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Aqua Suites Guam

240 Ypao Road, Tamuning, Guamas 96913 (Rodyti žemėlapį)

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Anksčiau : Ramada Hotel and Suites
Remiantis 136 apžvalgomis
  • Aplinka Tamuning
  • Kambariai : 142
  • Nemokamas WiFi

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Svečių kambarys

Svečių kambarys

Svečių kambarys

Svečių kambarys

Svečių kambarys

Svečių kambarys

Viešbučio išorė

Viešbučio išorė



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Susitikimų kambarys

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verslo centras

automobilių stovėjimo aikštelė



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nemokamas WiFi visuose kambariuose


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automobilių stovėjimo aikštelė

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Aqua Suites Guam įsikūręs Guamas miesto Tamuning rajone yra ideali vieta poilsiui ir pramogoms. Įsikūręs 3.6 Km atstumu nuo visų miesto pramogų, šis 3.5-žvaigždučių viešbutis didžiuojasi savo nuostabia padėtimi ir siūlo savo svečiams mėgautis arti esančiais svarbiausiais turistiniais objektais. Ne mažiau išskirtinis yra viešbučio artumas iki begalinio skaičiaus įvairių lankomų objektų, tokių kaip DSF Galleria Shopping Mall, Guam Premier Išparduotuvė, Ypao paplūdimio parkas.

Aqua Suites Guam viešbučio nuostabus aptarnavimas bei aukštos kokybės paslaugos padarys Jūsų viešnagę neužmirštama. Svečių patogumui ir malonumui viešbutis siūlo parduotuvės, kavinė, skalbyklos paslaugos, patogumai neįgaliesiems, WiFi .

Aqua Suites Guam turi 142 kambarius. Visi yra labai elegantiškai įrengti, o kai kurie turi tokius patogumus, kaip plaukų džiovintuvas, kambariai nerūkantiems, oro kondicionavimas, palydovinė / kabelinė TV, dušas. Visos viešbučio pramogos, įskaitant sporto klubas, atviras baseinas, sukurtos Jūsų malonumui ir poilsiui. Jeigu ieškote patogaus ir ramaus apgyvendinimo Guamas mieste, Aqua Suites Guam gali tapti Jūsų namais toli nuo namų.
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Transporto paslaugos iš ir į oro uostą mokestis

Pusryčių mokestis

Atvykimas nuo
02:00 PM

Išvykimas iki
12:00 PM

Atstumas iki miesto centro
3.6 Km

Atstumas iki oro uosto
3.3 Km

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iš 136 apžvalgų

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Erina Y. Grupės Japan, 2015 m. balandžio 16 d.
The staffs there are really nice

The staff The free shuttle the room
The staffs there are really kind to us Even though the hotel location was a bit far from the down town, there are free shuttle bus which goes directly to the downtown n the beach we didn't have any problems ( if it's possible we would like them to have more buses not like once in an hour ) but still good enough Thank you so much for helping our stay in Guam n making our trip in Guam really great:)
Gloria M. Pavieniai keliautojai United States of America, 2015 m. balandžio 15 d.
A pleasant place to stay.

convenience, price, helpful staff
Although it was just a short stay, it was a pleasant stay, it was a quiet place to relax.
Roscel M. Verslo keliautojai Philippines, 2015 m. vasario 7 d.
hit and run my car at parking

good it has kitchen, silent,clean
David D. Pavieniai keliautojai United States of America, 2015 m. vasario 3 d.
good value for money

Friendly staff, good location, value for money
Pros: Good location, clean, inexpensive, nice staff, coin laundry available Cons: Rooms are dated and wifi is spotty (but the hotel says they are upgrading soon)
Joohyun K. Poros South Korea, 2015 m. sausio 31 d.
kind and helpful staff

spacious room, solid study desk and super friendly staff
the hotel location is not in the down town busy touristic area for shopping,but it has a free scheduled shuttle service for hotel guests to cover some popular destinations such GPO, K mart and downtown area ans more that you can see the time schedule at the lobby,...or it could possible to challenge for anyone to walk down all of these places on foot that we did a few times when the shuttle bus didnt get right time for us and decided didn't bother to wait for the next interval. one only down side I could say is the house keeping that isn't well tighten up in gerneral. for our ten nights stay,we actually never had a new bed sheet even once changed to be honest, but I believe on request it could have been changed for sure,but then we never asked coz we didn't feel we need it changed and fianlly didn't bother for entire stay,but had towel changes always and other empty toiletries on request. and the hotel has a chinese and thai restaurant on the first floor but we had never had it so,would't better comment on it. instead we had a vietnamese noodle soup near by the hotel that seemed only the option with good recommendation by many review that we were both attracted for a try, but really dissapointed about the quantity for that price and soup was simply tastless, no deep broth flavour and even no necessary basil herbs provided for the soup noodle that I hoped for a real like as I had in vietnam. overall my stay was just wonderful in Aqua, it only matter to me is that the staff who are kind enough and lovely sweet smile to me all the time,...and the funny and friendly hotel atmosphere, that's the only matters of fact I enjoyed most in Aqua. I Hope I would pass my exams and we'll like to come back again to stay in Aqua for enjoying the sun and the beach with heart.
Joohyun K. Poros South Korea, 2015 m. sausio 28 d.
kind and helpful staff of all

spacious room, friendly staff and value for money
I stayed in Aqua from 25th til 4th feb, for 10 nights in total that's I actually extended twice once I was certain I had completely felt comfortable and had well rested thru first for a few days. to me, the most important reason to choose the AQUA was that the hotel gives me such a spacious room with a solid study desk with a chair that's what I really wanted to focus on my studying for CPA exam,...all the front staff are so loving and touchingly sweet with big gentle smiles and laughs and also their manager Donovan who is really kind and helpful, I have to say that I really appreciated for his kind consideration for letting me allowed to have early check-in when I was totally exhausted on arrival,...and the hotel director Matthew who I do not possibly forget to mention coz he's one of the funniest hotel driector I have seen in my past travel experiences, love it all to be honest,... all made me feel home sweet home in Guam and half way thru my husband joined me in a hotel and he certainly had great time himself too while I was taking exams and couldn't accompany him, happily he visited many beaches around as could coz he's such a huge fan of sea and its marine life and did free diving thanks to the good visibility of the sea there during the period.
Vijay K. Verslo keliautojai India, 2015 m. sausio 27 d.

price, location, reception staff
Bryan B. Verslo keliautojai United States of America, 2015 m. sausio 16 d.
dude where is the ac remote

inet tv staff
Not to bad.
Terry M. Pavieniai keliautojai United States of America, 2015 m. sausio 6 d.
Horrible location
Don't stay here, horrible location. Can't walk to anything.
Julia P. Pavieniai keliautojai United States of America, 2015 m. sausio 5 d.
nice staff

Close to the airport, clean room, friendly staff
The location is convenient. The room had a microwave, small fridge, TV, phone, but no alarm clock for some reason. The A/C worked but was very noisy. The bathroom smelled musty if I left the door closed for any length of time, but was clean. The staff was very helpful. No free breakfast; dinner was fairly good and not too expensive but breakfast was a bit greasy, and I thought it was overpriced. There is also a spa and workout room.
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