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노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 (Novotel Wellington Hotel)

133-137 The Terrace, 웰링턴 센트럴, 웰링턴, 뉴질랜드 (지도 보기)

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노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 입구 노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 리셉션 노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 리셉션 노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 호텔 인테리어 노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 로비 노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 호텔 인테리어 노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 게스트 룸 노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 게스트 룸 노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 게스트 룸 노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 게스트 룸 노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 게스트 룸 노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 헬스장 노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 식당 노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 식당 노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 식당 노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 식당
노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 미팅 룸 노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 미팅 룸
지역: 웰링턴 센트럴 객실 수: 139

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Jenny H. 연인 New Zealand, 2015년 3월 15일
lovely experience

This hotel was clean, modern, comfortable and in a perfect location. Thank you very much.
Fabulous stay. Will definitely be back and would recommend to others.
Peter M. 개인 여행자 Australia, 2015년 2월 23일
My Stay

Robin T. 유아 동반 가족 New Zealand, 2015년 2월 22일
dropping my daughter to Victoria

nice sheets and comfortable bed
All good and very central
Trevor L. 연인 New Zealand, 2015년 2월 15일
A Novotel Weekend

The food was great, meticulous attention to detail, staff ever-helpful
Very enjoyable and relaxing
Rebekah C. 연인 New Zealand, 2015년 2월 8일
sleepless and hungry in wellington

the staff where very nice we cant think of another two
On arrival to the hotel we met the front staff who where very helpfull and informative.we got to our room and it was very small and the promised harbour views was just a view of a building,we tried to sleep the first night and the bed was so uncomfortable we only got a few hours sleep each night we stayed and upon waking up we had a lot of pain in our backs it was like there had been 5 sumo wrestlers sleeping in the bed everyday for a year before we got to sleep in it. The mattress was very lumpy it was not up to standard especially for the price we paid for the room ($750.00) for 3 nights.we did try breakfast once all the hot food was cold soggy and tasteless except for the saugages tasted like they where gone off plus the coffee tasted like dirty dish water and the bread for the toast was hard.we will not be staying here again and wouldnt even recommend to someone we didn't like.
Kevin W. 그룹 여행객 New Zealand, 2015년 1월 26일

cleanliness, welcoming staff, spectacular location
It was fantastic, i loved everything about it.. i wish there was some sort of loyal customer special, because i will never stay at another hotel again.. thanks again
Krystal G. 연인 Australia, 2015년 1월 18일
Great access to Lambton Quay and attractions

location to Lambton Quay, comfort and modern
We had a great stay at the Novotel Wellington. It had direct access down to Lambton Quay and was in walking distance to all the shopping and nearby sites. The rooms were clean and very comfortable and although WiFi is not free in the rooms, you can access the internet in the lobby for free. Overall staff were nice and it was comfortable.
Tanya C. 어린이 동반 가족 Australia, 2015년 1월 8일
Great location, comfortable beds- expensive wifi

Location, comfortable beds
Sarah M. 연인 New Zealand, 2015년 1월 7일
Great deal

Valet parking, room quality, value for money
Excellent. Nothing was a hassle for the staff.
Adrian N. 어린이 동반 가족 United Kingdom, 2015년 1월 3일
A small modern hotel close to ferry terminal

Small. Modern-ish. Close to ferry terminal.
Was ok, nothing exceptional. We didnt arrive until around 6pm to catch the 930am ferry the following morning so didnt really need much. Didnt feel like any service was provided though. Hotel should be a 3 star. Its a nice, small, modern looking hotel but not sure whats underneath it. I got kind of itchy on my legs during the night, I hope it wasnt because of any bugs in the bed. Breakfast wasnt too good. Thought wifi was free but apparently had to pay $10 for the day. But overall hotel was ok as a transit hotel. It served its purpose. Rate maybe should be a little lower.

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노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 입구노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 리셉션노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 리셉션노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 호텔 인테리어노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 로비노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 호텔 인테리어노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 게스트 룸노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 게스트 룸노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 게스트 룸노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 게스트 룸노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 게스트 룸노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 헬스장노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 식당노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 식당노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 식당노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 식당노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 미팅 룸노보텔 웰링턴 호텔 웰링턴 - 미팅 룸