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양호 6.6
이용후기 120건

아고다 이용회원 100% 생생리뷰

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이용후기 120개
  • 숙소 위생 상태 6.5
  • 부대시설 6.3
  • 위치 7.2
  • 객실의 편안함 6.7
  • 직원 태도 6.6
  • 가격 대비 6.6
  • 음식 및 레스토랑 6.1

5 Bin L.
2015년 8월 11일 화요일
TIT rating
Location and staff
OK but hotel is degrading with too many tourist guest, run down ! Good for tourist not business people.

2.7 Alice W.
2015년 7월 15일 수요일
Old hotel
Location , Big Room

2.3 Alice W.
2015년 7월 15일 수요일
Old Hotel
Location , near to eating place , Big room
just an old hotel

4.7 Monthiga T.
2015년 6월 23일 화요일
Very old

6 Malcolm H.
2015년 5월 23일 토요일
It's not good as I expected
Location, staff,
It's ok

7.3 Roy A.
2015년 5월 4일 월요일
Enjoyable experience!
Comfortable stay, clean and spacious room, everything working in the room. Lots of places to eat Thai food, from the street stalls to food courts and restaurants.
Enjoyable. Relaxing. Quiet neighborhood. Value for money, even if it is at a distance from the center of Bangkok or where most of the must-see places are located.

5.3 Bin L.
2015년 2월 28일 토요일
Conditions of Hotel is getting from bad to worst, barely any convenientce and comfort for the guest in mind, a package tour hotel more appropriately rated.

7.7 Brian C.
2015년 2월 27일 금요일
softer bed was nice
cleaning time quite and aircon
3 nights was very good then for 4 nights A few younger people had party but ok The older man with the gorgeous you girl I could hear him giving her a good pounding

7.3 Dominic O.
2015년 1월 5일 월요일
Good and affordable
Large room, affordable and clean
memorable because my love was with me and the hotel is clean and nice

7 wen L.
2014년 12월 19일 금요일
Still okay
Big room,big refrigerator,service
everything is goOd..great roOm,spacious