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수쿤 발리 코티지 (Sukun Bali Cottages)

Jalan. Danau Poso No. 102, 사누르, 발리, 인도네시아 (지도 보기)

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  • 지역: 사누르
  • 객실수 : 22
  • 무료 Wifi

  • 최고의 가치
    모든 호텔 최저가 보장
  • 풍부한 선택
    전 세계 600,000 여 개 호텔
  • 한국어 및 기타 12개 언어
    지원 제공
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수쿤 발리 코티지 에는 내 집같이 편안하고 안락한 객실이 총 22 개가 있습니다. 세련되게 꾸며진 침실에서 편의를 위해 대부분의 객실에서 금연 객실, 냉장고, 에어컨, 객실내 안전 금고, TV 같은 시설을 제공합니다. 바쁜날을 보낸 여러분의 긴장을 풀수 있도록 정원, 수영장 (어린이용), 수상 스포츠, 실외 수영장 같은 환상적인 시설을 제공합니다. 수쿤 발리 코티지 숙박시설은 어떤 이유로 발리에 방문하셔도 지내기에 탁월한 곳 입니다.
발리 도시의 해변, 레스토랑, 쇼핑 지역에 위치해 있으며, 수쿤 발리 코티지 숙박시설은 바쁜 일상을 뒤로하고 편안하게 쉴 수 있기 좋은 곳 입니다. 도심에서 겨우 10. Km 거리 ... 더보기
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공항 환승 서비스 요금
150000 IDR

아침 식사 요금(객실 요금에 포함되지 않은 경우)
50000 IDR

체크인 시작시간
2:00 PM

체크아웃 마감시간
12:00 AM

도심까지의 거리
10. Km

공항까지의 거리
20. Km

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총 객실 수

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12:00 PM

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정렬 기준:
Glenda C. 유아 동반 가족 Australia, 2015년 1월 8일
SuJin Bali

The pool and the staff
Great base quite had the pool to ourselves most of the time. Rooms are basic but we never spent much time there so not a worry for us.
Haryadi H. 어린이 동반 가족 Indonesia, 2015년 1월 1일
Good place and location

location is good, not too crowed, quite place and good traffic
all family like to stay here
Kent M. 개인 여행자 Canada, 2014년 11월 8일
Great service.

as above
Great staff & good rooms. Breakfast needs improvements. I'd stay there again.
Sandra H. 연인 Australia, 2014년 9월 6일
Stained dirty bedding

the pool and the goldfish in the outside pond
Really poor. We were offered a lovely bathroom through Agoda for an extra fee, which we accepted and paid for. When we arrived we were told that this room was not available and got put in a room with a mouldy, dank smelly bathroom. Mould was growing halfway up the bathroom door. The only nice thing about the room was the hand painted ceiling. The bedding was dirty with big blotches of mystery stains. This hotel is seriously run down. Would never recommend this place to anyone, ever.
Peter T. 연인 Australia, 2014년 8월 28일
Good position in south Sanur

Peaceful, quiet, position
A little tired and in need of a makeover. Grounds were unkept, pool lounges in need of repair and breakfast miserable. Otherwise room was clean and comfortable and staff friendly . I think you can find better accommodation around same price in Sanur.
Esther M. 어린이 동반 가족 Switzerland, 2014년 7월 18일
2 weeks at Sukun Bali cottages-almost perfect

Great location as close to shops,restaurants and Spa's. Not too far from Beach as we rode bicycles everywhere. A wee walk if it's hot but not impossible. The Hotel was quite, had the pool to ourselves
Graham M. 연인 Australia, 2014년 7월 12일
stayed for 16 nights. very enjoyable.

The rooms were comfortable although not luxurious. The grounds were maintained to a high standard. The swimming pool excellent and well maintained. Meals in dining area adequate but menu not extensive
Loo F. 어린이 동반 가족 Malaysia, 2014년 6월 17일
The worst hotel I had ever stayed

Only with nice swimming pool..
I booked 3 standard rooms,however they have upgraded one of the room (which for my parents) to deluxe. Firstly, my aunt's room and I did not have hot water, according to staff we are staying bit far and the water pressure too low. We made complaint to manager and he promised to get a technician to fix it. When we got back at night they said it could not be fixed at the moment! In the end, we have to turn and take bath at my parents' room. Secondly,my washroom basin water is leaking and toilet could not flush at all!! Thirdly,my aunt requested for hair dryer and the air is not hot or warm at all..when my mom tried to get another hair dryer they said all 5 been taken! Besides,their breakfast is one set per person (small portion). The bread is not tender and quite hard. I have been traveling to lot of places and stayed at lot of hotel or hostel. I am not those fussy or high demand person, but this is out of my expectation and I feel disappointed especially I am bringing my family for traveling.
Sean E. 연인 Australia, 2014년 6월 15일
Bloody great

Staff, quiet,relaxing
It was just great
Todd T. 개인 여행자 United States of America, 2014년 6월 14일

location, food, room size
We enjoyed our stay at this resort. The room was very nice and quit large. The location was very good since it was near shopping. The staff kept the place very clean and the service was excellent. The rooms at very large but not kept up.
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  • 쇼핑
  • 해변
공항까지의 거리:
  • 응우라 라이 국제공항 (11.3 킬로미터)
고객 이용후기:
  • "아름다운 정원" , "친절한 직원" , "훌륭한 수영장"
주변 관광명소:
  • Mezzanine Restaurant (0.4 킬로미터 / 도보 5분)
  • Sector Bar & Restaurant (3.2 킬로미터)
  • 사누르 비치 (3.4 킬로미터)
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