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Apie Lancaster Hotel


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Interneto prieiga

  • nemokamas WiFi visuose kambariuose
  • WiFi

Apsižvalgius aplinkui

  • automobilių stovėjimo aikštelė

Veikla, būdai atsipalaiduoti

  • masažas(ai)
  • plaukimo baseinas [atviras]

Pietūs, gėrimai ir užkandžiai

  • baras
  • baras prie baseino
  • kambarių aptarnavimas
  • kavinė
  • kavos / arbatos virimo aparatas
  • mikrobangų krosnelė
  • mini baras
  • virtuvėlė

Paslaugos ir patogumai

  • konsjeržo paslaugos
  • rūkomasis
  • seifai
  • skalbyklos paslaugos


  • plaukimo baseinas [vaikams]
  • šeimos kambarys


  • leidžiama apsistoti su gyvūnėliais
  • liftas

Kalbama kalba

  • Anglų
  • filipiniečių kalba
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Rodyti daugiau Rodyti mažiau

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  • Švara 5,9
  • Įranga 3,7
  • Vietovė 6,8
  • Kambario patogumai / lygis 6,8
  • Paslaugos 6,9
  • Kainos ir kokybės santykis 6,6
  • Maistas / maitinimas 5,4
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iš 53 apžvalgų
  • Švara 4,4
  • Įranga 4,2
  • Vietovė 4,7
  • Kambario patogumai / lygis 4,3
  • Paslaugos 6,0
  • Kainos ir kokybės santykis 4,4
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Steven iš Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos
Keliauju vienas
Mažieji apartamentai
Viešėta 4 naktys 2011 m. vasaris
Great pool and large rooms
Great large pool. Easy walk to shopping and restaurants at Marina Mall
Apžvelgta 22 spalio 2016


Syed iš Bangladešas
Verslo keliautojas
Mažieji apartamentai
Viešėta 4 naktys 2016 m. rugsėjis
The more frustration is the they did not improve any services. It almost 4 years i stay this hotel,
Please ask management to look into it.
Apžvelgta 13 rugsėjo 2016


troy iš Australija
Mažieji apartamentai
Viešėta vieną naktį 2016 m. rugsėjis
Was old and outdated the pictures must of been from a new room or from when it opened was cocroaches in the bathroom dead hasn't been cleaned no was was it worth the 62$ never staying there again .
Apžvelgta 08 rugsėjo 2016


Paul iš Filipinai
Keliauju vienas
Mažieji apartamentai
Viešėta vieną naktį 2016 m. rugpjūtis
Creepy hotel
Near Airport but the hotel looks old and creepy.
Apžvelgta 13 rugpjūčio 2016


sheilame iš Norvegija
Šeima su mažais vaikais
2 miegamųjų liukso apartamentai
Viešėta vieną naktį 2016 m. birželis
so different in the picture . sorry but the hallways so dirty and dark. the blankets looks like no wash, also one staff told as they have free shuttle going to airport. but when i ask in the morning where is the shuttle he cannot answered right. i cannot reccomend this kind of condotel.
Apžvelgta 30 birželio 2016


LITA iš Filipinai
Mažieji apartamentai
Viešėta vieną naktį 2016 m. balandis
Somewhat Disappointing
I was hoping to be booked into a nice looking hotel based on the photos shown. Those were probably taken in its hayday. Back in the early 2000s. There was only 1 staff I saw and that was the front desk guy who served as the bellboy, receptionist, maintenance guy and driver all rolled into one. I was clearly disappointed with the facilities. Pools were obviously not cleaned for a long time since its murky already, the hallways are dimly lit and it gives you a gloomy somewhat eerie vibe. The first room we were taken by nto was fairly large although it smelled like an animal died in there. It had an awful smell. Plus, the water pipes were leaking to the poi t that the rag was soaked thru. The receptionist called the maintenance men but since they are busy, they will attend to our needs shortly. I then asked to be transferred to another room. This one was even more eerie as you walk along the hallway. There isnt much lighting and the room we were placed could need a good scrub and dusting. At that time, i wanted to find another hotel but it was late already and we were just there for ine night. So i checked everything, hoping that the plumbing is better than the previous room. But nope, same problem. Especially with the shower.once you turn it on, you wont be able to turn it off. I had to go up to the front desk again which was a bit farther nkw and the guy taught me how to close it. I did exactly the same as what he did but it didnt turn off. So when we were about to leave, i just left the shower running. No choice. We couldnt close it no matter how we tried. Fortunately, the next day, the front dwsk guy was gracious enough to drive us to the airport. That was it. one more thing that concerned me was that they didnt have. Any proper sign on the road that would lead to the hotel. We have to use google maps just to locate them. And it turns out that the hotel is more like a condotel. Lancaster is the broker and leases it to travelrers for a short period of time. And you
Apžvelgta 27 balandžio 2016


Rencel iš Filipinai
Verslo keliautojas
Mažieji apartamentai
Viešėta vieną naktį 2016 m. kovas
Noec hotel
room, location, budget
Apžvelgta 22 kovo 2016


Rencel iš Filipinai
Verslo keliautojas
Mažieji apartamentai
Viešėta vieną naktį 2016 m. kovas
Nice Hotel
Room, Location, Budget
Apžvelgta 22 kovo 2016


Rachel iš Filipinai
Šeima su mažais vaikais
Mažieji apartamentai
Viešėta 3 naktys 2015 m. gruodis
My disappointed arrival in lancaster hotel
Staff were polite
Difficult to find,Room was ok,acceptable,comfort room,no bidet,the stairs,hallway was dirty,
Apžvelgta 31 gruodžio 2015


Roderick iš Filipinai
Keliauju vienas
Mažieji apartamentai
Viešėta 2 naktys 2015 m. spalis
So so hotel
Staff were helpful
Not so good
Apžvelgta 06 spalio 2015


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