, 2014년 3월 1일 토요일
HUI L. 그룹 여행객
Malaysia, 2014년 2월 22일 토요일
Cozy stay.

Cozy place with nice n friendly staff. Near beach. Alot of mosquitoes tho.
Edwin C. 커플
United States of America, 2014년 1월 8일 수요일
Beautiful and cozy. Close to beach

Quiet; close to beach; close to restaurants
Everything was great except for the bathroom doors. I believe all the rooms have broken doors. Other than that, the staff were friendly and accommodating.
WONG W. 커플
Australia, 2013년 12월 6일 금요일
Old, poorly maintained room

Small swimming pool, friendly staffs, beach is within walking distance
The room was old, dark, poorly maintained, with cockroaches around the room. Please note that we needed to walk the back-door in order to reach the beach within 10 minutes, it takes much longer time if we go to the beach by using the main entrance. Using the back door, we needed to walk through a very dark street, with no public lighting. We felt dangerous and not safe to use the back-door at night-time.
jasmine M. 커플
Malaysia, 2013년 11월 26일 화요일
ok stay

breakfast, simple concept, good location
To be honest, the room was quite disappointing. It smelled funny and the washroom smells terrible like something is stuck inside. The shower is outside the toilet, in a small transparent cubicle covered by a small curtain. Would have preferred it to be INSIDE the toilet because it was freezing when we were showering. Bed was a bit uncomfortable. However, what I liked most about the hotel is the hospitality. The woman was so friendly and sweet! she even recommended a few sight seeing tours to us for a VERY reasonable price (considering tht transportation in phuket is crazy expensive). On top of tht, I really enjoyed the breakfast. Even though it was very simple but they provided us with quality food. Bacon, ham, eggs, fruits etc. Location wise, it's not too bad. They have a back road which leads to the main road of the bars, pubs etc. There really isnt much to do around this area though. Some of the more "happening" places that u might want to consider visiting are the pub at the end of the road which is filled with colorful neon lights and also they have a small night market/bazaar around tht area. Quite reasonable price for shopping.
MEI T. 개인 여행자
China, 2013년 9월 26일 목요일
Readmit again

Great,village feel,quiet and feel safety,
guillermo C. 개인 여행자
United States of America, 2014년 6월 11일 수요일
Best hotel in PHuket Island

Friendly staff, quiet, close to beack
This is the best hotel I have stayed in Phuket. I have been in Karon, Kata and Patong many times. 12 times to be exact and this hotel surpass all the others by far. The staff was what made a difference here as they helped me and went out of their way to make my stay a more pleasant one. They helped me book tickets for shows which I got at a discount because of them. They were very honest and at the end I wish I didnt have to leave, but like all great things they must come to an end at sometime. Will be taking my wife here in a few weeks, wouldnt choose any other hotel anywhere in Phuket.
jonathan W. 개인 여행자
United Kingdom, 2013년 8월 11일 일요일
very nice room in a quiet settingi

room quality, undisturbed location, nice staff
booked here for nine nights, i'm very familiar with kata but this location was new to me so it is quite tucked away. this can be a good point but also a bad point, to me it was fine because i had a motorcycle (available to rent from reception) for me this is the way to get around in kata, but worth noting that not such good idea if you have never ridden before especially in a foreign country. there is a short cut from the back of the hotel leading to tania road i think i was told 2 min walk, here you can find shops, tuk tuks, restaurants/bars etc from there i would guess a further 5-10 min pretty flat walk to the beach. overall it was a nice stay, clean comfortable room, quiet with no traffic noise etc and i would certainly stay again
Jia S. 커플
Malaysia, 2013년 8월 1일 목요일
a place suitable for couple

friendly staff, quiet place and good service
it was a very big room, but the bathroom is a little bit small. the room is dark becoz of the light.

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