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W 방콕 호텔 (W Bangkok Hotel)

106 North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangrak, 실롬 / 사톤, 방콕, 태국 10500 (지도 보기)

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W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 게스트 룸 W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 게스트 룸 W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 게스트 룸 W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 게스트 룸 W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 게스트 룸 W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 수영장 W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 스파 W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 스파 W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 스파 W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 스파 W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 스파 W 방콕 호텔 방콕 -  뷰티살롱 W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 헬스장 W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 헬스장 W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 팝/라운지 W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 팝/라운지
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Soyul L. 연인 South Korea, 2014년 8월 25일
무조건 떠블류

직원 트렌디 위치
소프트오프닝때 묵었을때보다는 사용감이 좀있지만 그래도 역시 떠블류는 떠블류임
Jongsoo L. 개인 여행자 South Korea, 2014년 5월 14일
w호텔 젊은 감각의 세련미 있는 호텔

젊은 느낌,깔끔한 시설,친절한 직원
방콕의 3일일정 중 하루를 묵었던 w호텔 방콕.. 방콕의 호텔들중에서 가격은 제일 비쌌는데 엄청난 차이가 있다기 보다는 아주 미묘한 차이..그런게 느껴지더라구요. 몇일간 내내 묵기 보다는 하루이틀정도 편하게 지내는게 좋을것 같구여. 나중에 기회가 된다면 다시 한번 가보고 싶네요. 물건을 놓구 왔는데 직원이 친절하게 킵해준것도 인상적이구요 ㅎㅎ
Hyo J. 개인 여행자 South Korea, 2013년 2월 9일
깔끔하고 좋았어요,,bts역도 가깝고..

위치, 부대시설, 룸 컨디션
깔끔하고 좋았어요,,bts역도 가깝고..새로 생긴지 얼마안되서 그런지 룸도 깔끔했고 수영장도 좋았습니다.
Tzu H. 연인 Singapore, 2014년 11월 17일
Best for couple

The room is simply mind blowing! The wide variety of food for breakfast and the location was very convenient
Kuo C. 출장객 Taiwan, 2014년 11월 15일
Hotel of Dynamic with Easy Access

Sun Time by the Pool, Easy Access, Effective Logistics
I returned a wrong delivery of laundry-Shirt but the charge is still in my bill. I paid when I checked out without serious check. But I think the Hotel has some responsibility too. Other than this....it was a good one as a 4 star hotel...As pool has no steam...
Stephen S. 개인 여행자 Singapore, 2014년 11월 10일
bad room

Bad room experience
Seam K. 연인 Malaysia, 2014년 11월 9일
Good location and very helpful front desk staffs

Location, attentive & very helpful front desk staffs and wide variety of buffet breakfast
Awesome.Everything is great except the mattress. It is too soft and as if no support at all.I'm not sure whether it is using posturepedic mattress from Sealy,Simmons,Serta or those famous brands. I had backache after sleeping on it for 3 nights. Also, the lounge music was too loud. I could hear the blasting music in my room located at 27th floor.
Hiwa E. 연인 United Kingdom, 2014년 11월 9일
Poor value for money

Food, Cleanliness, Decor
We stayed at the W for a weekend break. Upon arrival we were told that we had to pay 400 Baht to use WiFi in our room which we felt was a ridiculous request seeing as we had paid to stay over night. We have not stayed in any hotel be it 2 star, 3 star or 5 star that has ever requested such a thing. We have no objection to pay the money. In the grand scheme of things if you have paid for room then 400 more wont be the end of the world but it was the principle of paying extra cost for internet when no other major hotels requests it. Secondly we wanted to use the pool facilities in the afternoon. The hotel provide us with free bottles of water but we have acquired a specific taste for a brand of water. The water provided tasted like filtered water and we wanted natural water. So we took our own bottle to the pool which i can not see how it will cause any problems to a major hotel. We were told by staff that we were not allowed to drink any drink from outside under any circumstances to which we replied that surely water is fine but were told NO. Afterward every time we ordered a drink from the bar the staff were rather rude and never smiled. Finally, in the fitness room, I removed my trainers to do some stretching but was told by staff that for health and safety reasons I need to wear trainers. I was not near any equipment and I was only stretching so surely there is no health and safety involved as I can quite freely do that in any major gym i have been to. Overall, the room was clean and tidy, breakfast was very good but the above experiences ensure that I will not go back to the W.
Chun L. 개인 여행자 Hong Kong, 2014년 10월 29일
impressive experience

Nice location, great services and facilities :)
Yu-Ling L. 연인 Taiwan, 2014년 10월 19일
Fancy comfy

close to BTS, nice pool, great bed
everything is pretty good except the design of the bath room. the room I stayed in has a slide glass door for both toilet and shower. It doesnt closed, has a big gas so no matter what you do in the shower, the water splash or leak out to the whole floor. Also the sink.... so basically it's like a little pond in the bath room and we had to used up all the towel trying to dry it.

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W 방콕 호텔 방콕W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 게스트 룸W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 게스트 룸W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 게스트 룸W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 게스트 룸W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 게스트 룸W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 수영장W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 스파W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 스파W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 스파W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 스파W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 스파W 방콕 호텔 방콕 -  뷰티살롱W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 헬스장W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 헬스장W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 팝/라운지W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 팝/라운지W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 팝/라운지W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 식당W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 식당W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 식당W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 커피숍/카페W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 발코니/테라스W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 리셉션W 방콕 호텔 방콕 - 호텔 인테리어W 방콕 호텔 방콕 -  주변환경