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Hotel Sogo Cebu

197 Sanciangko Street, Cebu City, Sebu, Filipinai 6000 (Rodyti žemėlapį)

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Hotel Sogo Cebu Sebu - Svečių kambarys Hotel Sogo Cebu Sebu - Svečių kambarys Hotel Sogo Cebu Sebu - Viešbučio išorė Hotel Sogo Cebu Sebu - Priimamasis Hotel Sogo Cebu Sebu - Priimamasis Hotel Sogo Cebu Sebu - Fojė Hotel Sogo Cebu Sebu - Fojė
Aplinka Cebu City Kambarių skaičius: 66
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Mactan-Cebu Tarptautinis Orouostas (9.1 Km)

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Keliautojams, kurie nori ne tik pamatyti, bet ir pajausti Sebu miesto ritmą, Hotel Sogo Cebu yra nuostabus pasirinkimas. Iš čia svečiai gali mėgautis lengvu susisiekimu su viskuo, ką šis vaizdingas miestas gali pasiūlyti. Taip pat netoliese yra Centrinis Filipinų Bankas, Kolono Gatvė, Jungtinės Karalystės Konsulatas.

Hotel Sogo Cebu taip pat siūlo daugybę patogumų, kurie pagerins Jūsų viešnagę Sebu mieste. Apsistoję šiame nuostabiame pastate svečiai gali mėgautis nemokamas WiFi visuose kambariuose, 24 val. dirbanti registratūra, 24 val. kambarių aptarnavimas, patogumai neįgaliesiems, greitas užsiregistravimas/išsiregistravimas.

Viešbučio kambariai rūpestingai įrengti laikantis aukščiausio patogumų standarto. Kai kuriuose kambariuose yra bevielis interneto ryšys (nemokamas), internet access – wireless, žadinimo paslauga, oro kondicionavimas, telefonas. Viešbučio masažas – puikus būdas atsipalaiduoti ir pasilsėti po ilgos dienos. Hotel Sogo Cebu yra ideali vieta keliautojams, ieškantiems komforto, žavesio bei patogumų apsistojus Sebu mieste.
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Kenneth D. Poros Canada, 2015 m. gegužės 8 d.
Reputation Possibly Proven Wrong

Cost, Free Wifi, Location
My wife and I had a discussion about where to stay in Cebu City, and I narrowed it down to two places SoGo and another place a couple doors up. My wife was dead set agains SoGo because the poor reputation here in the Philippines, after all the rooms can be rented by the hour. She said if I wanted to stay we would. Needless to say, the rooms can be rented by the hour, but there did not seem to be anything strange going on, and really the rooms are clean, the aircon worked well, and the food for breakfast was not that bad. Some of the low points were that after a night bus from Bacolod, the morning we tried to check in, the hotel has no idea that we are coming and had booked from the Agoda website. They tell us we need to find a place to print off our booking as they have no computers there. I showed them the email confirmation but there was not other way around it, we needed to go and print it off. At least, and I have to say, this was a good thing, they gave us a room before the print. We ended up having to extend our stay by a day, and I asked if I could pay by credit card, yes sir no worries. The next morning, I came down to pay and the Customer service person did not know how to use the POS machine for a credit card with a chip and pin. My wife is a casher and she tried to explain it to here in Tagalog but she would not follow...cool as it was, if you are offering services such as on line bookings and credit card payments I think you should have the equipment and the training needed in order to make the business run smoothly. With that being said I would stay there again!
Geoff S. Poros Australia, 2014 m. rugpjūčio 5 d.

a bed to sleep, in
Because I arrived after midnight in Cebu due to a late running plane I was given the run around. They were not going to give me the room that i had booked and paid for saying its now the 5th. They were going to leave me stranded without a hotel in the early hours of the morning after travelling all day from Australia. My gf stepped in and said in tagalog if you treat all your customers like this you will soon have no customers. I did not appreciate the way I was treated. only cold showers for an international traveller.
Gaudencio C. Verslo keliautojai Philippines, 2014 m. birželio 20 d.
A nice stay in these hotel.

The best things in these hotel are food, staff and cleanliness.
It was a nice stay in these hotel.
Jumper M. Poros Canada, 2014 m. birželio 3 d.

Easy access, budget friendly, centrally located
It was ok...for a budget hotel i did not expect much. We were only looking for an overnight stay.
Meryknol G. Šeimos su vyresniais vaikais United States of America, 2014 m. gegužės 10 d.
Bad experience.never again..

Nothing is best..
Nice picture in the internet.but in person is so bad..im so dissapointed .plus d booking a take so long ....
Haydn M. Pavieniai keliautojai Australia, 2014 m. kovo 11 d.
ok but not user friendly

location, shops, massage
stay was ok but travelers CANNOT USE ELECTRICAL SUCH AS ELECTRIC SHAVERS, ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH ETC.., as there are NO electrical power points to recharge appliances.
Rafael T. Verslo keliautojai Philippines, 2013 m. spalio 28 d.

nothing just need something to stay
Marek P. Pavieniai keliautojai Czech Republic, 2013 m. spalio 13 d.
good location downtown

location, hassle free
Good location in downtown Cebu near Colon street, reasonable big refubrished rooms, clean, helpful staff, variety reasonable food to order.
Analyn S. Pavieniai keliautojai Philippines, 2013 m. gegužės 20 d.
THE ROOMS are clean but tiny!

clean,fast internet,close to the shopping centers.
Fine,but this is only for short stay. The value of money is very affordable but there are more good hotels that can satisfy your needs other than this.
Guillaume M. Poros France, 2013 m. gegužės 13 d.
Love Motel with poor quality

There is indeed nothing good about this hotel, excepting location, close to the pier
We wanted to organize a trip to Bohol, so we booked this hotel for 2 nights, because of the location of the hotel, close to the pier. But once inside, you realize that it's a love hotel, that people can book for an hour. The room was very gloomy, without window. TV is very old and there 2 adult channels, without any password. So if you plan to bring young adult or children, think about it twice... AC is high and there is no blanket. We had a breakfast very early morning, and left for Bohol. Once back to the hotel in the evening , the breakfast was still here and the room not cleaned up.That was really too much after a long day.... It's paradoxical for a hotel which pretends "so clean, so good" !! Never ever !!
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