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투 빌라 홀리데이 : 오리엔탈 스타일 나이 한 비치 (Two Villas Holiday: Oriental Style Nai Harn Beach)

95/75 Moo 7, Saiyuan-Kata Road, T.Rawai, Muang, 나이한, 푸켓, 태국 83000

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2016년 2월 9일 화요일 - 2016년 2월 11일 목요일 | 2박
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HYE H. 유아/아동 동반 가족
South Korea, 2016년 1월 19일 화요일
조용하고 매우 프라이빗한 풀빌라

한적하고 여유로운 공간감, 아침에 메이드가 와서 차려주는 아침식사, 놀기에 충분한 풀 사이즈와 깊이
한국업체에서 예약한 픽업차량이 투빌라 숙소 사무실을 못찾고 엄청 헤맸어요. 엄청 유명하고 누구나 다는 숙소는 아닌가봐요. 나이한 비치가 이름에 들어가 있기는 한데 바닷가는 차로 10분인가 걸려요. 한적한 시골 동네 한 구석에 있는 고급주택가 같은 인상이었어요. 방도 욕실도 거실도 다 널찍널찍하고 깨끗하고 편안했어요. 다만 수영장의 나무데크가 좀 오래되서 군데 군데 썩어있는 게 좀 거슬렸을 뿐. 숙소 사무실과 숙소의 거리가 꽤 떨어져 있는 편이라 체크인 할 때 주는 휴대폰으로 전화해서 뭘 물어보거나 부탁할 수 있는데요, 다음 날 아침 메뉴도 전화로 부탁하면 돼요. 그러면 다음 날 지정한 시간 전에 메이드가 직접 와서 아침을 차려주고 가요. 밥 먹으로 어디 안가도 된다고 형부랑 언니가 무척 편해했어요. 전화 응대는 영어로 하니까 영어를 못하시는 분께는 추천할 수가 없는 숙소에요. 건축 연도가 좀 되었고, 리부가 별로 없어서 걱정했었는데, 깨끗하고 대체로 잘 관리되어 있어서, 한적하고 느긋한 시간을 보내기 좋은 숙소였어요.
YAT L. 그룹 여행객
Hong Kong, 2016년 1월 28일 목요일
Surprising Villas

Nice people, fantastic villas, paradise to relax
I think the noodle breadfest is so-so. The american breadfest is very delicious, only a little bit oily. I love the staffs, very nice and patient to ask me about the choices of breadfest even I was at the noisy place. The only things I don't like is the address which is hardly to find. If we do not using the van transport to reception, the car driver cannot know where it is.
lo T. 청소년 동반 가족
China, 2015년 12월 13일 일요일
Great hotel best moment

Good price great location near the beach
Very good !! We love to stay at hotel , room is big and comfortable, good location if you have car you can drive it to the beach
Pannawit E. 그룹 여행객
Thailand, 2016년 1월 9일 토요일
Nice breakfast, private location

Breakfast, Private Pool, Staff
Feel like your home during stay. Pool in villa was great. There is space beside pool for your private pool party.
evelyn C. 그룹 여행객
Singapore, 2015년 8월 2일 일요일
peaceful and quiet

peaceful, away from crowds. close to amenities if driving
Very good. Very spacious and clean place.
Sophina S. 유아/아동 동반 가족
Singapore, 2015년 5월 28일 목요일
Great stay for my family!

Very well maintained
Sophina S. 유아/아동 동반 가족
Singapore, 2015년 5월 28일 목요일
Great stay!

Spacious, clean, peaceful neighbourhood
We stayed here with 2 young kids and 2 elders. The compound was spacious enough for all of us. The 3rd bedroom is a spare guest room that isn't directly connected to the main house but well within reach. The other 2 bedrooms were huge and came with a King size bed each while the spare room had a Queen.. It was very clean throughout and It came with an option of a personal chef that would come and cook your meal on demand. Best of all, halal breakfast! Location-wise, be prepared for a 1.5 hr drive from the airport. This is the most southern tip of Phuket but the pay off is that it is less crowded here. The nearest beach, Naiharn, was perfect. Quiet, with a cluster of shops and we had our best meal on the trip in one of the rustic shops there. The supermarket was a 5 minute drive from the hotel, a row of massage shops and a selection of local eateries to choose from. There is an eatery that is opposite the main hotel lobby with excellent food as well and a quaint setting and best of all for us, halal! The best drive toward the city centre was the coastal route (Naiharn, Karon, Kata, Patong) - scenic drive that made the journey seemingly shorter. Cons: 1. Giant mozzies - not sure if they were mozzies or other bugs but my kids and I were victims to a few really big bites that lingered for at least 3 days (unfortunately on our foreheads!). Probably inevitable with a pool so we made sure we had mosquito patches on for the rest of the stay while outdoors. 2. The GPS system in the rented car wouldn't allow us to key in the address manually so it took a while for the staff at the car rental to help (apparently GPS systems in Phuket only work thru landmarks and not addresses). If you do decide to stay here then ask the hotel for directions ahead of time. Google Map worked much better at pinpointing exact locations so we had to identify the closest landmark for every destination and then rely on the phone to get to the precise location.
Hiu C. 커플
Hong Kong, 2015년 4월 23일 목요일
Injury in the Villa !!

High Privacy
I was biting by flea at the first day when I sit near the swimming pool. And the 2nd night, a CAT come to our villa, it bite me and scratch my mouth... I need to go to Phuket hopstial for surgery and need to keep go to hospital when back to HK...and now I has scars in my mouth but The villa claim "let me late check out on that dat is their compensation already" !!
eddie C. 유아/아동 동반 가족
Canada, 2015년 3월 15일 일요일
Baatarchuluun C. 그룹 여행객
Mongolia, 2015년 2월 15일 일요일
nice hotel, nice staffs

rooms, staffs, location
Really hood

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