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  • 산 어거스틴 버스 터미널 (2.8 킬로미터)
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  • "깨끗함 ", "편리한 위치", "합리적인 가격"
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  • Bag of Beans Restaurant (0.1 킬로미터 / 도보 2분)
  • Buon Giorno (0.3 킬로미터 / 도보 4분)
  • Leslie's Restaurant (1.0 킬로미터 / 도보 12분)
  • 카이부부통 스프링 (1.1 킬로미터 / 도보 14분)

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따가이따이 헤이븐 호텔 - 멘데즈 (Tagaytay Haven Hotel - Mendez)

Mendez Crossing, 멘데즈, 따가이따이, 필리핀 4121 (지도 보기)

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"hmn the room :) it quiet spacious even it's just a studio..."

jessica, Philippines 2015년 9월 12일 토요일
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sanghoon A. 그룹 여행객
South Korea, 2015년 8월 18일 화요일
이런 호텔 더는 없습니다

다시는 이런 호텔에 있고 싶지 않네요 물도 안나오고 방에 창문도 없고 냉장고 컵 등도 없는 옷장은 다 부셔저서 있고 샴푸나 칫솔은 기대도 하지 마시구요. 해두해두 너무 한다는 생각이 들 정도로 방 상태가 않좋았습니다. 꼭 감옥에 있다 옷 듯한 기분이였습니다. 다시는 이 호텔에 근처도 가기 싫습니다. 최악이였습니다.
dongwoog W. 개인 여행자
South Korea, 2014년 6월 11일 수요일
가격대비 괜찬은 곳입니다 급ㅎ게 저렴하게 잡았는데 오래된 호텔이라 냄새 조금 났구요

졸리비 바로뒤 ,시내에서 가까움 도로 안쪽이라 소음은 심하지 않습니다
전체 적으로 깨끗하고 가격 저렴하며 시내 중심지에 있고 대중교통이 편리 합니다 단점은 작고 약간의 냄새와 복도의 소음 정도내요 직원들 친절 합니다 와이파이는 로비에서만 가능했습니다
nayoung S. 개인 여행자
South Korea, 2012년 1월 30일 월요일
작고 깔끔

작고 깔끔하고.. 가깝고.. 잠만 자고 가기에는 괜찮은 듯 그런데 옆방 티비소리가 너무 크게 들려서 잠을 설쳤어요.
jessica A. 연인
Philippines, 2015년 9월 13일 일요일
big and comfy room

hmn the room :) it quiet spacious even it's just a studio type..
comfy..medyo malayo nga lang sya from the city pero okay naman na..and malapit sya sa bag of beans :)
Karen C. 개인 여행자
Philippines, 2015년 9월 8일 화요일
Terrible Service

main road location
I booked 2 nights at this hotel for an employee, and this was her experience. First night - TV and aircon in the room did not work. A technician came to check on the problem but couldn't fix it. He left to "get some tools" but did not go back. As it was close to midnight, my employee decided to sleep and complain in the morning. Next day - Upon request, reception agreed to transfer my employee to another room. As she needed to go to work, she did not check if the new room was in order. When she got back to the new room that night, the water heater and the aircon were not working. Only the TV worked. Again a technician came to check on the problem, but couldn't fix it. No one was manning the reception so my employee could not complain and request for a room change. She showered in ice cold water and slept without aircon. She told me it was her worst experience in a tagaytay hotel. Suffice it to say that I will NEVER book this hotel for her or for anyone again.
venice G. 유아 동반 가족
Philippines, 2015년 8월 31일 월요일
service did not match expectations

near jollibee and ministop
First, the hotel was REALLY FAR from the city proper. We had the worst experience commuting from the tagaytay public market to the hotel. Second, I was asked to pay the early check-in fee of 350/hr on our first day. They called us at around 9pm just to settle the amount. Why not collect all the charges upon checkout just like any other hotel?? Third, there were 3 receptionists in the desk but only one knew what to do with the transactions. So you have to wait for the knowledgeable receptionist to finish her transaction with other clients before she starts with you. Fourth, no hair blower available. Fifth, the complimentary drinks have to be requested. They should have put it in the room before check-in.
Kristian D. 연인
Philippines, 2015년 9월 1일 화요일
good hotel for overnight stay

location, friendly staff, cable tv
Over all it is good. Quite place far from the crowded Tagaytay spots. One negative thing is that the walls are not sound proof... you can here chats from other room and movements on the hallway.
Joanne L. 유아 동반 가족
Philippines, 2015년 8월 27일 목요일
Good for families with kids since they have pool

Covered pool, jacuzzi, near Jollibee where you can buy meals for kids (they have a bridge connecting the hotel straight to Jollibee)
Breakfast buffet was ok. The staff will put the on your plate which is a bit off since its a buffet. No food to order on that day at the hotel. Not sure if its because of the typhoon. Good place to stay if your with kids coz they have a covered pool which is very nice. They can swim without getting dark. There's a jacuzzi if u wanna relax. I also had a massage which is affordable 300 per hour. I didn't get to try their sauna coz they're renovating it. Bed was comfy with clean sheets n comforter. Clean bathroom. There's just a problem with the water supply on our first night. It was sooooo slow. But they fixed it. Wide patio but no view. There's a bridge connecting the hotel going straight to Jollibee so kids will really enjoy the place. Overall, it's worth what paid for.
Allen C. 연인
Philippines, 2015년 8월 23일 일요일
I didn't get what I pay for

Location, Staff, and Parking
There's a low water pressure when using bathroom, Room flooring is also dirty, The aircon in room has also a leak.
fifriana S. 유아 동반 가족
Indonesia, 2015년 8월 16일 일요일
Old fashion hotel


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