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내추라 비스타 (Natura Vista)

G. Hornijas St. Barangay San Pedro, Bingag, Dauis, Panglao Island, 팡라오섬 다우이스, 보홀, 필리핀 6339 (지도 보기)

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내추라 비스타 보홀 - 호텔 인테리어 내추라 비스타 보홀 - 호텔 인테리어 내추라 비스타 보홀 - 해변 내추라 비스타 보홀 - 해변 내추라 비스타 보홀 - 호텔 인테리어 내추라 비스타 보홀 - 해변 내추라 비스타 보홀 - 수영장 내추라 비스타 보홀 - 레크레이션 시설 내추라 비스타 보홀 - 호텔 외부구조 내추라 비스타 보홀 -  정원 내추라 비스타 보홀 -  정원 내추라 비스타 보홀 -  정원 내추라 비스타 보홀 -  주변환경 내추라 비스타 보홀 -  주변환경 내추라 비스타 보홀 - 수영장 내추라 비스타 보홀 - 게스트 룸
내추라 비스타 보홀 - 게스트 룸 내추라 비스타 보홀 - 호텔 외부구조 내추라 비스타 보홀 -  주변환경 내추라 비스타 보홀 -  정원 내추라 비스타 보홀 - 호텔 외부구조
지역: 팡라오섬 다우이스 객실 수: 6

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정렬 기준:
Yvonne V. 연인 Canada, 2015년 3월 2일
Natural Vista

Staff, ambience, price
Pleasant surprise after driving down dirt road. The staff were great. Like a little oasis.
Shelley V. 유아 동반 가족 Philippines, 2014년 7월 4일
Great place to stay

Food, Service, Tranquility
Great place, greater service. A lil out of the way but worth it. Not beach front but there is a beach 2mins away (by walking). Staff was excellent, food was great (ingredients from their own garden)
Anthony A. 어린이 동반 가족 Switzerland, 2014년 4월 23일
Can't get better!

Staff, Location and a personal Experience
We enjoyed our stay so much that if we ever visit Bohol again then we'll definately stay at Natuta Vista again!
Ariana A. 어린이 동반 가족 Switzerland, 2014년 4월 17일
great stay, good food, very friendly people

the service was excellent, very attentive and friendly personnel. simple, but very good food. very peaceful surroundings, great to relax.
There was a mix up with our room when we arrived. The manager was very understanding and we were reimbursed the same day. The personnel was very friendly, the rooms simple but well-kept and clean, the food excellent. The resort next to Natura Vista is perfect to go for the day. The pools are nice and the private beach is wonderful. The excursions can end up being quite pricy, especially the island hopping one. We definitely recommend this place to people who want to spend time in nature and enjoy the laid back atmosphere. great for kids!
Christina N. 그룹 여행객 United States of America, 2013년 12월 28일
Really comfortable with a great staff

Staff, Location, Charm
My stay at Natura Vista was great! The staff was very warm and welcoming and always made sure we were happy. Natura Vista is a really cute place for a great price. Some of our drivers had some difficulty finding it because it's quite hidden but it's location is part of what made our stay so great. Would definitely stay here again if visiting Panglao Island again.
Vernice M. 그룹 여행객 Philippines, 2013년 6월 25일
A home away from home.

Budget-friendly, nice staff, comfortable room
Miguel P. 그룹 여행객 Philippines, 2013년 5월 1일
my stay was very upleasant,location incovenient

food and service sucks, the location is very inconvenient. far from the airport and the room is very untidy. what a waste of money. will never recommend to anyone.
Salvatorre G. 그룹 여행객 Philippines, 2013년 4월 3일
Like disappearing into a enchanting sanctuary..

Tranquil, Attentive, Clean
We originally chose this hotel because it's close to the luxurious Panglao Island Nature Resort. The hotel was too expensive so we chose this very affordable Natura Vista so we can easily walk to PINR & avail their minimal day tour of P550, consumable. After checking in however, we almost forgot about the luxurious nearby resort. We liked that Natura Vista is small because we got to hangout with other guests & the staffs were also able to easily attend to our requests. Customer service was actually very impressive. We were served with refreshing welcome drinks as soon as we arrived, breakfast, & even cute souvenirs before we left. Rooms were cozy and comfortable, with wooden beds, private bath with hot & cold shower, aircon, and TV with usb port. The whole place has some sort of quaint, nostalgic vibe to it. It was enchanting, very clean, & peaceful.We also availed the fishing tour with the local fishermen - the staff cooked the small fishes that we caught into a delicious soup which we enjoyed during our meal. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wish to experience the rural side of Bohol, relax or bond with loved ones, families, and friends.
Chi H. 연인 China, 2013년 3월 14일

Julirose G. 연인 Philippines, 2013년 3월 4일
Customer Satisfaction is number 1

staff, offers and services, quiet
Natura Vista hotel's priority is to make sure that the guests are comfortable during their stay in the hotel. We were welcomed with some sparkling grape juice to celebrate our first wedding anniversary! I really appreciated it because we didn't plan anything special for our anniversary because both of us were really busy. The gesture was very kind of them. The hotel makes you feel immersed with the local neighborhood as the fisherman's boats are docked on the nearby beach. It is very quiet and secluded, which I consider as an escape from the normal hectic life. Miss Queenie is particularly attentive to the guests' needs and the staff provides a personalized service, which makes their hotel great!

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내추라 비스타 보홀내추라 비스타 보홀 - 호텔 인테리어내추라 비스타 보홀 - 호텔 인테리어내추라 비스타 보홀 - 해변내추라 비스타 보홀 - 해변내추라 비스타 보홀 - 호텔 인테리어내추라 비스타 보홀 - 해변내추라 비스타 보홀 - 수영장내추라 비스타 보홀 - 레크레이션 시설 내추라 비스타 보홀 - 호텔 외부구조내추라 비스타 보홀 -  정원내추라 비스타 보홀 -  정원내추라 비스타 보홀 -  정원내추라 비스타 보홀 -  주변환경내추라 비스타 보홀 -  주변환경내추라 비스타 보홀 - 수영장내추라 비스타 보홀 - 게스트 룸내추라 비스타 보홀 - 게스트 룸내추라 비스타 보홀 - 호텔 외부구조내추라 비스타 보홀 -  주변환경내추라 비스타 보홀 -  정원내추라 비스타 보홀 - 호텔 외부구조