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썬데이 플라워 비치 호텔 앤 리조트 (Sunday Flower Beach Hotel and Resort)

Batiancila Street, POOC, Santa Fe, 6047, Bantayan Island, 반타얀 섬, 반타얀 섬, 필리핀 6047 (위치 확인)

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2015년 12월 2일 수요일 - 2015년 12월 4일 금요일 | 2박
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베스트 셀러 – 한정객실!
베이직 (Basic)
시간제한 할인상품! 20% 할인된요금!
USD 33.19
예약 조건
현재 남은 객실 2개
베이직 (Basic)
USD 41.49
예약 조건
현재 남은 객실 2개
디럭스 에어컨 (Deluxe Double Air Conditioning)
시간제한 할인상품! 20% 할인된요금!
USD 48.28
예약 조건
현재 남은 객실 3개
디럭스 에어컨 (Deluxe Double Air Conditioning)
USD 60.35
예약 조건
현재 남은 객실 3개
트리플 에어컨 (Deluxe Triple Air Conditioning)
시간제한 할인상품! 20% 할인된요금!
USD 54.31
예약 조건
마지막 특가 객실!
트리플 에어컨 (Deluxe Triple Air Conditioning)
USD 67.89
예약 조건
마지막 특가 객실!
아파트먼트 (Apartment)
시간제한 할인상품! 15% 할인된요금!
USD 82.70 64.12
예약 조건
마지막 특가 객실!
아파트먼트 (Apartment)
USD 82.70 75.43
예약 조건
마지막 특가 객실!

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반타얀 섬에 위치한 호텔의 장점은 비할데 없는 서비스와 오락 시설이 마련되어 있는 것입니다. 호텔은 어마어마한 배열의 서비스를 제공하며 그 외에 24시간 경비 서비스, 일일 청소 서비스, 식료품 배달 서비스, 휠체어 접근가능, 택시 서비스도 제공합니다

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South Korea, 2013년 12월 18일 수요일
해변이 바로 앞에 있어요

직원들 서비스가 좋아요,발달된 도시에 있는 직원들이라서 그런지 다들 잘생기고 몸매도 좋아요.시설도 좋구요.인터넷도 완전 빨라요
boreum C. 연인
South Korea, 2012년 9월 5일 수요일
비치뷰가 좋았던 리조트

바로앞에 바다가 있음
리조트 근처에 아무것도 없어서 불편했는데 리조트 바로 앞에 비치가 있는건 좋았어요 편하게 하루 묵을때 좋은 호텔이였던것 같구요 항구랑 가까워서 좋았어오
James B. 연인
United Kingdom, 2015년 8월 23일 일요일
Stay in Bantayan Island

Location - Value for money - Staff
Me and my partner booked for 4 nights at Sunday Flower and we were very happy with our stay. The staff were very accommodating upon our arrival and rented us their motorbike for a decent rate of 250 peso a day (around $5 USD). Our room was nice and clean and had an amazing view of the sea. Value for money was great at Sunday Flower. The resort is only a few minutes from Sante Fe centre where all the restaurants and bars are. The 1 thing that wasn't great was the food. They either didn't have it available or it wasn't great. I would recommend eating in the town. I would definitely recommend renting a bike and riding around the island to the nature park and caves. Overall I would rate our stay 8/10 and would definitely stay again.
Emir M. 연인
Slovenia, 2015년 3월 8일 일요일
Nice room on the beach

Location, 50m to the beach
It was a nice stay in that area since the apartment stands almost on the beach.
Carlo D. 그룹 여행객
Philippines, 2015년 1월 16일 금요일
Daisy Made our stay FANTASTIC!

Quality Service and Best Accomodation
I could say one of the best and cheapest accommodation I ever had as a traveler. The room given to us was a home. It was almost complete. We had living room, kitchen, backdoor kitchen, dinning table, with flat screen TV and personal Wi-Fi. 1 big bed room with 2 beds. 2 CR. 1 at the back. The one inside the room was with Hot and cold shower. The only thing that missing was a refrigerator. The entire resort was clean except on the right side facing the sea which is a residential area. Probably not the best location. 10-15mins away from the port. If you want to swim walk on the most left side of Sta fe. (KOTA BEACH) that's the best part of Sta fe. Daisy was beyond fantastic. She made our stay really fun. She can do everything. She cooked for us, clean the room. manage the reception area, We always have a funny talks with her, she is also a concierge if you need anything she will call her contacts e.g massage, bike rental, mineral water, etc. The management was very lucky to have you! Cheers for Daisy!
Clinton C. 개인 여행자
United Kingdom, 2014년 11월 30일 일요일
Beautiful location

Location, staff and quiet
jun M. 연인
Philippines, 2014년 10월 7일 화요일
Nice Staff but not the best location

Room is big
The room is pretty clean and well maintained. However I am a bit disappointed about the location, as I was expecting that there is exclusivity on the premises and the beach is clean. Contrary to what I saw in the pictures and the comment reviews. Also the wifi that they provide could not reach inside our rooms, so its useless.
Bala V. 연인
Australia, 2014년 8월 13일 수요일
Beach front Resort, Good food, Clean Comfy Room

Beach front Resort, Good food, Clean Comfy Room
Beach front Resort, Good food, Clean Comfy Room. had a nice stay. good value.
DANNO M. 개인 여행자
Philippines, 2015년 4월 17일 금요일
just enough

location, accessibility
Ma. S. 유아 동반 가족
Philippines, 2014년 6월 21일 토요일
Affordable & nice location

With beach front and white sand beach staff are very accomodating
We enjoy our stay there specially the kids beacause the sand is really white sand compare to boracay , They allow us to check in early with out additional charge, the price is very affordable!

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