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마이 시티 호텔 (My City Hotel)

Vana-Posti 11/13, 탈린 올드 타운, 탈린, 에스토니아 10146 (지도 보기)

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구 호텔명 : My City Hotel
아주 좋음
  • 지역: Location: 탈린 올드 타운
  • 객실수 : 76

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    전 세계 450,000 여 개 호텔
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전체 이용후기 (16)
Selcuk G. 연인 Turkey, 2013년 8월 17일
Good location friendly staff

We very much liked our stay in My City Hotel.Everything was perfect.I only comment on the lack of DC outs in the room.There was only one beside one bed and one at the entrance to the bathroom close to the floor.In our dsys where people travel with all kinds iof electronic equipment this is not enough.Also the room size is a little bit small.
Terhi A. 연인 Finland, 2010년 8월 6일
Nice room, no air-conditioning

near shops and restaurants
Room was nice and clean, but without air-conditioning. The weather was very warm, so we tried to keep the window open, but during night, there were people who sat on the square outside the hotel and kept shouting and screaming for hours.
Stiina L. 그룹 여행객 Finland, 2010년 2월 28일
Don't go!

The common facilities were fresh an beautiful as well as the building outside. The hotel made a favorable first impression. Nice crew!
About Domina Inn, Tallinn: The common facilities were fresh an beautiful as well as the building outside. The hotel made a favorable first impression. The hotel crew give us a cosy room which was unluckily for smokers (we could't even imagine that in Tallinn smoking room could be considered as the normal option) and we had to ask for chance to non-smoking room which was easily organized. The non-smoking rooms were located only to the upper 5th floor (that was the situation during our visit because two of the floors were under construction). The roof in our room was low and sloping. The window was very small and situated 1,5 meters from the floor level so it gave no chance to see outside without standing on the bed/table. Thus the room was quite dark without lighting. The bathroom was ok, but shower gave warm water only after a long waiting time (waste of water!). The breakfast was such a huge dissappointment. The variety was quite wide but didn't suit to the four star hotel standards. Basic products, such as white and dark bread, coffee and cheese etc. were served but nothing special. The most markable negative thing was the old looking/tasting salads and vegetables, and all of the fruits had seen their best days much earlier and they should be placed to the bio-waste instead of the breakfast table! Everything cost extra althought it was a low season (on Feb 2010), e.g the usage of jacuzzi cost 300 EEK per hour. No gym/fitness room or any reasonable gym partners nearby. The crew of the hotel was relatively friendly. We saw only two other hotels guests during our 3-day stay. We have been in Tallinn for 10-15 times or so and this hotel give the biggest dissapointment compared to the expectations (pricing, reputation of the international Domina hotel chain, internet pages). Plus is can be given for two reasons: Location was good. The room was quiet and the heating system worked just properly.

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  • 관광
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  • Apollo Book Shop (0.4 킬로미터 / 도보 5분)
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