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  • BTS 푼나위티 역 (0.1 km / 도보 2분)
    주변 추천사항:
  • 쇼핑
  • 밤문화
  • 레스토랑
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  • 수완나품 국제공항 (15.5 km)
  • 돈무앙 국제공항 (25.3 km)
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  • "염가", "좋은 위치", "도움되는 직원"
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  • BITEC 방나 (2.0 km / 도보 24분)
  • 센트럴 방나 (3.4 km)
  • 통로 (5.2 km)
  • 엠포리움 쇼핑 콤플렉스 (6.4 km)

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메를린 로지 (Merlin Lodge)

2294 Sukhumvit Road, Sukhumvit 64 Bangchak , 수쿰윗, 방콕, 태국 (지도 보기)

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"1. The owner. 2.The location. 3.The Hotel..."

Jacob, India 2015년 7월 27일 월요일

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  • 공항 셔틀 서비스
  • 레스토랑
  • 룸 서비스
  • 비즈니스센터
  • 상점
  • 세탁 서비스
  • 커피숍
  • 흡연 공간


  • 와이파이(공공 장소)
  • 전 객실 무료 와이파이

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Jacob I. 연인
India, 2015년 7월 31일 금요일
Location and Hotel Team

1. The owner. 2.The location. 3.The Hotel Staff
The hotel was under renovation when we arrived and looked quite messed up. Also, basic amenities like drinking water were not always available. The hotel is located in a residential area. Having said that, the owner of the place, his team made up for all the shortfalls in service due to the ongoing renovations and upgrades. They were absolutely fantastic and really helpful. The owner is of an Indian decent, settled in Thailand and can speak Thai fluently as well, which can be very at times. The 2nd best thing about the hotel is the Punnawithi BTS Station located like 100 meters near the airport. This makes up for location part of the hotel and you can reach anywhere in Bangkok using the BTS and also get back safely without having to haggle with taxi drivers for fares. If you are planning to visit many places in a day, it ia advisable to take the BTS one day pass for 140 Bhat per person and get unlimited rides till 2359Hrs of that day. Although the stay was not that pleasant and the location is not that great, ie nothing much can be done around the hotel once you return, the excellent service by the owner and his team and the BTS Station at the hotel doorstep is the best thing ever!!! I am sure the hotel will be good as new in 6 months or so making the stay a pleasant one. Cheapest option we found in Bangkok to stay which was so close to the BTS making it a wise choice!!!
Peddavan S. 개인 여행자
Laos, 2015년 5월 6일 수요일
Next to the BTS

Located near the BTS station
Not hard to find the place Near the BTS Cheap than the other hotel which near the BTS station
Kartik S. 개인 여행자
India, 2015년 3월 19일 목요일
Value for money

location, owner - Mr Khurana, price
majo F. 출장객
India, 2015년 3월 15일 일요일
Very bad hotel
Very bad
mary M. 연인
United States of America, 2015년 4월 17일 금요일
BTS at the end of the world

location, bts, bed
I booked this place because it is right next to a BTS but the station it is near is almost at the end of the line and is about a 100 B ride away from any other place you want to go. The reception area smelled a bit like sewage. Also if you return when the doors are locked you have to phone someone to let you into the lobby because you don't get a key to the building, only your room. highlights: The staff was super nice - they speak perfect English as well and Chinese, and the room was decently clean.
Steve H. 개인 여행자
United States of America, 2015년 3월 8일 일요일
Dirty but Fine for a night

Location to airport, Price, Hot Water
This was fine for catching a few hours of sleep before a BKK flight, but I wouldn't stay here any longer. The rooms was dirty (toilet was still full of previous guests' waste, hadn't been flushed!), it took 40 minutes to actually get into my room (I arrived at 4:30 PM), and it's far away from most nightlife. Owner was friendly but still not a good place to stay for more than a night.
Tey W. 개인 여행자
Malaysia, 2015년 3월 6일 금요일
Terrible. Room is dirty.
Tim P. 그룹 여행객
New Zealand, 2015년 2월 21일 토요일
Huge potential - Huge Letdown

Owner was nice and helpful with attractions things to do. Punnawithi Train Station just 1minute walk away
Arriving at the airport we were dissapointed our airport transfer we booked didnt show , we rang numerous times but no answer. It only got worse from there. We had to catch a bus, train and then taxi to find the place. It is cluttered, damp and smelly. We were offered a room on a lower floor when we arrived but it wasnt ready so we hung out in an upstairs room. We went out for hours came back and it wasnt done. We sat downstairs in wifi area while the maid did it - she must have been in the wrong room because we still had a dirty bathroom. We ended up cleaning it ourselves needing a shower after waiting allday. She must have been new we never seen her again. We continously asked for toilet paper, towels, blankets, pillows which we never got. The owner was a lovely man and very helpful but well out of his depth with short term memory loss. This place has a great location right on BTS train station but lower floors can be noisy.
Benjamin S. 개인 여행자
Malaysia, 2015년 2월 20일 금요일
Not the best but far from the worst

Location next to BTS, budget price, friendly owner.
Conveniently located next to BTS Punnawithi - take exit 4 which will bring you right to Soi 64, turn right into Soi 64, and it is just a few metres down the soi on your right. Room was fine - tv, aircon, hot shower were all ok. Just one plug point in the room (for the tv). Towel was hung casually in the bathroom which made me think it was a used towel at first, but it was dry with a freshly-laundered scent. Road noise was an issue, but I was exhausted each night I was there so it didn't stop me from falling asleep. Nice firm bed. Firm enough pillows which lost its shape over time, but far better than the too-soft ones many places use. Friendly owner, but other guests were a bit loud at the time.
Joseba K. 개인 여행자
Spain, 2014년 8월 21일 목요일
Need to improve

The owner is awesome but the rooms needs a lot of work and there is nothing around in the area.

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