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Apie Karma Kandara


Karma Kandara Villa siūlo aukštos kokybės apgyvendinimą Balis miesto romantika, paplūdimiai, ekskursijos rajone bei yra nuostabus pasirinkimas verslininkams ir poilsiautojams. Visos miesto centro pramogos yra tik 11.2 Km atstumu nuo šio viešbučio. Jeigu norite apžiūrėti įžymias vietas ir kitas miesto pramogas, neieškokite nieko kito, nes šis viešbutis yra labai arti Pandawa Paplūdimys, Tirtha Uluwatu, Naujas Kuta golfas.

Savo svečiams siūlantis nepakartojamą aptarnavimą bei platų paslaugų asortimentą, Karma Kandara Villa viešbutis užtikrina malonią viešnagę. Norėdamas užtikrinti aukštesnės klasės komfortą šis viešbutis siūlo savo svečiams nemokamas WiFi visuose kambariuose, 24 valandų apsauga, kasdienis patalpų tvarkymas, 24 val. dirbanti registratūra, 24 val. kambarių aptarnavimas.

Svečiai gali rinktis vieną iš 58 kambarių, viliojančių ramybės bei harmonijos atmosfera. Viešbutis siūlo visą poilsinių pramogų sąrašą, tarp jų vonia, privatus paplūdimys, sporto klubas, sauna, atviras baseinas. Jeigu ieškote patogaus ir ramaus apgyvendinimo Balis mieste, Karma Kandara Villa gali tapti Jūsų namais toli nuo namų.
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  • nemokamas WiFi visuose kambariuose
  • WiFi


  • automobilių parkavimo paslauga
  • automobilių stovėjimo aikštelė
  • transporto paslaugos į ir iš oro uosto
  • automobilių nuoma
  • pervežimo paslaugos

Sveikatingumas ir poilsis

  • sporto klubas
  • sauna
  • sveikatingumo centras
  • masažas

Plaukimas ir nardymas

  • vonia
  • atviras baseinas

Vandens sportas

  • privatus paplūdimys
  • vandens sportas (nemotorizuotas)


  • vaikų klubas
  • baseinas vaikams

Maistas ir gėrimai

  • 24 val. kambarių aptarnavimas
  • kambarių aptarnavimas
  • kepsninė
  • restoranas
  • baras prie baseino
  • baras


  • leidžiama apsistoti su gyvūnėliais

Valymo paslaugos

  • kasdienis patalpų tvarkymas
  • skalbyklos paslaugos

Svečių aptarnavimas

  • greitas užsiregistravimas/išsiregistravimas
  • bagažo saugykla
  • vaikų priežiūra
  • laikraščiai
  • turai
  • konsjeržo paslaugos

Įstaigos įranga

  • dovanų/suvienyrų parduotuvė
  • šeimos kambarys
  • sodas
  • biblioteka
  • parduotuvės
  • rūkomasis

Sveikata ir saugumas

  • 24 valandų apsauga
  • 24 val. dirbanti registratūra
  • seifai
  • 24 val registratūra

Verslo ir pinigų paslaugos

  • įranga susitikimams
  • verslo centras

Kalbama kalba

  • Anglų
  • Vokiečių
  • Indoneziečių
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The property does not permit guests to bring food or beverages, including alcohol, from outside of the resort.

Vaikai ir papildomos lovos
Kūdikiai nuo 0-2 metų Viešnagė nemokama, jeigu nepristatoma papildoma lovytė. Už papildomą lovytę busite papildomai apmokestinti.
Vaikai nuo 3-12 metų Viešnagė nemokama, jeigu nepristatoma papildoma lovytė.
  • Daugiau nei 12 metų svečiai yra laikomi suaugusiais.
  • Papildomų lovų prieinamumas priklauso nuo pasirinkto kambario tipo, daugiau informacijos rasite kambario tipo strategijoje.
Užsakant daugiau nei 5 kambarius gali būti taikomos kitokios sąlygos ir papildomi mokesčiai.
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Naudinga informacija

Atstumas iki miesto centro: 11.2 Km
Atstumas iki oro uosto: 8.8 Km
Atvykimas nuo: 02:00 PM
Aukštų skaičius: 1
Barų skaičius: 2
Išvykimas iki: 12:00 PM
Įtampa kambaryje: 220
Kambarių skaičius: 58
Kambariuose ir koridoriuose nerūkoma: Yes
Kelionės į oro uostą laikas (min.): 25
Pusryčių mokestis: 30 USD
Restoranų skaičius: 2
Transporto paslaugos iš ir į oro uostą mokestis: 40 USD
Viešbučio pastatymo metai: 2008
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Svarbus pranešimas

Nyepi Religious Day

Please be informed that Bali island celebrates Nyepi (Silent) Day each year on below dates. The Nyepi (Silent) Day is a day of absolute silence throughout the island. No outdoor activities are allowed including check in and check out from hotels. March 23, 2012 | March 12, 2013 | March 31, 2014 | March 21, 2015 | March 9, 2016 | March 28, 2017
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Naujausi klientų komentarai

Pasirinkti Keliautojo Tipą
  • Viešbučio būklė / švara 7,8
  • Įranga 7,2
  • Vietovė 7,9
  • Kambario patogumai / lygis 7,9
  • Personalo darbas 8,0
  • Kainos ir kokybės santykis 6,8
  • Maistas / maitinimas 6,9

Nico V.
22 liepos 2016
Simply overpriced.
The hotel itself located deep inside jimbaran area.. i simply do not recommend this hotel for parents with baby to stay in this hotel. When we first check in they warned us to keep our belongings inside the rooms because they have monkeys roaming around all the time. So we have to keep our room locked in all the time. If we forgot to lock the door or leave the door opened once any monkey enter they can steal your food or your mini bar and destroy all the glasses and all that we still have to pay for it. For us as parent with a baby under 1 year old it make us feel unsafe. Its also quite a ride/walk to go to the swimming pool. They can drop us with a buggy. But its simply so much hassle to do so. Once we finish swimming and wanna get back to our room. We waited 30 mins for the buggy but it didnt arrived. We kept on asking the staff but the staff in the restaurant kept on asking us to wait. How can we with a baby just finish swimming kept on waiting for more than 30 mins ? Then we decided to walk around 15 mins carrying our baby back to our room. The hotels itself is pretty old. But the big swimming pool has great view.

Merry W.
08 liepos 2016
Prety good
Prety good

Desmond T.
02 liepos 2016
Overrated. Only a nice view from restaurant and that's the only thing resort offer. Rest of it is miserable.

Anthony Z.
28 gegužės 2016
We had a lovely stay

Jeniwati J.
19 gegužės 2016
Love it
Great resort with super private beach, friendly staffs, maybe can improve with new bed which more comfortable and led lighting...

Rosemary D.
Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos
16 gegužės 2016
Everything was a bit...off
Came here with my husband. I was looking for a clean, uncrowned beach that was good for snorkeling and other beach activities. Karma Beach is definitely not that. High tide lasts until 3 so hotel guests can't swim until then. But the water is too shallow to even snorkel safely. My husband and I were inches away from sea urchin and sea snakes. Moreover, our room (we were upgraded to a 2 bedroom villa with a private pool) did not reflect the high prices we paid for our booking. For example, the rooms were not super clean and corners, window sills, pillows, and sheets were either dirty or way past their prime. Also, during turndown service a staff employee merely dumped the items of our bathroom trash into the toilet, q-tips included, and failed to flush. Additionally, the air conditioner in our room directly faced bed so it was absolutely freezing at night and uncomfortable for my eyes (if we turned the temp down the entire room got too hot). And don't get me started on the prices Karma Kandara charges for things like cheap local beer ($5) and food at the restaurants. Expect to pay American prices if not more. Also, our free shuttle driver to Karma Jimbaran, a sister location, ended up trying to cheat us; Karma resolved this for us but it left a bad taste in my mouth. Shouldn't they be calling reputable drivers to shuttle hotel guests around, especially given the remote location of the resort? However, staff were extremely friendly and helpful (special thanks to Nanda!) and the included breakfast was quite good. Karma was just too secluded and far from anything else but the beach didn't make up for that.

Sinta L.
14 sausio 2016
The worst food and unnecessary problems
The best thing about this hotel is the view, the beach and the staff
I've been reading some reviews about this villa and thought it won't be happen during my stay but apparently the same problems occurred. The main problem is the AC on the living room, and the AC on the living room isn't working at all, it's very hot and humid weather in Bali, imagine you stay in the villa without AC, they fix it over and over but only works temporarily, its very annoying as well seeing technician all over the villa repairing the AC during your stay. The other worst thing is the food, the place for breakfast has a stunning view but the food is awful, the fried rice is fishy and during my stay, I try all kind and none of the breakfast is acceptable, I also order dine in and the food also not acceptable, the pasta is very salty and the fried rice has a soggy rice (ever taste a soggy fried rice, try one in Karma Kandara). Other than broken AC and food, the view of Karma Kandara is stunning, the beach is very nice but for 5 star hotel with such price, broken AC and awful food is simply not acceptable.

Leonora W.
04 sausio 2016
Not a 5 star at all!
Nice sea view from balcony, nice private beach
9 of us stayed at a 4 bedroom Villa #3 for 2 nights. We love the sea view from our villa balcony. But we think it's overrated as a 5 star resort. The whole villa's floor was sticky like they have used too much cleaning solution and not enough water. Amenities such as toothbrush, shaver were not provided. We had to share 1 hair dryer which were provided only at the master bedroom. Very hard to find trash bins, only located in bathrooms and 1 in the kitchen. We got an extra bed but there were no extra towels and only delivered until we requested again the next day. We requested to have the villa cleaned at 11 am and they never arrived until we asked again at 3pm. Complimentary drinking water were not refilled when they clean the room until we asked for them several times. The phone at the villa was broken the whole time so we had to use What's App to communicate with them. The faucet in one of the bathroom was broken and hard to open, also the shower handle was broken so we had to make sure it didn't fell off our head when taking a shower. The food selection was bad. From the 3 options they offered, we chose Asian Breakfast and expected the nasi goreng and mie goreng were delicious since they are one of the famous food in Indonesia. They were horrible! They were sweet and tasteless! The next day we chose American and Continental Breakfast which were MUCH better! So please don't eat their Asian Breakfast or you might regret later. The food at the beach were overpriced and the taste were just so-so! Overall this resort has great view but anything less was not satisfying. We definitely won't come back and rather chose other resort for the same price we paid.

Michael W.
29 gruodžio 2015
Sweet Escape
View, Facilities and Service
Excellent Service, especially from Mr Eka (Duty Manager)

Noviyanti S.
29 gruodžio 2015
Nice stay but not excellent
The beach, kids club and again the beach
Stay was good, just the phone not working from the first day so it's quite difficult to get buggy car to go anywhere around the villa complex. They fixed it, but then still not working for 2 days. Once it's fixed,, there were thunderstorm and the phone line striked by the lighting So we need to use our personal phone (which is not local SIM card) to call reception if we need anything almost through of the stay And also we book in advance for 4.30pm transfer to airport, but have to wait more than 30 minutes for the car bcos they said car not ready. We still don't understand why But over all stay was good. Kids club have lot of activities for kids, very good!