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베드 앤 블랙퍼스트 (Panglao Bed and Breakfast)

Purok 1, 빌-이산 - 팡라오 아일랜드, 보홀, 필리핀 (지도 보기)

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주변: 빌-이산 - 팡라오 아일랜드 객실 수: 4
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정렬 기준:
Smile A. 연인 Philippines, 2014년 8월 10일
Relaxing stay

attentive staff, quiet room, personalized service
Me and my boyfriend stayed recently here. We had a truly wonderful and relaxing stay. The staff was super friendly, client oriented and super attentive. Though the place is located a bit far from the action on the island, they can provide transportation for you at a price. Ms nancy, was very kind to suggest our country-side and sea trip. Panglao island is just a 5-minutes drive. We loved our stay and if we ever go back to Bohol, we will definitely stay here again.
Paul M. 그룹 여행객 United Kingdom, 2014년 6월 27일
Home from home. Very friendly.

Nice clean rooms. Very friendly. Very quiet , but fairly close to beaches.
Had a very good time there, will try to visit again soon.
Kamran B. 연인 Pakistan, 2014년 4월 21일
it was an amazing experience. boy was an excellent

swimming pool, breakfast, cleanliness
it was very good. Boy is one of the best host i ever met. Best part was his exceptional help on every part. we came late and entered in pool. he welcomed but turning on lights and filtering system of pool. we showed our interest to find a pacakge and he helped us to get one on 1/2 of market price. Not only this, he took us in his own car in morning to boat without any additional cost. He actually were always ahead of us our expectations of hospitality. A must try!!
Aimi H. 그룹 여행객 Japan, 2014년 4월 19일
This is one of great hostel

Nice and friendly staff,Good breakfast,Cozy room
All staff are nice and friendly. Owner,House clearner and Driver,who has a good hospitality. I really recomend this B&B.
Ronnie M. 연인 United States of America, 2014년 2월 14일
Nice Hotel, Short Stay

Friendly, Affordable, Quiet
We stay here for a few nights as we explored Panglao. The staff is so incredibly friendly and welcoming. They also give great deals for drivers and tour packages. They were much less expensive than most of the touts you will find right outside of the ferry docks. While not right on the beach, it is close enough and the money saved staying here makes it a great deal. I would gladly go back.
Zyrah B. 개인 여행자 Australia, 2014년 1월 19일
Friendly and accommodating

Breakfast, Value for Money, Helpfulness
I spent a weekend in Bohol solo. They, Boy, helped me organise my whole trip made sure I got the most of my time there at a good price. They looked after me and everyone was really friendly. Breakfast was amazing. I would recommend Panglao Bed and Breakfast to anyone who wants to go to Bohol,it's the next best thing to a 5 star hotel.
Li C. 어린이 동반 가족 China, 2013년 12월 30일
so friendly

John F. 유아 동반 가족 Philippines, 2013년 12월 16일
Great value for money

Friendly and attentive staff, clean hotel, very affordable
Our stay at Panglao Bed and Breakfast made our trip in Bohol a more enjoyable one and hassle free. We rented the whole villa which made our stay privately exclusive for our family. The owner of the hotel is very friendly and attentive. He shares his ideas/suggestions to maximize our schedule and save our money. They have a car for rent which is very affordable with a very attentive driver. The hotel is clean and the foods for breakfast are great. I would definitely recommend this place for those who wanted to visit Bohol.
Shu W. 그룹 여행객 China, 2013년 10월 4일
great stay here

it has been 2 weeks since we came back from Bohol, but i still miss the stay in Panglao Bed and Breakfast. we are a group of 8,so we shared the whole villa. the villa was so private,lovely,tidy that made us feel like at home. Mr Boy,the owner,were always trying to meet our needs.when we told him we wanted to have a city tour in cebu,he called his friend in cebu to arrange a van for us and helped to bargain over the price for us .we really appreciate it. if you have any problem, tell Mr.boy , i am sure he will help you. i am so sorry to hear that an earthquake occurred around cebu,which also brought lots of damages to the Bohol sland. I wish Mr. boy and his lovely house can be all right.
Gracita B. 연인 Philippines, 2013년 9월 14일
The hotel staff and owner were great.

1. Accommodating staff and owner 2. Great breakfast 3. Th place was so peaceful and quiet.
I feel rejuvenated after the vacation. The place had a homey vibe and we were treated like royalty.

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