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팜 레지던스 인 (Palm Residence Inn)

Guerrero St.,, 다바오 시티 센터, 다바오, 필리핀 (지도 보기)

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Juhyun P. 개인 여행자 South Korea, 2012년 8월 13일
가격대비 좋은 호텔

시내 이동이 편함
다바오에 도착해서 펄팜으로 들어가기 전 하루 묵은 호텔입니다. 시내에 있어서 위치가 좋았고, 주변에 이용할 만한 상점들도 괜찮았습니다. 가격도 만족스러웠습니다.
Juhyun P. 개인 여행자 South Korea, 2012년 8월 12일
가격대비 좋은 호텔

시내 위치
하루 묵으려 선택한 호텔인데, 공항에서 오기도 편했고, 주변 상점들도 괜찮았습니다. 다바오 시내가 다른 필리핀 도시에 비해서 깔끔하고 정돈된 느낌이라 시내를 보실 분들이 머무를 만하고 봅니다.
Nicole M. 어린이 동반 가족 Philippines, 2014년 6월 7일
good location

affordable, friendly staff, accessible
Magtangol H. 연인 Philippines, 2014년 4월 2일
A Momnumental Waste of Time and Money

close to a B class mall; cabs dont know the place but say San Pedro College and it will be easier; generally quiet despite location
On the whole, nothing spectacular. It is like renting a dormitory with strict landlords who wont even allow a minute extra of room time even if your flight is way late into the night. The facade is busy because there is a 24 hour bakery, a pharmacy and cheap coffee joint that draws in all sorts of people. The room was small and spartan and the inexpensively hewn beds creaked. There was absolutely no view from the room assigned us; just the back wall of a decrepit building that was closely attached to the hotel. In all, it seemed like a fire trap.nFortheprice one pays, it is best to find other places to stay in.
Keng C. 개인 여행자 Malaysia, 2014년 3월 21일
Free and Easy short breakaway trip

close to food and shopping and taxis available outside
Nothing much to expect from this hotel. There is no safe deposit box even in the front desk. They do have electronic card access doors though. Free WIFI is only available outside in the lobby area. Free drinking water dispenser at the lobby.
George E. 출장객 Philippines, 2014년 1월 24일
Great stay got business done

Good location, value for money, clean
Leanna L. 그룹 여행객 Philippines, 2013년 12월 15일
Budget hotel

Cheap clean rooms, accessible and friendly staffs
Cleo D. 연인 Philippines, 2013년 12월 8일
It's just sleep and go.

Accessible, clean and affordable.
Its was just smooth and fast. We slept for just one night to attend a design conference.
Cresencio J. 유아 동반 가족 Philippines, 2013년 10월 12일

Affordable price
The hotel parking area is not sufficient to accommodate all guests. I arrived late at night, there was no more space for me to park. I was asked by the security guard to just park the car anywhere. So I parked outside the next building. At 6am, despite hanging a "DND" (Do not Disturb) on my hotel door knob, the hotel cleaner kept knocking on my door. At first, I just ignored him, but he didn't stop knocking so I have to get up from bed. He told me that the security guard asked him to wake me up because I have to transfer my car which was properly parked in front of the building beside them. Wow! can't imagine these guys.
Rainer B. 개인 여행자 Germany, 2013년 8월 31일
friendly staff, clean small room, good beds

location, beds, cleanliness
The hotel gave me a quiet room. The hotel boy asked the next day if cleaning desired. The aircon runs silently in my room. It's a good simple hotel in very practical city position at still reasonable price considering that we are in the Philippines and need to measure all prices in relation to the people's income.

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