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율리아티 하우스 (Yuliati House)

Jalan Sukma Banjar Tabesaya No.10 Peliatan, 우붓, 발리, 인도네시아 80571 (지도 보기)

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  • 지역: 우붓
  • 객실수 : 9
  • 무료 Wifi

  • 최고의 가치
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  • 풍부한 선택
    전 세계 600,000 여 개 호텔
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게스트 룸

게스트 룸

게스트 룸



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1998 지어진, 율리아티 하우스은 발리의 스마트 초이스 입니다. 호텔은 도심에서 멀지 않습니다. 약 1km 거리에 있으며 공항까지는 보통 65분 정도 걸립니다. 세니와티 갤러리, 로우 아트 갤러리, 우붓 팰리스에 근접하고 친환경 호텔에서 특별한 편안함을 맛보실 수 있습니다.

발리에 위치한 호텔의 장점은 비할데 없는 서비스와 오락 시설이 마련되어 있는 것입니다. 호텔의 손님들은 내부에 있는 룸 서비스, 베이비시팅 서비스, 자전거 대여, 24시간 룸 서비스, 공용 라운지/ TV 시청 같은 시설을 즐기실 수 있습니다.

최고 수준의 객실 시설 및 최상의 편리함을 약속해 드립니다. 일부 객실에서는 인터넷 (무선), 목욕 가운, 샤워실, 욕조, 발코니/테라스 등을 제공합니다. 호텔은 정원 등을 포함하여 다양한 종류의 여가 시설을 완벽하게 제공합니다. 율리아티 하우스 숙박시설은 관광객의 완벽한 선택이며 발리에서 번거로운 일상에서 벗어나 모든 순간이 편안한 휴식의 시간이 되도록 제공해드릴 것입니다.
1998 지어진, 율리아티 하우스은 발리의 스마트 초이스 입니다. 호텔은 도심에서 멀지 않습니다. 약 1km 거리에 있으며 공항까지는 보통 65분 정도 걸립니다. 세니와티 갤러리, ... 더보기
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공항 환승 서비스 요금
250000 IDR

체크인 시작시간
02:00 PM

체크아웃 마감시간
12:00 PM

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녜피 종교일 - 침묵의 날 (Nyepi Day)

다음 명시된 날짜들은 녜피 종교일입니다. 녜피 종교일(침묵의 날)에는 전 발리섬에서 침묵을 지킴으로 체크인 및 체크아웃을 포함한 모든 야외 활동이 불가능합니다.
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직원 태도
호텔 위생 상태
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전체 이용후기 (65)
정렬 기준:
Catherine S. 유아 동반 가족 Ireland, 2015년 1월 16일

Staff, atmosphere and breakfast
My family and I really enjoyed my stay there - will definitely come back again!
Scott H. 개인 여행자 Australia, 2014년 8월 4일
was transferred to another bungalows

clean, breakfast, location
Was transferred around corner to Jalan hanuman road. Nice bungalow and friendly staff and great breakfast, except there was foreign Buddhist group staying that decided to make chanting and drumming and bells every morning starting at 7.15am and then every sunset also. So there was no peaceful garden! I complained to the staff and then also to the Buddhist group who all said they would not make the noise till 8.30am, but they lied and just continue at 7.15am! I made 5 day booking and as soon as they was over I left.
Eiry B. 연인 United Kingdom, 2014년 7월 19일
Ok stay but not what it looks like in pictures

Good staff, good breakfast
The stay here was ok but the room didn't look like the pictures. It was clean but very old fashioned and run down but as is all of ubud. There was no flush on the toilet but the shower was hot. The staff were really friendly and helped us booking our onward journey to nusa lembongan. The breakfast was also really good with a choice of different things such as omlettes, toast and they come with fruit and tea/coffee. The staff even let us use their umbrella the one night when it was raining. The location was ok, down a street from the main strip but a fair walk to the monkey sanctuary (20-30 minutes). But run down but a good option for budget travellers.
Amy W. 개인 여행자 United States of America, 2014년 6월 13일
Nice guest house, some plumbing problems.

The breakfast, lots of variety, made upon request. The staff, friendly & attentive.
It was a nice stay. The first room I was in had a leaking sink not connected to any plumbing line, just water poured out to the floor. The bathtub in that same room was beautiful, but had a hole and instead of draining water leaked out heavily soaking the floor and getting under the tiles in the bathroom area and in the living area. Once they moved me, everything was really agreeable. Hope they get the plumbing fixed because aside from that, there were no issues.
Keiko S. 개인 여행자 Japan, 2014년 4월 20일
Very friendly and comfrotable

Their treatment is very warm and friendly with the atuthentic Baliese family atmosphere. The locaction is convenient close to the centre of Ubud.
In a traditional Baliese house, the authentic Bali life can be available. The rooms are kept clean and wi-fi access was no problem all day. I could spend the time here just as comfortably as at home. There are quite a few restaurants nearby either for the local and the international, so I could enjoy the variation every day at quite a reasonable price. Within a couple of minute walk, there is a great yoga studio in the centre. With the easy access, I could enjoy yoga every morning!
Marilyn P. 연인 France, 2014년 4월 1일
Really nice family homestay

Relaxing, good breakfast, nice staff
Really nice staff the family of yuliati homestay is always here to help. The breakfast was great. Room was simple but nice for the price. The place is very quiet so perfect to relax. Each room get its own lil terrace.The location is great because it s 5min walk from the main street and shopping but without the all the busy side of the city. The room is furnished with a cupboard to put your clothes and stuff. WIFI works really well even in te room. Bad aspect : room interior a bit old, fan not really efficient and dying. The room 6 bathroom was not really good especially the water shower system. No flushing toilet. But for a backpacker budget it s good enough. We stayed there for Nyepi and even though it´s not allowes to do anything they served us a traditional balinese nyepi breakfast which was great!
Peter Z. 개인 여행자 Australia, 2014년 2월 7일
Booked out on arrival,no record of Agoda booking

Character,surroundings and space
Was 'put up in a spare room, as Yuliati said there was no record of my Agoda booking. As it was booked out, the booked 'Guests' kept me awake as they arrived at all hours of the morning. Poor communication skills from staff and they are presently building more rooms on their grounds. Nice breakfast and garden area, but unsure if all the other cabin / standard rooms,are showing their age as well.
James G. 개인 여행자 United States of America, 2013년 8월 11일
friendly, simple, family

run by a family, in a quiet place, comfortable bed
The Yuliati House is run by a family. They were all friendly and made my stay comfortable. I wish it had been more of a cultural experience. I arrived during a ceremony day and the staff made special food and offering for that morning. I asked a few questions, and perhaps they were just too busy, but they didn't seem interested in sharing their culture. But they did provide me with great food. And the room was fine. No AC or flush-able toilet (which was difficult to deal with and a little embarrassing to ask for help) but I managed. It's all a little far east on Ubud Raya, close to the big archer statue, so if you want to get to the center of town or anything west of that, you'll need transport or face a 15-20 minute walk (which isn't that bad of a thing). It is within a five minute walk of a few good restaurants, convenience store, and a super cheap internet cafe. And it's next door to a jazz cafe. Overall, I thought it was fine.
Truc P. 개인 여행자 Vietnam, 2013년 8월 9일
nice garden view and good location

quiet and relaxing surrounding environment, attentative staff, affordable for solo traveller
I enjoyed my stay here. I went sightseeing a lot so I did not stay in the hotel most of the time. Good place for sleeping and a short break at the coffee table with the garden view after a long day walking/ driving. The only bad thing about my room is the bathroom. It is quite dirty and smelly a bit. But if you are a solo travel and do not mind about these small details, Yuliati is a suitable place for you.
Laura H. 개인 여행자 United Kingdom, 2013년 8월 5일

Clean,beautiful surrounding,close to centre.
Cleaned room every day. Only thing would say is pillows were very hard,and no safe to put belobgings in
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